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Christian cult leader worked Tampa “BLACK ICE” Operation



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Former CIA Official Lied in Boston Bombing Cover-Up

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'Uncle Ruslan' aid to terrorists from CIA official's home

Boston bombers' uncle married daughter of top CIA official

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Was Boston bombers' 'Uncle Ruslan' with the CIA?



Feds raid CIA-connected air charter in Fort Lauderdale

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Source: "Rudi Dekkers' drug case will never go to trial "

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The Real American Desperadoes

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We Get Letters: An Irregular Feature

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Pilot in 5.5 ton cocaine bust re-re-re-arrested

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122 Responses to archive

  1. Chris Sapp says:

    What is the relationship between Farhad Azima and Ali A. Azima ?

  2. Doug Fisher says:

    Is there an email or way I can reach you to send a tip? Thanks in advance.

  3. Chris Sapp says:

    .The comment I sent you earlier today was posted this morning. I do not see it tonight.

  4. Roger Mills says:

    I’ve just been told that just before Operation Just Cause to capture Manuel Noriega that Noriega was threatening to nationalize Bush family holdings in Panama. I was then directed to your site as a possible source for information concerning this. Do you have any information on this? I would greatly appreciate it.

  5. Wendy Painting, PhD says:

    Hello. I am an investigative researcher and Trineday author trying to get a hold of Mr. Hopsicker asap. Please have him email me. Thank you.

  6. Chris Sapp says:

    Anthrax letters were supposedly sent to the New York offices of NBC News, CBS News, ABC News, and The New York Post several days after 9/11. A former Sheriff has said that he and Azima were both interviewed in the New York studios of all the major media around January 22, 1998. Can you get copies of the NBC, CBS, ABC, and the Post interviews and the resulting stories?

  7. Chris Sapp says:

        Last week, you posted information about Jeb Bush's supervision of the seizure of police records in Venice , Florida the day after 9/11. There was talk  that Governor Bush led a raiding party on  the evening of 9/11 which took airport and flight school records from Charlotte County, not far to the south of Venice. More current disappearance of public records concerning the 9/11 and anthrax attacks happened in Lee County last month. [ Lee is the Florida county immediatelt below Charlotte County.]                                                                                                                                             The Hoffman file was started this past June in the Court Administration offices in Fort Myers.It contained, among other things, mention of one or more alleged murder attempts  the last twelve months to silence or intimidate a witness with information about the 2001 terrorism.                                  In July, the Court Administrator was warned of possible contacts from the federal justice system and the possible use by the FBI or NSA to destroy these records .In August, a lady asked to see the Hoffman file and was told that it could not be found. I then wrote to the Court Administrator about this suspicious disapperance of the file. There has been  no response.

  8. Chris Sapp says:

    Have the folks at CNN ever explained why there was no follow-up on their story which ran briefly in September 2001  naming  Punta Gorda , Charlotte County, Florida as  the financial center for the 9/11 terrorists ? The building they showed  looked like a shipping station. More details would  have been most news-worthy and, one would think, readily available.

  9. Chris Sapp says:

    There still has been no response from the Court Administrator in Fort Myers concerning the disappearance of the Hoffman file. However, the Lee County Clerk of Court has made electronic access to public records more difficult, indicating that it was an outside party that was responsible for the destruction of this file. The security office for the United States Supreme Court was handed copies of documents about the Hoffman file last Tuesday, September 15, at 12:09 P.M.

  10. Chris Sapp says:

    The 9/11 jetliner crashes may have been the result of a Plan B terrorist conspiracy instigated by Atta after he was imported into Charlotte County,Florida. In that event, Plan A was a mass-murder plot to use cropduster airplanes to spray anthrax on cities across the United States.

  11. Chris Sapp says:

    Medical schools in Iran are good places to learn about anthrax, particularly those at The University of Tehran and Shahid Beheshti University. Their research personnel would have access to different strains 0f anthrax bacteria and the technology to produce large amounts. Some of these persons would be pleased to help a well-known graduate dispense anthrax spores over American cities. And they would be delighted if the American government were financing the purchase of the cropduster planes used to spray the anthrax on its own population.

  12. Chris Sapp says:

    Prior to the New York interviews in January,1998, an affidavit concerning Azima was signed by a Lee County, Florida lady. It said that Azima had told her during a face-to-face conversation that while in general it was wrong to kill children, Allah was pleased for him , Azima , to kill as many Christian children as possible .

  13. Chris Sapp says:

    Tonight most internet sites show that Azima graduated from Tehran University School of Medicine in Tehran, Iran in 1961. A couple of others show him graduating from the medical school at Shahid Beheshti University also in Tehran also in 1961. Look a little further and you will see that once again in 1961, Azima graduated from a third medical school, one at The University of Maryland in Baltimore, Maryland

  14. Chris Sapp says:

    In the October 3, 2001 letter which suggested Azima as a prime suspect in the 9/11 attacks, Attorney General Ashcroft was told of seven persons likely to suffer severe consequences : President Clinton, Attorney General Reno , FBI Director Mueller, former FBI Director Freeh [ whose name was misspelled ] ,Senator Bob Graham , Congressman Goss, and U.S. Attorney Wilson, who became U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Wilson days after he arrange illegal services to keep Azima in business.[ By the way, Director Frreeh was nearly killed in a “curious” one car accident a month ago in Vermont]. Attorney General Ashcroft was asked in the October 3, letter to get another person to lead the 9/11 investigation.

