Disinfo 2012: Canadian Cannibal meets Hollywood Head

Months of exclusive reporting on this website that 66-year old Hervey Medellin, the decapitation victim known as the Hollywood Head, was not murdered as the result of a 'gay love triangle gone wrong,' as reported, but because of long-standing connections to drug trafficking through the notorious and now-defunct Cali Cartel was confirmed (typically, without attribution) by a local TV newscast  in L.A.

Still, the news caused nary a ripple. The reason:

For 72 hours last week some of the biggest guns of the world’s major media—TIME, ABC NEWS, CNN, CBS, Reuters, FOX NEWS, London newspapers The Observer, The Independent, and the tabloid SUN and Daily Mail, the New York Observer,even Gawker— pounded home a conspiracy theory to readers and TV viewers as rank and baseless as anything on the farthest fringes of the Internet, where, to cite one example, the role of alien locusts in the 9/11 attack is understood within a Biblical framework.

It was a tsunami of disinformation. It swept away the truth.

Incredibly, six months after the severed head of former Mexicana Airlines “steward” Hervey Medellin was discovered on a trail beneath the Hollywood Sign, the major media’s suggested explanation remains what it was in the immediate aftermath of the crime:

“It’s a gay thing.”

The question is 'why.' The answer can be seen in a graphic of recent decapitations and dismemberment in North America.

The media was atwitter about connections between Montreal's Canadian Cannibal and a murder 3000 miles away in Los Angeles. Yet no talk at all about Mexico, only 120 miles from L.A.. where there were a total of 81 decapitated and dismembered bodies found…just last month.

 We weren't even able to stick enough pins close enough (using Google maps) to represent the carnage.

Location location location

Readers will recall that a mother and daughter were walking dogs on a popular hiking trail below the iconic Hollywood sign in mid-January when they had stumbled across a human head in a paper bag.  A later search of the area turned up severed hands and feet.

In the beginning, it looked like an open-and-shut case.

Three days after the head was found, Gigi Graciette of Fox 11 News called it a "crime of passion" and felt confident enough to predict (via Twitter: " … Arrest soon."

Another TV news station reported: “Sources tell ABC News that there is a large body of evidence suggesting Medellin's murder was the result of a love triangle.”

Despite the fact that the victim’s boyfriend had reported him missing in Mexico a week before his head was discovered, the chief suspect initially was Medellin’s gay boyfriend-slash-roommate.

Fast forward six months and—since the grisly Hollywood head case superficially echoed Luka Magnotta’s gruesome murder of Chinese student Jun Lin—it was the much-in-the-news gay Canadian cannibal on the hot seat.

Do a lot of 'gay love triangles' end in beheading?

The coverage was relentless, the insinuation insidious, and completely, almost-laughably, wrong: How many “gay love triangles” end in beheadings?

A few sample headlines from last week’s three days of incessant coverage:

“Did Accused Canadian Cannibal Luke Magnotta Strike in Hollywood?” asked ABC News.

British tabloid The Mirror’s headline read: “Did Cannibal Killer Dump Severed Head Beneath Hollywood Sign?”

“Did ‘Canadian Psycho’ Kill in Hollywood?”asked TIME magazine.

“Police in Los Angeles are investigating whether accused killer Luka Rocco Magnotta could be responsible for a January killing in the Hollywood Hills,” went one typical lead.

“The body parts are the common denominator here,” asserted LAPD spokesman Lyle Knight last Wednesday.  “It’s an open investigation. Our detectives are trying to see if there is a connection.”

“That’s why our investigators want to talk to the Canadians. We want to know if his whereabouts included Hollywood because we understand he was in the acting field and Hollywood being the acting and movie Mecca, we want to know.”

Needed: A 'gay' time machine

The media frenzy was all based on rumors that gay porn actor Magnotta was in Los Angeles almost a month after Medellin was slain, advertising “massages” to male clients in Hollywood on his Facebook page.  No wonder it was such a big story.

Clearly the only thing  lacking for Magnotta to be fingered for the crime was access to a time machine.

The big question is whether the coverage was ‘merely’ sensationalistic (like, for example,  the Internet speculation that the government had left significant parts of the TRUE story of the 9/11 attack the major media found so irresponsible.)

Or did it serve another, more sinister, agenda? Was it, in other words, deliberate disinformation?

The real news from the 'decapitation beat' received no publicity at all.

“It has been six months since the gruesome discovery of a human head near the Hollywood Sign,” began yesterday’s KTLA TV News Los Angeles broadcast. "We have exclusive new details about the victim and his alleged involvement with the notorious Cali drug Cartel."

