Donald Trump, Banana Republican

“The U.S. officially became the world’s largest banana republic last night during the debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. As viewers watched in disbelief, Trump threatened the former secretary of state, telling her that in a Trump Administration, she’d be going to jail.”



Mr. Sniffles Goes to Washington

sniffThe evening began with observers noting that Trump once again had the sniffles; that he was, in fact, sniffling prodigiously. (#snifflingtrump  #sniff #sniffles).

They offered a variety of explanations.

Trump may have something up his nose. (Children often jam objects such as beans, peas, and peanuts up their noses.) Or Trump may have allergies. Or Trump may be picking his nose too often, or too aggressively. No one, however, offered any explanation for why Trump is never seen sniffling during campaign speeches.

Those who have at some point in their lives may have abused drugs — a description fitting as many Republicans as Democrats — almost unanimously favored a simpler explanation: Trump is snorting something that causes sniffling.


What condition his condition was in 

windbagAlmost immediately Trump condemned Clinton’s conduct during the email scandal — which according to the FBI was careless but not illegal — proposing the appointment of a special prosecutor and saying if he became President he would “instruct my Attorney General to get a special prosecutor to look into your(Clinton’s) situation, because there’s never been so many lies, so much deception.”

His words are worth quoting in full, so there should be no mistake:

TRUMP: I’ll tell you what. I didn’t think I’d say this, and I’m going to say it, and hate to say it: If I win, I’m going to instruct the attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there’s never been so many lies, so much deception … A very expensive process, so we’re going to get a special prosecutor because people have been, their lives have been destroyed for doing one-fifth of what you’ve done. And it’s a disgrace, and honestly, you ought to be ashamed.


48 hours after the world heard Donald Trump  explain to Billy Bush that when you’re rich and famous you can “grab them by the pussy” with impunity, because  they won’t, or can’t, complain, he was telling a woman that she should be ashamed.  What do psychiatrists call that? Displacement?

They certainly don’t call it chutzpah. Donald Trump told America in no uncertain terms that he cannot be embarrassed. That he has no shame.

14517588_10154563888402433_5532671378611476210_nThat he is, in short, a sociopath.

Clinton’s replied, “It’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.”

To which Trump retorted: ‘Because you’d be in jail.”

And nobody said anything about it. No one said a word.

Really? Really Anderson Cooper? Martha Raddatz?


“Hey Donald! This ain’t Honduras. We don’t do that here.”

Me, I don’t even like Hillary Clinton. I like her running mate even less.

roid2Her campaign was very efficient in stealing enough primaries from Bernie Sanders to make her the Democratic nominee for President. Her “win” will always have an asterisk beside it, like the one next to the home-run record of juiced-up Mark McGwire.

But that’s not important now. Why?

mussolini2Because in front of America last night Donald Trump admitted that — like some tin-horn General with a medal on his uniform for every 1,000 peasants massacred — he badly wanted to use the power of the presidency to forcibly silence critics and opponents. He said it out loud and in front of millions of Americans.

No dog whistles this time. You could not miss his meaning.


No joy in Mudville again

downloadIt is the sort of talk you hear in countries where peaceful transitions of power are as rare as World Series won by the Chicago Cubs.

Like Honduras, which is ironic, because Hillary Clinton is  the latest American viceroy tipping the scales against the legitimate aspirations of the Honduran people. The repression unleashed violence that has led Honduras, the original banana republic, to become known as “the most dangerous country on the planet.”


Before last night, if I thought about Donald Trump, I’d have described his as ‘cartoonish.’ Not anymore.  Donald Trump is America’s worst nightmare. He’s a thug. We can only be grateful that black boots and riding crops are no longer in fashion.

Here’s what I need to say, to every American within earshot: “Hey Donald! This ain’t Honduras. We don’t do that here.”

this-wont-end-wellAsk Il Duce…. This will not end well.