  15. Hi Chris,
    I’ve followed your posts on Azima with interest. He has 9/11 connections I’ve touched on, but only briefly. Send me an email @ and I’ll give you a call!

  16. Chris Sapp says:

    Several weeks ago I got a letter from the headquarters of  Farm Credit , claiming that its Administration  was not responsible for any. misdeeds by its affiliated offices in Florida . Presumabbly , that disclaimor would apply  not only to the attempt to energize me  last year with 14,000 volts of  electricity which can be linked to Farm Credit but also to Hoffman"s alleged effort to drown my ex-wife on behalf of Farm Credit this past May. I doubt that the  local Farm Credit officials were  able to destroy or steal the Hoffman file  from the Court Administrator's office in Fort Myers, much less attempt one or more murders. And so far as Plan A , the mass- murder plot using souped-up, high volume, long range cropdusters purchased with Farm Credit funds to spray anthrax,on various cities across this Nation, just take a look at the article on Johnelle Bryant in Issue 29  of Mad Cow Morning News to see the falsity of the Farm Credit Administration's plea of  not guilty. Atta clearly wanted to sabotage Plan A and replace it with one of terror. He succeeded. No thanks to Farm Credit.

  17. Chris Sapp says:

    I am trying to send you a comment about the Taskforce and the Wilson plan that was first implemented in North Fort Myers at Azima's  using the corrupted Sheriff of Lee County. The word "body" keeps getting inserted in my post.

  18. Chris Sapp says:

    Question: Does Azima+CIA+Azima= Expensive "problem solving" for rich and powerful foreign men,,especially those who speak Parsi and Urdu ?

  19. Chris Sapp says:

    Seeveral months after the Wilson program was initiated at Azima's business in North Fort Myers, a woman died a horrible death there–illegally,it was said. No action was taken by state or local authorities.. The head of the criminal side of the U.S. Department of Justice was notified because the alleged murder appeared to be a violation of federal law. He did nothing. Then every member of the Judiciary Committees of both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives were asked to intervene. They, too, did nothing. Our government thus sent a very clear message to Azima. 

  20. Chris Sapp says:

    The CIA was the most likely federal agency to have supplied  the raiding party ostensibly led by Jeb Bush in southwest Florida on the evening of 9/11. Incriminating evidence was taken and apparently destroyed.   With Bush out in front, introducing his team as FBI agents, no one would have demanded to see their credentials. A good bet: this was the same team that ruined  Jesse Jackson's 15,000 person march over in West Palm Beach during the Bush-Gore election recount of 2000.

  21. Chris Sapp says:

    Who was " The Policeman" and who was "The Egyptian" ?  A Google search a few days after 9/11 using the words "Terrorist and Azima" brought up earlier e-mail  conversations by self-proclaimed terrorists totally in English with the exception that the glorious upcoming event was called an "Azima". One of these terrorists called himself "The Policeman"; one of the others called himself "The Egyptian".

  22. Chris Sapp says:

    Has anybody or organization whose records concerning Atta and Company were stolen on the night of 9/11   [ apparently there were no court orders or search warrants authorizing seisure of any evidence ] sought to have Jeb Bush charged with numerous felonies ? Possibly, the victim[s]  should first send Mr. Bush a written demand for immediate return of the property, if they have not done this already.

  23. Chris Sapp says:

    Attorney General Ashcroft recruited me in mid-summer of 2001. Supposedly he had been told about my work on Christian civil rights.

  24. Chris Sapp says:

    Looks like the words ":incriminating evidence" from an earlier post hit a nerve with the federal agency or agencies that monitor this site.

  25. Chris Sapp says:

    For many years, the Bush clan has gathered in Lee County, Florida. Boca Grande, an island perhaps twenty miles west of Punta Gorda has been their gathering place. The closest airport where Air Force One could land would be the Charlotte County Airport there at Punta Gorda. Did the rest of the non-presidential members of the Bush clan come by charter jets? If so, who supplied those jets? Where did they land? Who paid the bills? How much were the charges? And so on. It is hardly likely that the answers to these question would indicate what the "incriminating evidence" is . The enormous risks taken by Jeb Bush on the evening of 9/11 indicate that, the "incriminating evidence" must be damning.

  26. Chris Sapp says:

    Lee County, Florida has earned the title of " Cradle of 9/11." It has long been infamous for its politicol  corruption. In my experience, destruction of public records and the creation of new "evidence" coupled with perjury by county officials is common."Integrity" is a commodity to be sold or bartered for. In the case of the former Sheriff, when the soon-to-be federal judge took him to Washington  for his conversion, he was catered to by the"highest  people " [his words] in government. Perhaps he just gave his integrity away.If so, Azima's benefactors got a bargain. And the door was thereafter open for Plan A.

  27. Chris Sapp says:

    When Azima passed me on the sidewalk near his office, I would speak to him in a friendly way. My students were trained to do  the same thing. As I recall, Azima never spoke to me. I don't know of him ever speaking with any of the counselors.

  28. Chris Sapp says:

    Who was being protected by Jeb Bush and his team on the evening of 9/11 when they apparently stole incriminating evidence in southwest Florida ? George W. Bush is the first name that comes to mind. Take a moment to review the names in the October 3 letter to Attorney General Ashcroft. The person on the list most likely to be helped is Porter Goss. He and Bucky Bush were fraternity brothers in the same graduating class at Yale. Bucky Bush is the uncle of Jeb Bush and George W. Bush. He is the younger brother of George H. W. Bush,not only a former president but also Director of the CIA.  Porter Goss also had John Negroponte as a fraternity brother in the same Yale graduating class.Negroponte was our first Director of National Intelligence. And Porter Goss had  joined the CIA while still in college. If he was still in the CIA as of 9/11 and on his way to becoming  its Director, then there was a great deal of incentive for the Agency to protect Porter Goss, a resident  and former  County Commissioner. of Lee County, Florida. .Besides,Mr. Goss wasn't around to look after himself:  he was in Pakistan having breakfast with Senator Bob Graham and the President of Pakistan.