"On January 16, 21 days after Medellin left Hollywood to go to Mexico on business, his severed head was found,” began reporter David Begnaud. "Publicly the victim was an airline attendant. But privately he had a side job as a concierge for the Cali Cartel."

Not really news… but it was on TV

What followed wasn't really news to anyone who has followed our investigation. Still some fun can be had watching a squirming Captain Billy Hays, the head of the LAPD’s elite robbery-homicide team.

“Our law enforcement source says Medellin’s activities were legal, renting limos and hotel rooms, and even going shopping with the wives of the cartels-men(sic),” Begnaud reported.

“That’s something we’re following through on and can’t substantiate one way or another at this point in time,” responded Hays.

Then Begnaud asked: “Is the boyfriend a suspect?”

Despite the fact that the LAPD had done everything to implicate the boyfriend to the media for the crime except arrest him, Hays replied, “Not at this point in time.”

While much remains unanswered, there are already several important take-aways from the fiasco. The mere fact that the LAPD is well aware when drug cartel insiders go shopping in Beverly Hills can be seen as hugely incriminating.

In Colombia, in Mexico, and on Rodeo Drive, its business as usual.

And then of course, when someone lies, its always for a reason. So the mis-direction by the LAPD and lapdogs in the media should alert even casual observers to the fact that—when it comes to the financially hugely-sensitive subject of the drug war—the less the average citizen knows, the better.

Why, do you think, might that be the case?

Daniel Hopsicker

Daniel Hopsicker is an investigative journalist and the author of two books on transnational crime, Welcome to Terrorland and Barry & the Boys.

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  1. Focusing on phony war on drugs….that actually is very successfully won everyday: just look at who benefits from the War on Some Drugs……….and you see how successful prohibition is and was.
    Orlin Grabbe penned a story awhile back….showing cause….that the war on drugs has to be won and lost everyday…and it is.
    Long ago, while under "Dean Wormer Double Secret Probation" (Sioux Falls, SD, JFLTTF contract surveillance)…I made sure the flight logs of what was called CIA Rendition flights was given to Minneapolis FBI with a highlighted flight focusing on a milk run delivery to APPLE VALLEY, MN, airport…with departure to The Carribean Basin (Allen Stanford).  That info was posted at WAYNEMADSENREPORT.COM, where (bless his heart) Wayne got the flight logs (long list) from a group of plane spotters (Faction 2?…"The White Hats"?).
    FBI did take it and ran with it…..and Sir Allen…well….thrown under the bus….with other Ponzi schemers like Madoff and so many others.
    FBI claims they have their hands tied.  They do.  US Attorneys are controlled by DOJ HQ, and Obama is looking forward, not backward.  But every now and then….we do see FBI-DOJ throwing a patsy under the bus.  Hasn't effected the supply and price of coke or heroin…but, "hey…what do you want, real law and order, or the mere appearance of propreity?"

  2. p murray says:

    Misdirection of information is nothing new and we saw it (and continue to see it) following 9/11. The day of the disaster most people in the vicinity were literally shell shocked and could do little more than stare it horror. Yet, you can google interviews taken from the 'man on the street' which gives chillingly detailed commentary on what may have happened as the planes crashed into the buildings. I no longer believe  what's reported and those interviews that come off a little too polished under what could certainly be described as stress too convenient. It is definitely being orchatrated by someone up high. The question is, how to we combat this garbage that is being spewed as news?

  3. dick gergel says:

    awesome once again.

  4. Jim says:

    What Can $400 Million In One Day Buy You? Well Here It Is. It buys you the non-stop, continous message: Fight debt with more debt. Kill mass numbers of innocent people to fight terrorism. Protect, promote and distribute greater amounts of illicit, prescription & over-the-counter drugs to win the War On Drugs. Accelerate foreclosures, factory closures and increased food & energy costs to end homelessness, joblessness, hunger; and win the War On Poverty. Use perpetual, escalating violent conflict to achieve peace. Eliminate GOD as we know Him by broadcasting a constant dialogue on gay rights and justifiable murder [incest & molestation will be sold next]. So now you know. It costs $400 million daily in the US to broadcast this message electronically and distribute it in print. Therein lies the problem and the solution. What would happen if $400 million was spent on one day's entertainment fix and no one addicted to mainstream entertainment showed up?

  5. I don’t know what eliminating GOD has to do with ending the war on drugs, but hey, I’m not a big picture guy.

  6. jenX says:

    That make two disinfo attempts. The 66-year-old Mr. Medellin was a victim of the Luciferian power layer's "need" for human sacrifice, presumably the satanic new year on Jan. 13 and likely at the Griffith Observatory. Nice batch of numbers in your post, DH.

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