I don’t expect Trump to be interested in any advice but his own.But I hope a simple admonition might get through to him, a phrase he’d heard from lawyers many times as they offer to sue, the phrase which they invariably use to end their letters.

“Conduct yourself accordingly.”


Daniel Hopsicker

Daniel Hopsicker is an investigative journalist and the author of two books on transnational crime, Welcome to Terrorland and Barry & the Boys.

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  1. Joel Walbert says:

    Its fucking allergy season all over the country you damn buffoon. Stop this childish, unsubstantiated cocaine allegations. Meanwhile, I see no mention of Hitlery’s multiple seizures, collapses and coughing fits (where there was a effectual ZERO pollen count in Ohio). And really, you have an issue with him saying he would RIGHTFULLY investigate that satanic murderess (50 suspicious deaths around her and the actual serial RAPIST Bill) and counting? And heaven forbid two men talk about banging chicks. His words were “…they LET you…” Nothing criminal. Implies consent is she is “LETTING” it happen. Let’s not forget her “husband’s” 20 or so trips to Jefferey Epstein’s Pedophile Island on the plane named ‘Lolita.’ Or her laughing about getting a guy off who raped a 12 year old? Or the threats and bashing of the women who had the courage to accuse the Serial Rapist of his crimes? Using the Arkansas State Police as there personal good squad while governor? Or being point man for CIA cocaine trafficking in AK? And you are worried about some sniffles and the willingness to put an actual criminal behind bars?

    Bottom line, you are either an inadvertent idiot, a willful idiot (even worse) or a Hitlery operative (worse yet).

  2. Gary says:

    I used to respect you. But I have to agree with Joel Walbett

  3. Donald Duck says:

    Hoppy, you’re a hypocrite like all the rest of your “journalist” brethren.

  4. Jay McCoy says:

    You say, ” Donald Trump is America’s worst nightmare”, because he thinks Hillary should be in jail?
    God help you Daniel.

  5. Trump Card? says:

    Kudos, Danielle, for another fine analysis. This is quite an astute observation.. that drug abuse may indeed be the cause of Trumps “sniffles”. In fact, those who have quite a great deal of experience observing the behavior of substance abusers would quickly conclude that Trump is on something, psychologically disturbed or both. His rants and endless, uninhibited speech are not indications that he is bucking the system. They are indications that he is an unpolished knob who cannot control his thoughts or what comes out of his mouth.

    The fact that he may be abusing drugs is of no surprise as it’s common for those in his tax bracket to indulge in all kinds of excess. What is troubling is that he has found his way to the podium and has found a stage for his public unraveling. Cui bono? Who benefits from Trump’s continued public meltdown? I leave that question for you to ponder.

  6. Trump Card? says:

    .. apologies for misspelling your name, Daniel 🙂

  7. CA says:

    After all your research into illegal activity by the Clinton crime family, its awfully strange that you’d have anything but contempt for them. Attacking Trump for any reason doesn’t make logical sense. What do the Clinton’s have on you?

  8. anon says:

    If you haven’t looked out the window lately, then maybe you’ve missed it. Yes, this country is a banana republic. The Constitution is dead, our government is so corrupt it is beyond repair. Maybe what we need is a little retribution around here. Fear is a great motivator, and I think Trump may be putting the fear of God into a few people in the establishment. When we put a few career politicians in prison for treason, then we may have a chance at getting our country back.

  9. Peter B says:

    Hi Joel,

    thank you for finally helping to realize that I have something truly in common with the alt-right. I often seek what Buddhists term “no-mind.” And you, by incessantly lashing out with invectives, leave no room for thoughts. Together we stand.

  10. Who said I had anything but contempt for the Clintons? Certainly not me. Hillary Clinton is, at best, a machine hack. But Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to the Republic. If you don’t agree, too bad. I call ’em like I see ’em.