  29. Chris Sapp says:

    Porter Goss and I met in the 1970s after I  moved to Lee County. I liked him. That feeling cooled a bit after the Sengra matter.

  30. Chris Sapp says:

    If Ali A. Azima graduated from any medical school, it was probably one in Tehran, Iran. It has been said that he is Pakistani.

  31. Chris Sapp says:

    I hear that Ali A. Azima became a citzen of the United States around 2007. I have been blocked several times on my computer from doing a search to verify this information. If true, this  citizenship status will have prevented Azima from being shipped to Cuba. And the Congressional Republicans have made it very clear that they will never allow a  public trial for anyone accused of  9/11 crimes to take  place on mainland America. Perhaps you will have more success in verifying whether Azima is now a citizen of this country. 

  32. Chris Sapp says:

    The few times that Attorney General Reno communicated with me, she did so by using messengers..One was a U.S. Deputy Marshal. The other was an Assistant U.S. Attorney. Thus there was no paper trail. 

  33. Chris Sapp says:

    In the late 1970s, a petition to zone Black Island/Lovers' Key, an island fronting on the Gulf of Mexico,between Fort Myers Beach and Bonita Beach, was filed in Lee County by Sengra Corporation. The word  "Sengra" is taken from the first three letters of SENator  and GRAham. I could not tell from the public records that Sengra Corporation was the lawful owner or that the tidal mangrove swamp had been lawfully filled in. I took copies of pertinent records to an editor of the Fort Myers News Press and suggested that the paper investigate the matter. The editor declined my request, saying that the paper would do nothing that would offend  Bob Graham.. I then objected to the zoning petition, saying that the land use should be limited to recreation by the public . Porter Goss argued that the petition should be approved with more valuable land use It was. Later, Governor Bob Graham appointed Porter Goss to the County Commission of Lee County.

  34. Chris Sapp says:

    Sengra Postscript. It was reported that the State of Florida later bought much of Lovers' Key for $4,000,000 to use as a park. A search of the Official Records on the Lee County Clerk of Court's site does not display all the documents that should be there under the name "Sengra".

  35. Chris Sapp says:

    The former Sheriff of Lee County first served as Sheriff in next door Charlotte County. He was appointed to that earlier office by Governor Bob Graham.

  36. Chris Sapp says:

    The position of the Florida Supreme Court on the disappearance of the Hoffman file from the office of the Court Administrator of Lee County is that the matter should be handled as a crime. One is reminded of  a defense attorney joke. God was angry with Satan. He threatened to file multiple felony charges against him. Satan laughed. He then asked God, "So where are you going to find a prosecutor?"

  37. Chris Sapp says:

    Quite often, I try to check a certain court case in the public records  of the Lee County Clerk of Courts in Fort Myers, Florida. It was filed by a surrogate of Farm Credit against my two oldest children and some other parties who either do not exist or are long dead.  This lawsuit is malicious . It was brought as retaliation for my having revealed  that Plan A  for 9/11 involved deadly anthrax attacks on American cities using cropduster planes financed by Farm Credit. Since the Hoffman file disappeared, the Clerk's office has made public access to such records more difficult. On several occasions, I have been notified that my credentials were insufficient and so access was forbidden. Since I am a retired judge, a  member in good standing of the Florida Bar since 1966, and have been admitted to practice before both the Florida Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of the United States, I don't understand how  at times I am not qualified to view these public records.

  38. Chris Sapp says:

    There has been considerable speculation about the taking of Cipro, the Anthrax anti-biotic, by persons at the White House shortly before 9/11. Obviously they knew about Plan A.

  39. Chris Sapp says:

    President Bush was in southwest Florida on the morning of 9/11. He returned to Washington much later that day. His brother Jeb was in southwest Florida that evening. Who, if anyone,listed in the October 3, 2001 letter was in Washington on 9/11 ?  I do not think that Attorney General Ashcroft knew that there would be a terrorist and/ or mass-murder attack that day.The wife of his Solicitor  General was killed in the Pentagon crash.

  40. Chris Sapp says:

    Please take a look at my comment at the 9/11 Archive.

  41. Chris Sapp says:

    Also, please take a look at my comment of December 1, 2014  which follows the post on this site entitled " The Enterprise and Southern-style organized crime" of April1,2014. One way to access my message is a Google search of " Azima and Sapp".

  42. Chris Sapp says:

    Many months before 9/11. I wrote to Porter Goss as chairman of the  U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee to complain about the major misuse of the FBI and IRS to spy on persons such as myself, my clients, and my students. The information was being used to keep Azima in business and to help others in his industry avoid legitemate consequences for civil rights violations. This nation-wide domestic  spying operation, known as The Taskforce had been started  by Attorney General Reno  around the fall of 1998. The letter I got back from Chairman Goss was belligerant. It  equated pro-life Christians with terrorists,

  43. Chris Sapp says:

    After 9/11, I again wrote to Porter Goss. This time I asked him to resign from Congress for "the good of the Nation". He did no such thing. Instead, he stayed in Congress  Not long afterwards, he co-chaired the first 9/11 commission with Senator Bob Graham. Then Mr. Goss became Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. He was appointed by President George W. Bush.

  44. Chris Sapp says:

    Many months before 9/11, Senator Bob Graham , Chairman of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee, also was sent a letter complaining about the nationwide misuse of our federal information gathering capabilities by  Attorney General Reno. This illegal activity was providing much needed help for Azima. The Senator's response consisted solely of a generic form letter. Like Porter  Goss, he co-chaired the first 9/11 Commission.  

  45. Chris Sapp says:

    Fort Myers,county seat of Lee County, Florida is on the list of the most dangerous cities in which to live.  

  46. Chris Sapp says:

    Is the Fort Myers News Press, now a Gannett paper, getting a sweetheart deal on its real estate taxes for going along with the coverup of the 9/11 and anthrax attacks of  2001 ?  The former police chief of Fort Myers was sued in federal court along with President Clinton, Attorney General Reno, and Federal Appellate Judge Wilson for his role in using the Wilson plan to help Azima and others like him. He has been the Lee County Tax Collector for several years. I gave the News Press a copy of my letter to Attorney General Holder asking if he had any objection to that newspaper taking the lead on the coverup story. I am unaware of  any objection. Nor has there been any coverage of this story. However, in fairness to the News Press, the Attorney General tendered his resignation not long after he got my letter.

  47. Chris Sapp says:

    I haven't been able to access the Lee County Clerk of Court's site for several days to check on court cases. Am I the only one having this problem?

  48. Chris Sapp says:

    Fort Myers is near the mid-point  on the list of the most dangerous cities in which  to live in the United States. However, I think it would be at or near the top if all of the local murders were reported and prosecuted. Let's use a hypothetical situation. Say you are going to a clinic for outpatient service for invasive surgery. You don't know that the surgeon hates Irish people and wants to kill as many as possible. So he doesn't sterilize or even wash the surgical instruments with which he operates. He just puts them in bowls of water bloody from use on prior patients. He thinks that is possible that you are Irish and so uses these  contaminated instruments on you. You die as a result of this contamination. This  is murder. But it will not  result in Fort Myers' enhanced place on the most dangerous list. It goes unreported.

  49. Chris Sapp says:

    The U.S. Post Office has been part of the Taskfoce since it was started by Attorney General Reno in 1998.

  50. Chris Sapp says:

    The media is not saying much about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed these days.

  51. Chris Sapp says:

    Regarding the hypothetical situation in the comment about the standing of Fort Myers on the most dangerous place list. Many people would think that situation is impossible because the health department would shut the surgeon and his clinic down. Wrong. There were quite a few complaints. So the health department sent the doctor a letter telling him the day and time when they would arrive at his clinic for a surprise inspection . At the appointed day and time, when the health department inspectors got to the clinic, the doctor's instruments were temporarily being cleaned. Others may think that surely people who were opposed to such barbaric treatment of their fellow human beings would warn the prospective patients of the horrible risks they were taking by going into this clinic for treatment. .In this hypothetical situation, goodhearted people tried to warn the potential victims. But they were prevented from doing so by deputies and police officers taking orders from corrupt superiors. And these corrupt lawmen were being directed  by the U.S. Department of Justice and protected by Federal Judges. The new Chinatown.

  52. Chris Sapp says:

    A few years ago, I was told by someone who had been close to Senator Bob Graham that Federal Appellate Judge Charles Wilson would be appoinred to the U.S. Supreme Court once Justice Clarence Thomas' seat was vacant.

  53. Chris Sapp says:

    I can no longer access internet  Information about Azima  having been in Trenton, New Jersey on account of disciplinary charges  filed against him.  

  54. Chris Sapp says:

    Washington and New York City would have been on the list for Plan A anthrax attacks. There is evidence that anthrax would have been sprayed from a cropduster plane on Norman and Oklahoma City.

  55. Chris Sapp says:

    For years after  the Taskforce was set up, I used the Express Mail [ overnight] service of the U.S. Post Office to communicate with my law office's clients. These confidential mailings were diverted by the U.S. Post Office to a small building in the midst of several larger buildings at the Kennedy Space Center in Brevard County, Florida.  This building may have been unique because it had its own Zip Code. The confidential information in my communications was probably shared with those who did not wish my clients' well.

  56. Chris Sapp says:

    For years after  the Taskforce was set up, I continued to  use the Express Mail [ overnight] service of the U.S. Post Office to communicate with my law office's clients. These confidential mailings were diverted by the U.S. Post Office to a small building in the midst of several larger buildings at the Kennedy Space Center in Brevard County, Florida.  This building may have been unique because it had its own Zip Code. The confidential information in my communications was probably shared with those who did not wish my clients' well.

  57. Chris Sapp says:

    The federal officials charged with running the U.S. Post Office in a lawful manner would have known   that the postal  employees who were assigned to the Taskforce were committing serious crimes with that organization. Yet they did nothing to stop the illegal activity. This failure helped cause the deaths  of thousands, of Americans , including postal workers. So many federal officials failed their Nation both before and after 9/11.

  58. Chris Sapp says:

    One of the fictions concerning the 2001  Anthrax Attacks is the FBI's claim that it took years to solve the case. I believe that at the very latest the FBI knew the true identity of the person  primarily responsible for the anthrax letters by October 6,2001.

  59. Chris Sapp says:

    Confession. What may have been a perfectly good snake got wasted in my  home office last December.. For all I know, perhaps it was harmless, even friendly. Even so, I beat it to death with a kitchen utensil after it crawled out of the printer  for my computer  late one evening.