  11. “Rapist Bill” lacks imagination. But “Satanic murderess” isn’t bad. Of course, sayin’ it don’t make it so. And I didn’t make any “childish, unsubstantiated cocaine allegations,” so you must have read something into it. But, hey, I don’t blame you for it, cause that’s hard not to do with a man who spent 90 minutes wishing he could wipe his nose off on his sleeve. Tell you what, this being “fucking allergy season all over the country.” Show me the video from any Trump campaign speech that shows him sniffling, and I’ll post it here.

    I mean, it’s fucking allergy season, right? All over the country? So shouldn’t there be TONS of footage of Trump sniffling his way across America? No?

  12. Danny Weil says:

    This is what happens when an Empire begins to quickly decline. No mention that the unleashing of global capitalism has not only worked to destroy working people, but is worse now. Refugees used as weapons in Europe. Capitalism is collapsing all over the world at various rates. No economic analysis at all. And without an economic analysis political analysis does and will fail.

    There is little doubt that the major mergers of companies from Monsanto to Bayer, banks and so many other services and industries is now transnational. Nation states are now corporate states.

    Trump, or one like him, was inevitable. What is astonishing is that you fear a Trump more than a woman who wants war with Russia, is corrupt on so many levels, a woman who will turn this nation into corporate fascism and unleash WWIII. She is far more dangerous. Thirty years of sociopathy and pyschotic behavior, from Libya to domestic issues to the TPP, etc. She helped build a Jihadist ISIS, for God sake.

    State capitalism is now how the world works and perhaps show it will fail and the globalists wish the entire world to be both in permanent war and global governance, like the EU.

    Do not worry so much about a Trump. He does not want to push the button on Russia, she does. This must be taken into consideration and reported as so many do.

    And who cares why he sniffles. This is sensationalism.

  13. Hey Peter B… Haven’t seen evidence of subtlety in a while. Congrats.

  14. Joseph Baltar says:


    Two creepy clowns sighted running
    for President.
    The current presidential race is an
    active barometer for how our politicians
    are selected for us.
    But we knew that in the 1990’s when
    we brought Leonard Gates to speak
    at Bates College.
    He was committing voter fraud for the FBI.
    Google gates draise FBI voter fraud

  15. Jim says:

    I am surprised that you chose this to write about.
    American elections are selections of predetermined acceptable figureheads. They are the frontmen for the true power structure.
    I’ve read almost all of your one articles on your website since I came upon it a few years ago so this post of yours re: Trump sniffling and threatening to prosecute Hilary is odd, given your extensive coverage of the Cinton’s drug running, gun running and astonishing corruption. Perhaps your site has been hacked again. I’m truly going to have some serious doubts about your articles from now on.

  16. John M Gretchko says:

    Why is one or the other? They both may be dangerous. But Hillary is for war with Russia and that could be nuclear. Trump wants to cooperate with Russia. That makes good sense. The bottom line is always money and power. Which candidate will not destroy the planet? You do not play around with somebody who has nuclear bombs aimed at every one of our cities. Hillary and the established foreign policy people want to humble Russia—bad mistake.

  17. Mike says:

    Obviously, Trump, like most (maybe all) Presidential candidates, is an actor. I guess his Pro Wrestling and reality TV experience hasn’t clued you guys in yet. He’s putting on a show. Probably to ensure Clinton gets elected (seems to be working). Clinton is the choice of the deep state, and will therefore “win”. If, for some strange reason, Trump gets into office, he has already selected a number of neo-con advisors who will no doubt bring him around on war with Russia. If you really believe he is not part of the establishment, not part of the global capitalism, then you are hopelessly naive. You don’t think this swindler, hustler, con-man extraordinaire will not make sure he has a wealthy post-Presidency by continuing the globalization of capitalism, the creating of corporate states, as a previous comment implied about Clinton? Who know doubt will do the same, of course.