  60. Chris Sapp says:

    FBI versus CIA. My opinions concerning the role of the Department of Justice in making 9/11 and the anthrax attacks possible and then playing a major role in the coverup of these crimes is based largely on my personal  experiences and to a lesser degree on what I have been told. So far as the CIA goes, my personal involvement has been slight. When I mentioned the team that ruined Rev. Jesse Jackson's big march in support of Al Gore, I watched that event for quite a while from the sidelines.  I  had come to West Palm Beach to talk with Rev. Jackson  and was at the speakers' platform for a  few hours. The street work of the Bush team was most impressive. The group had about 30 membesr, mostly Black.  I have seen a fair amount of street work. The Bush team was far and away the best. I felt certain  that the Bush people were CIA, if not employees, then a regular  contract bunch..                                                                                                                                        When I first heard about Jeb Bush and his raid on the evening of 9/11 ,  that the helpers were FBI agents made sense. The Bureau was guilty of many major crimes  concerning  9/11. It was in character for the Bureau to commit a few hundred more felonies to destroy incriminating evidence. However, I have been puzzled over the years by Jeb Bush's being part of the raid. However, after learning that the stolen evidence was taken to Langley, I then believed that the CIA was in charge of the operation: it was protecting itself  and/or person[s] it held dear. The FBI reaped much of the benefit of the theft and destruction of the seized evidence. But the CIA did all the heavy lifting.

  61. Chris Sapp says:

    Until the Wilson plan was put in place at Azima's  business by the corrupted Sheriff, the counselors worked on the sidewalk at its entrance. There they provided lawful and loving  help, such as referrals and warnings  to the customers both while they were going in and when they were  coming out. Very few customers went in, though, after learning of the dangers to themselves inside. As a result, Azima had very few customers. I was told that he was threatening to sue me for ten million dollars for ruining his business. Since Azima's customers usually paid cash, he must have had a very lucrative operation for it to be worth that kind of money. 

  62. Chris Sapp says:

    Postscript to prior comment. The Counselors never obstructed access to the entrance of Azima's business. They worked in pairs, generally each one taking a position near and   on either side of the doorway.

  63. Chris Sapp says:

    There never would have been a Wilson Plan if the Counselors had not been effective in helping Azima's  prospective customers.

  64. Chris Sapp says:

    About eighteen months ago there was a rare decision from the U.S. Supreme Court. It called for protection of counselors like those who had worked at Azima's in the pre-Wilson Plan times.It was rare  because  each and every justice ruled in favor of sidewalk counselors.

  65. Chris Sapp says:

    McCullen v. Coakley is the U.S. Supreme Court case, decided in June,2014, described in the previous comment.

  66. Chris Sapp says:

    I was scheduled to land at Reagan Airport around 10:20 on the morning of 9/11 on my way to the meeting with the people at the Department of Justice closest to the Attorney General. Had my flight continued on from Charlotte I would have arrived in Arlington about the same time that the Pentagon crash happened.

  67. Chris Sapp says:

    An initial draft of a protocol which could be used at Azima's as well as other business like his to protect his customers was submitted  in advance of the meeting scheduled for Sept. 11. My goal was to put a stop to the Taskforce and its felonious information gathering,[ domestic spying if you will]. My previous meeting at the Department of Justice had not gone well. The Assistant Attorney  General whom Attorney General Ashcroft had told to meet with me had refused to come to the meeting held in the Intergovernmental Affairs office. He did send his assistant. She brought  a notebook  with the newspaper clippings used to justify formation of the Tasforce embodied in it.

  68. Chris Sapp says:

    The last word of the previous comment which I typed was "Taskforce".

  69. Chris Sapp says:

    I wonder how much falsification has been done by the FBI/NSA to the electronic records and e-mails of Hilary Clinton and Gen. David Petraeus.

  70. Chris Sapp says:

    The correct spelling of Mrs. Clinton's first name is"Hillary".

  71. Chris Sapp says:

    As I recall, the name of the Department of Justice attorney who refused to meet with me  in 2001 is Albert Moskowitz and the name of his assistant is Tamra Phipps. 

  72. Chris Sapp says:

    This question needs to be asked more plainly than I did in a previous comment: Was Ali A. Azima doing contract work for the CIA fifteen years ago?

  73. Chris Sapp says:

    DOJ Attorney Moskowitz had reason to dislike me before the summer of 2001. A year or so earlier I had written to all members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives Judiciary Committees in an effort to get him fired for having done nothing about the criminal activity connected with Azima and his businesses.

  74. Chris Sapp says:

    About 25 or more years ago, there was  a fire labeled an arson  at the Venice business of Ali A. Azima. There were two rumors concerning the fire. Some said it was set by  a person or persons who wanted to put him out of business. Others claimed that Azima was under some sort of investigation and was destroying incriminating records. No one was arrested that I know of. Perhaps this event took place so long ago that the Venice Police Department reports  were missed by the  Bush raiding  party the night of 9/11.

  75. Chris Sapp says:

    The Muslim doctor who until recently was president of the Islamic Medical Association of North America sold some Lee County  real estate with many problems to a shell corporation in 2007, The purchase  was funded by Farm Credit; its attorneys handled all of the paperwork. The property was not very valuable. But according to the public records the doctor got $660,000. This smells like some kind of pay-off. I would be surprised to learn that Azima is not a member this Islamic association.

  76. Chris Sapp says:

    Farm Credit has instigated  a lawsuit against  one or more of my children, claiming that my children have harmed the title to the real estate just now mentioned above. Since my children do not own any land that abuts the Farm Credit tract, the lawsuit is clearly malicious.

  77. Chris Sapp says:

    There was a death from an anthrax letter of an employee at the SunSentinel newspaper in south Florida. The newspaper did a story on Azima and the former Sheriff of Lee Conty on January 22, 1998.

  78. Chris Sapp says:

    In the previous comment the word "County" was used instead of "Conty". I get tired of the FBI/NSA electonic tricks. I did spell Director Freeh's name incorrectly in the October 3,2001 letter. The folks at FBI/NSA are the ones that spelled his name"Frreeh" in an earlier comment on September 28.

  79. Chris Sapp says:

    The SunSentinel article of January 22, 1998 can be found about five pages back in a Google search on "Ali A. Azima". If one understands people like Azima, it is easy to comprehend why this newspaper got a letter poisoned with anthrax. To such people, this  news organization would have been  thought to be Satanic,run by Barbarians. who deserved to be killed.

  80. Chris Sapp says:

    When Azima taunted the former Sheriff for not stopping Azima's killing, he was taunting this Nation. He would have basically agreed with tthe Sheriff's response.

  81. Chris Sapp says:

    The folks who assist me with writing these comments never sleep.

  82. Chris Sapp says:

    In January 1998, not long before the New York interviews and articles, the former Sheriff of Lee County asked me to stop by his office. When I did, he gave me a copy of a  recent letter from  Azima. I read it. Next he gave me a copy of his reply. These were the "Baby Killer" letters.  He wanted the media to publicize the controversy. I suggested that it would be a waste of time going to the local paper, the Fort Myers News Press. The Sheriff agreed. He asked about out-of- town reporters. I said I would try. I sent copies to a friend. He passed them along to an AP reporter. The reporter then called me to verify authenticity. I did. The story broke. I could not have known that I had  just helped  open  the door for the 2001 Anthrax Attacks.

  83. Chris Sapp says:

    It may be that my co-authors do sleep now and then.

  84. Chris Sapp says:

    Back in the days when counselors working on the sidewalk at Azima's business in North Fort Myers were able to talk with his customers, I was told that Azima sometimes called the women coming to him "Beasts" and the men who brought them "Barbarians."

  85. Chris Sapp says:

    Telling what I know and understand  about Plan A and Plan B for 9/11, the subsequent Anthrax Attacks, and the cover-up of these horrors will take many more Comments. Please pray that I survive long enough to finish this and, more importantly, that my family stays safe.  Thank you.

  86. Chris Sapp says:

    Before the Wilson Plan was in place, I was training Counselors not only in several locations in Florida but also in places such as Chicago, Fort Wayne, and Pittsburg. The goal was to have effective groups of these volunteers helping at every business such as Azima's whenever they were open.

  87. Chris Sapp says:

    At the same time that I was working to establish a nation-wide corps of Counselors, I was suing government officials and businesses like Azima's for violating the civil rights of the customers and of these sidewalk counselors. The cases were filed in federal trial courts and later appealed as high as the U.S. Supreme Court. In one of the last of these appeals  there was information and also  papers included  about Judge Wilson and the Atta connection. Two of the civil rights actions started in Lee County: the one against President Clinton, U.S. Attorney Reno, Federal Appellate Judge Wilson, and the Fort Myers Police Chief . The other  case was  brought against the Sheriff of Lee County. 

  88. Chris Sapp says:

    When quoting any of "my" comments, please give credit where credit is due. I have had the help of the FBI and NSA in writing these, especially with spelling . So any qoutations should start with the phrase "The FBI,NSA, and Chris Sapp say…".

  89. Chris Sapp says:

    My first visit to the Department of Justice happened on the day that I filed the petition for review of the lawsuit  against Attorney General Reno and the others with the U.S. Supreme Court. After the many copies were handed over in the Clerk's office, I was told to serve  a set of the papers on the Attorney  General. I walked down  to the DOJ and  through  the entrance on Pennsylvania Avenue just passed Ninth Street. After clearing security,  I handed  the set of papers to the intake official on the other side of the room, saying that I was told at the Supreme Court to serve these papers on the Attorney General. The official took a quick look at the documents and then tried to give them back. I refused to take them. He started yelling to a security officer , "Make him take these back." I walked out and turned right, heading back to the Supreme Court. The yelling had continued. I expected to be tackled by U.S. Marshals before I could cross Ninth Street. But I got safely back to the Supreme Court. There I reported what had happened at the DOJ..On later visits to Justice, I became acquainted  well enough with the security officers that I did not need an escort to and from meetings.

  90. Chris Sapp says:

    From 1995 until the summer of 2007, the Muslims of Punta Gorda and Venice held their worship services in an old house west of Interstate 75 on Harborview Drive near Port Charlotte.  The few times that I drove by, there were never many cars, if any,  parked at this center. The house was small. I believe that all of the men who were present there at anytime were within sight of one another. According to the extensive story in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, the mosque, when  built in 2007, cost more than one million dollars. One can wonder if Farm Credit paid most-maybe all-of the construction cost.

  91. Chris Sapp says:

    Information that I consider reliable has iit that two phone calls were made on 9/11 to the airport at Punta  Gorda from  Atta' s  cellphone. 

  92. Chris Sapp says:

    Information that I consider reliable has it that two phone calls were made on 9/11 to the airport at Punta  Gorda from  Atta' s  cellphone. 