    Jim says, “American elections are selections of predetermined acceptable figureheads. They are the frontmen for the true power structure.” Precisely true, yet somehow seems to think Trump is not one of these front men. A guy who has been close friends with the Clinton’s for many years, a guy who has been part of the establishment (albeit, not specifically the political establishment) literally his entire life. Do you really believe that an actual outsider, maverick, what have you, could actually achieve the nomination of our duopoly to potentially be the next President? You obviously haven’t followed the history of this country, let alone read Daniel’s writings with much comprehension.

    No, war is going to happen with either of these two, bet on it. The status quo will not simply give in to an “outsider”. Don’t kid yourselves.

  18. Jim says:

    Good points Mike. I did not say Trump was an outsider. All I said was we know what we get with Hilary. We don’t know with Trump. There may be a power faction backing Trump that does not want war.

  19. Joel Walbert says:

    Dear Daniel.

    Sorry my terminology isn’t up to your ultra professional journalistic standards. I wasn’t doing it to impress you, as I don’t give one fuck about what someone I don’t know thinks about me. That being said, the sniffles thing started with a cocaine allegation, so yes you are implying such. And as for video, not every place has allergy season (I never said EVERYWHERE. Big difference between everywhere and all over. Arizona for instance does not have it since its a desert) but in Philly, where the allegation started, it is absolutely allergy season, which I know for absolute certain being that I live 50 miles north of Philly and am suffering from the worst allergies of my life this year (you never addressed Hillary’s coughing fit blamed on ALLERGIES in an area that had ZERO pollen count that day ie he Ohio speech recently). Or wait, maybe you can imply I am sniffing coke to since I blew my nose at least five times while writing this. And I am not going to do your research for you. I, nor anybody, has to prove he ISNT doing coke. You childish simps making allegations are the ones who need to present proof (innocent until proven guilty is still a concept I believe in, unlike people like you).

    As for the rest of what I wrote, I notice you completely ignored the real heart of what I was saying. You can use the allergy/coke shit as a red herring/strawman argument (whichever you wanna call it) but you seem to ignore both Clinton’s actual CRIMES and Hillary’s possible Parkinson’s (or whatever keeps causing seizure, collapses and coughing fits)and focus on sniffles. And I see you failed to address whether or not you are an idiot or a Hillary operative as well (my guess is a little bit of both).

    If Trump becomes president (for the record I am not a supporter of his, only a supporter of reality, truth and logic, none of which are in this article of yours) he is legally obligated to appoint an Attorney General, who then has the legal right to appoint said Special Prosecutor, who then has the legal right to investigate Hillary’s crimes, which MAY include, but is not limited to treason, murder, supporting a terrorist organization, bribery, racketeering,to name a few. So obviously you are completely lacking in the knowledge of how the Constitution is supposed to work.

    Now on to your cliche Banana Republic theory. Where the hell have you been your whole life. Have you even paid attention to at minimum the last 3 presidents? The way Obambi, retard Bush and the Serial Rapist were running things, we could only hope to rise to Banana Republic status.

  20. Jim says:

    Well said Joel.

  21. notjonathon says:

    Well, Daniel, you certainly brought them out of the woodwork. For myself, I say, “keep up the good work.”

  22. Tyffany Mynx says:

    Drug Abuse + Sexual Predation = Gas Chambers
    The logic could be lost on no one.

  23. Caligari says:

    Mr. Hopsicker,
    I wish to express my complete support for what you have written. I have been reading your website for probably over 15 years, and own several of your DVDs. You work is rare, and essential, and I am thankful you are here to do it. Your doggedness, intelligence and dare I say “sense of smell” is far beyond most who do this kind of work.
    This is my first post and I am appalled at some of the comments. The “false equivalency“ crowd has shown up here. They seem nearly as unhinged as Trump; I think they feed off of one another in a toxic back and forth. Hillary Clinton is a skilled lightning rod of a politician who has ideas about governance and a history that many do not care for. Donald J. Trump is toxic mess of an individual, a mass of protoplasm un-moored from accurate critical thought, masquerading as a human being. I mean, as you know, Roy Cohn was a mentor of his. He has spent a career trading in vacuous mutual flattery, while abusing any position of power he has had with all the blinding self interest and egomania of a dictator.
    Daniel as usual you are right on, and I just wanted to express my support.