  93. Chris Sapp says:

     I was gone from Lee County for several years. During that time I saw first hand  that the better way to deal with businesses like Azima's  was to establish crisis counseling facilities often a distance away from the businesses  with sidewalk counselors providing Good Samaritan help on-site. The commotion involved with many of the protests and demonstrations was counterproductive. It  often made loving, lawful, sidewalk counseling impossible. The U.S. Supreme Court agrees. In addition I believed that the Federal Courts should protect these peaceful  volunteers from violence and abuse.

  94. Chris Sapp says:

    According to a 2003 story in the Washington Post called Running Scared,  Senator Bob Graham and Congressman Porter Goss became ill following 9/11.

  95. Chris Sapp says:

    Most Americans believe that Osama bin Laden played a major role in the 2001 attacks. Perhaps they are right. There was a news report shortly after 9/11 that Osama bin Laden had issued a statement praising the terrorists for their splendid operation. He wished that it had been his.

  96. Chris Sapp says:

    Some members of the Bush Family  and their allies desperately need Jeb Bush in the White House. .A fair public trial  for our prisoners  in Cuba, if held on mainland America , would provide us with some horrible truths about 9/11, the Anthrax Attacks, and their coverup. His opponents best beware of manufactured evidence, especially e-mails altered or created, which will hurt their chances for nomination and election.

  97. Chris Sapp says:

    Postscript to my prior Comment: There will be no fair public trial anywhere of the Cuban prisoners if Jeb Bush becomes President.  That will suit even the major media. 

  98. Chris Sapp says:

    Not long after moving  back to Lee County in 1996, I checked on Azima's business in North Fort Myers. A phone call to the Lee County Medical Association resulted in very disturbing information: The Association was warning  Azima's customers to be tested for AIDs as soon as possible.

  99. Chris Sapp says:

    In the Fall of 1996, I did find some good things going on that were of benefit to Azima's prospective  customers. There was a crisis counseling office in Fort Myers which had referals for legal and medical assistance, supplies and much needed information and advice. Cape Coral had a facility which offered long-term housing and education. Some of the churches in Lee County were trying to help constructively any way they could.

  100. Chris Sapp says:

    In the Fall of 1996, I did find some good things going on that were of benefit to Azima's prospective  customers. There was a crisis counseling office in Fort Myers which had referals for legal and medical assistance, supplies and much needed information and advice. Cape Coral had a facility which offered long-term housing and education. Some of the churches in Lee County were trying to help constructively in any way they could.

  101. Chris Sapp says:

    Please note: I spelled "referral" incorrectly to begin with but corrected  the spelling before the previous Comment was sent. Perhaps I'm just being petty. There have been far more significant electronic alterations than this one.

  102. Chris Sapp says:

    and did not know whose body I had "dropped off". The "body" was only a cadeever.

  103. Chris Sapp says:

    and did not know whose body I had "dropped off". The" body " was a cadever.

  104. Chris Sapp says:

    The second version of this NSA/FBI  insert into an e-mail that my wife was going to send last year  is what I just typed.

  105. Chris Sapp says:

    I will come back to Lee County and Azima as of 1996. I need to digress at this point. Three years ago, there was a burglary of my home and office. The obvious items stolen were those associated with my wife: her family heirlooms, appliances, jewelry. My files were gone through. An old briefcase was pried open. In our bathroom, next to my wash basin, a burglar left a St. Christopher medal. A large butcher knife was placed on our dining room table. I understood that the use of the medal and the knife symbolized a threat of violence not just against me but , more importantly, against my family. There was no attempt to kill any of us until last year. [continued in next comment]

  106. Chris Sapp says:

    Around October first of last year there was an attempt to electrocute me. I then asked certain U.S. Senators to provide security for my family and myself. The protection needed to be by the military or  by a very competent private organization. The local, state, and federal police could not be trusted. .Looking back, I now know that there was a positive response to my request. However, nothing  was said to me initially.[continued in the next comment]

  107. Chris Sapp says:

    A couple of weeks later, one of our daughters flew to Mexico City to begin a backpacking trip that would take her to South America. Of course we were very concerned about her safety. There was little we could do to protect her. A GPS device was sent with her. She promised to use it. And to check in with us on a daily basis. The first Sunday in November, we lost contact with our daughter. The next morning, we tried to call her at the hostel where she was stayiing.[continued in my next comment]

  108. Chris Sapp says:

    The manager of the hostel in Mexico told my wife that he had never heard of our daughter and did not think she had  ever stayed there. He asked if we would fax a photo of our daughter so that he could be certain. We sent a photo of her immediately. The hostel manager replied that he was positve that he had never seen our daughter. We then started calling Mexican authorities, then the American Embassy. We got no help. [continued in the next comment]

  109. Chris Sapp says:

    Then I called the Washington office of one of the Senators to whom I had suppled information about the 2001 attacks. He was also one of the Senators asked to provide protection for my family. Since this was the day before the November elections, I was  not surprised when his  staff member told me that the Senator would be out all day. I told him who I was and that I needed immediate help. He left the line for a minute or two. He then asked about the problem. After hearing the basic details, he told me that he would make the necessary calls. That I should sit back and stay quiet. I did as he asked. That afternoon our daughter called to say that she was OK. I reported this to the staff member and told  him how grateful my wife and I were for the help. End of story? No. [continued]

  110. Chris Sapp says:

    That evening, my wife started an e-mail to one of my sisters. She did not send it. This is what she wrote before going to bed:                                                                                                                          Well,this morning was a super nightmare. I hadn't heard from Nancy since yesterday morning. I thought it was probably because the internet was not working. I called the hostel this morning. They asked me to send a picture. Then they said that they had never seen "that girl".                                                                                                                                                           During the night the following language was added  to the unsent e-mail by the NSA/FBI  :                          and did not know whose body I had "dropped off". The "body" was a cadever.                   [continued]                   

  111. Chris Sapp says:

    On Tuesday morning, There was a call from an officer in one of the branches of our military services. He asked if everything had worked out right. I told him that it had; that we were most gratefull.  Then I told him about the malicious insertion of false information into my wife's unsent e-mail. I offered to send a copy of the printout.. The officer gave me a fax number and asked that I initial the upper right corner and send it immediately. That way he would know that the copy  was authentic. I did as he requested.

  112. Chris Sapp says:

    Some more  housekeeping.  The Fort Myers News Press Editor that refused to investigate the Sengra matter was Mary Jane Hunter. I liked and admired her. .Had she been free to make an  independent decision about then  State Senator Bob Graham, I do not doubt for a moment that she would have started  an investigation into Sengra. She knew that Gannett would never antagonize Katharine Graham, owner of the Washington Post. And sister-in-law of the State Senator. I find that she died in 2006 during one of my times of living outside of Lee County.She had been retired from the News Press  for many years. That void was never filled..  

  113. Chris Sapp says:

    Back at Azima's business in North Fort Myers. I visited the vicinity of this operation several times going into 1997. There I met many  people who were expressing their beliefs and concerns in  different ways. Some were praying quietly, often holding rosaries. These people made no effort to hold signs or  make verbal contact  with Azima's customers. There were demonstrators with slogans on signs  which were meant to influence the customers or passers-by. A few were there to protest; their statements were sometimes loud, often yelled  slogans the same as those on the demonstrators' signs. I saw more and more people trying to warn Azima's customers about the dangers there. Deputy sheriffs would stop by often. Most of these officers just watched. However, some were hostile toward Azima's opponents. All of them insisted that none of these opponents could be near Azima,s business.. [continued in the next comment]

  114. Chris Sapp says:

    North Fort Myers, 1997. Each time  I came to the immediate vicinity of Azima's business, I would stand a bit closer to its entrance and a bit further from the others who disagreed with what Azima was doing. I had  written referral iinformation with me. It was necessary, though, to raise my voice in an effort to warn the customers  about their risks and to offer them the literature.  This was not very effective .I could sense that the deputies were unhappy with me. But there were no threats or attempts to stop me. One day, a sergeant ,who was some sort of sector supervisor, stopped by the scene to talk with me. He said that his men were flying blind so far as knowing what laws to enforce. They had no specific guidance  concerning what conduct to protect. He asked me to meet with the Sheriff to  help define just what was lawful. This was a good suggestion. I agreed. [continued in next comment]

  115. Chris Sapp says:

    Before starting any  legal research, I spoke with the Lee County Sheriiff. He wanted to knowi exactly what the rights of Azima's opponents were. He said that he was going to have his own attorneys, a major firm headquartered in Tampa, review my work .before he made any decision . He wanted to be certain of his legal position.. That was fine with me.  [ continued in next comment]

  116. Chris Sapp says:

    Thorough research showed that the U.S.Supreme Court had ruled that a sidewalk in a business area was a public forum location. This was true even if the sidewalk and the entire  surrounding community were  privately owned. Thus  referral counselors handing out literature  and warning Azima's prospective customers of the danger they faced  inside could legally stand at either  side of  his entrance. These counselors would have civil rights under the Constitution and federal law that protected them. The arrangement of opponents should then be as follows: two counselors on the sidewalk where they could speak softly with those coming  in or leaving   Azima's North Fort Myers business; prayer support in sight of the counselors but far enough away that they could not hear any of the conversations on the sidewalk.; demonstrators  and protestors much  further away so they did not  interfere with the counselors.   [continued in my next comment] 

  117. Chris Sapp says:

    I gave my research and copies of the cases and statutes to the Sheriff. He said that he would have his attorneys review everything. I did not hear back from him. So I decided to start the sidewalk counseling at Azima's business by myself. I notified the Sheriff of the date and time when I would begin. [continued in my next comment] 

  118. Chris Sapp says:

    On the specified day, I took a stand on the sidewalk next to Azima's entrance. I was holding referral information.  He was open for business. I never saw him then. The media showed up. So did a major from the Lee County Sheriff's department and one of the Sheriff's attorneys. The Major told the crowd that I had the legal right to be there on the sidewalk.The Fort Myers News Press ran a modest story  about the event. Included was a picture  of me with the Major and the Sheriff's attorney there  on the sidewalk. [continued in the next comment]

  119. Chris Sapp says:

    what became of the September post about Jeb Bush and the Jackman confrontation? I don't see any reference to it now.

  120. Chris Sapp says:

    Please be very careful, Daniel.  You have powerful people very worried. The phrase "incriminating evidence" with regard to Jeb Bush's 9/11 raid hit a nerve. If these folks try to kill you, they will make it look like an accident. There will be no paper trail. No prosecution.Their field work will be flawless. Or nearly  so. The only mistake they made last year when their attempt to electrocute  me failed was to leave a few green leaves on the ground, 

  121. Chris Sapp says:

    The United States of America should provide Jeb Bush with food, clothing, and shelter for the rest of his life.

  122. Chris Sapp says:

    Please note: It has been reported that Porter Goss and Bob Graham both met  in Pakistan with the President of Pakistan  several days before 9/11. And that it was the Director of Pakistani Intelligence with whom these two American politicians met on the morning of 9/11.

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