  24. King Kangaroo says:

    I’ll just be sorry when its all over.

    Its been the most fascinating three months in political history.

    As Rowdy Roddy Piper quipped…”I’m here to kick ass and eat pop corn, and I’m all outta pop corn.”

  25. larry shea says:

    Since I recall that Mr. Hopsicker may have used the “elite deviance” in his oeuvre, I decided to see what I could find, in the Amazon book section, that would appertain to this fructuous phrase. That is when I discovered the book, “Elite Deviance”, by David P. Simon. The 9th and 10th editions of Simon’s book were not particularly affordable, so I settled upon the 8th edition, which is very affordable.

    Although it, is at times, a bit dry and academic, “Elite Deviance” makes for some truly fascinating reading. Currently, I am reading it along with “American Desperado”, by John Roberts & Evan Wright; “Shadow Warrior”, by Max Gomez & John Weisman; “Out of Control: The Story of the Reagan Administration’s Secret War in Nicaragua, the Illegal Arms Pipeline, and the Contra Drug Connection”, by Leslie Cockburn; “Crossfire”, by L.D. Brown; “Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary”, by Edward Klein; “The Bluegrass Conspiracy”, by Sally Denton; “Bagman” by Eric G. Stacey; “Barry and the Boys”, by his nibs (I am re-reading this one.); “The Making of Donald Trump”, by David Cay Johnston; “Trump: The Greatest Show on Earth”, by Wayne Barrett; “Queen of Chaos: The Misadventures of Hillary Clinton”, by Diana Johnstone (highly recommended); “Hillary & Vince”, by Dean W. Arnold; The First Partner: Hillary Rodham Clinton”, by Joyce Milton; “Partners in Power; The Clintons and Their America”, by Roger Morris; “The Crimes of Patriots: A True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money , and the CIA”, by Jonathan Kwithy; and “The Tragedy of Macbeth”, by Edward De Vere (aka William Shakespeare).

    We Americans have suffered an ever-deepening cancerous problem of a constantly metastasizing deviant elite ever since our British-driven civil war tore our nation and our society to pieces. The roots of this problem can be traced back to the illustrious East-coast American families, who along with British, engaged in the opium trade in China – families such as the Cushmans, the Delanos, the Forbes, and the Russells of Skull & Bones fame. It was deviant elite families, like these, who (along with their deviant British counterparts) also established the slave trade and the integral slave industrial complex in North America and parts of the Caribbean. These are the same deviant elite who laid the groundwork for the kleptocratic society and empire that 99. 99 % of us suffer under today ( q.v., “Opium Empire and the global Political Economy: A Study of the Asian Opium Trade, 1750-1950”, by Carl A. Trocki: “Imperial Brain Trust: The Council on Foreign Relations & United States Foreign Policy”, by Laurence Shoup & William Minter; and “Tragedy & Hope: A history of the World in Our Time”, by Carroll Quigley, who was a mentor of Bill Clinton’s, when Bill attended Georgetown University).

    Plain and simple, the United States of America, or the “Empire”, has been the major kleptocracy in the world since the end of Roosevelt and Wall Street’s World War in 1945.

    In the upcoming election, we get to choose between super-criminal A, super-criminal B, or NOTA. None of the above is a safe option for those who are able to recognize that Madame Hillary and the “Don” are much more alike than they are different; these twin birds of prey are both vicious sociopaths & incorrigible narcissists of the same feather. Hillary also has the distinction of being a mass murderer (q.v., “Queen of Chaos”, by Diana Johnstone).

    The members of the Clinton and Trump crime families have been known to hang out together; Chelsea and Ivanka are – maybe not anymore – good friends, according to the “Don.” Bill Clinton (who will be in the White House once again, and who will be addressed as Mr. President) and the “Don” have played golf together. The social-climbing Clintons went to the “Don’s” latest nuptial at Mar a Lago and the “Don” and “Slick Willy” are both admirers and (former?) friends of elite billionaire and convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein. In fact the “Don” has been quoted as saying that Epstein “is a terrific guy.” Heck, Madame Hillary even accepted a $60,000 donation from Epstein, a class 3 sex offender, after he had been indicted for procuring sex from underage girls. Epstein’s reputed “Madame”, Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of “that Robert Maxwell”, attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. Slick Willy got frequent flyer miles for his numerous trips on Epstein’s “Lolita Express.” The “Don” has been formerly accused of raping an underage girl at Epstein’s home. The “Don’s” alleged rape victim also claims that the “Don” threatened her and her family with harm, if she told anybody about the rape. The alleged rape victim has a witness, a former employee of Epstein, who backs up the victim’s affadavit. Unfortunately, for the “Don”, he does not have a Lady-Macbeth-like wife, such as Hillary, who will drop the hammer, or worse, on Bill’s sexual assault and rape victims, if and when they go public. Nope, the “Don” has to resort to lying and denying, just like the Clintons do, because, yup, they are all elite deviants all of the time, and because that is just what elite deviant bozos will always do, even when they get caught with their pants off.

    Madame Hillary, “Slick Willy”, and the “Don” are quintessential gangsters, who will stop at nothing to attain more wealth and power. Either the “Don” or Madame Hillary as the CINC/POTUS will be a horrible disaster for our society and for the rest of the world. But please, name me any of our presidents (since the deviant elite whacked the deviant Saint Jack of Hyannisport in ’63 for the crime of attempted decency) that has not been a terrible disaster for the rest of us 99.99 per centers? Please, do not invoke the name of the corrupt peanut farmer from Georgia, who has only marginally redeemed himself for his crimes as POTUS.

    By the way, it was the intention of the Clintons in 1992 to have a co-presidency – “two for one” – which is why Hillary demanded an office in the West Wing of the White House. I can just see Bubba, when Hillary is away. The old coke-snorting sex-addict will be cruising the halls of the White House, looking for young interns to turn on in exchange for sexual favors, just like in the good old days in Little Rock, when he ran with the likes of “Danny-boy” Lasater, brother Roger Clinton, and Lasater’s bevies of underage girls. Ain’t we lucky that we can get two deviant elites for the just one stinking vote. Personally, I’m saving up for that SpaceX trip to Mars on the “Heinlein Express”, when it comes time for blast off – one-way, please.

    We may as well re-name our country the United States of Scamerica because our entire American system is based on criminal scamming. Our deviant elite are like a bunch of casino owners who have the odds stacked in their favor. The rest of us suckers can’t beat the odds and the deviants won’t ever stop cheating us out of our money, and denying us our health and well-being. People like Trump, “Slick Willy” and Hillary look down on us 99.99ers. After all, they have procured the world; all that it cost them was the sale of their souls. “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing.”

  26. Gary Doherty says:

    Let me begin by saying that Donald Trump is indeed an arrogant, blowhard narcissist; and although the above comment by Mr. Shea is indeed eloquent and on the mark, it has one fundamental flaw in that it focuses on personality. American no longer has 2 parties; it has 3: Socialists, nationalists and warmongers. If you hadn’t noticed, all the warmongers (neocons) from the Republican party have now merged with all the warmongers of the Democrat party. The socialists left the Democrats in droves for Bernie and his free stuff. The nationalists left the Repubicans for The Donald. So if we stop focusing on personalities for a moment (ALL politicians are narcissistic sociopaths) and focus on the TRUE DIFFERENCES involved one will see that, for the first time since the 60’s the Establishment/New World Oligarchs are scared shitless of a candidate. The foreign policy positions of Trump and Clinton are the only thing that matter to the globalists and Trump has their panties in a bundle. The Trump movement may be our last Chance to strike a blow against the empire. Don’t get me wrong – he won’t save us; but before he gets assassinated, he is going to cause a serious uproar in the whorehouse of the US government — precisely BECAUSE he is a narcissistic sociopath who wants to make his own politically incorrect mark on history. I haven’t voted since George McGovern said he would end the Viet Nam war in 1972. But voting for The Donald is the closest thing that this old 60’s radical can do short of going back out in the streets again. (Which is still an option by the way)

  27. Lamont Cranston says:

    Hillary Clinton, through the Clinton Foundation Slush Fund, has accepted over 25 million dollars in bribes from Reactionary Fascist governments like Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
    Moreover the Clinton Foundation launders donations/bribes from Giant Corporations in the Military-Industrial Complex in Pay for Play schemes.
    On top of that Hillary Clinton is a warmonger who wants to provoke World War 3 with Russia.
    Electing Hellary Rotten KKKlinton as President is worse than electing Benedict Arnold as President.

  28. Glory says:


    I admire your previous tough investigations, but boy are you soft. The Republic is threatened by illegal and legal 3rd world immigration that bring a peasant culture entirely incompatible with America. Donald Trump’s popularity surged when he called for a wall and deportations. He then invoked the America First sentiments of Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh.

    If you think he’s a threat to the Republic it’s because you’re blinded by a bogus faith in universal equality – a faith you can’t prove but still admonish anyone who doesn’t accepted it.

  29. Jim says:

    Lamont and Glory. You are both spot on. With Daniel’s soft endorsement of Hilary I’m beginning to think we have a gatekeeper here.

  30. Mike says:

    You people are crazy. Hopsicker has been criticizing Hillary on his FB page for months, and even has a couple quite critical articles here. A couple more on Trump only proves that he’s a non-partisan muck raker. The simple fact is that Trump is no less of a narcissistic sociopath than Clinton and that both are where they are because the deep state has deemed them BOTH acceptable candidates. If Clinton gets in, we will have war with Russia. If Trump gets in, we will have war with Russia, only sooner because the deep state will simply move the timeline up to avoid any possibility of interference from Trump due to his close ties to Putin and Russian oligarchs. You honestly believe that Trump would be allowed even this close to the Presidency if he were not a wholly owned subsidiary of the deep state? Don’t be so naive. I have yet to see any “endorsement” on these pages or Daniels Facebook, so you are reading into it what you want. He’s not endorsed any candidates since I’ve been reading his articles (around 2003 I believe is when I first started reading his stuff). You can’t see the fact that you are being manipulated to take sides against two equally horrific “candidates”? Here I thought people just might be waking up to how this country really operates. Sadly I can see I was mistaken.

  31. Mark Hunter says:

    Little known fact: Barry Goldwater, the Republican presidential candidate in 1964, sued the American Psychological Association for libel. You can read all about it at

  32. Larry Shea says:

    Hey, good for you Mike! Perhaps a more apt name for the American Empire would be the Deep State of America (DSA). But let’s face it friends, we are in for round two of a Clinton c0-presidency with all of the tragic & comedic theatrics that this Peron-like team will provide. It’s time to forget about “sell-out-Sanders” and “Trump-the-pervert” and their over-the-rainbow politics. Please, remember that the “Secret Team” has been running our government since November 22, 1963.

    The clowns who become our elected middle-managers (aka POTUS), are always screened and approved by the 0.10%, who handpick these Faustian bargaineers. Buffoonish Trumple can’t act for beans, he is too gauche, and he comes with way too much baggage for the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group, etc. to stomach him as president. The “Don” was always going to be “whacked”, in an October-no-surprise, by the deep-state’s foghorns at the NYT and WAPO (Good job MSM lap dogs – you sure know how to fetch the news for daddy.). Trump has always been an extremely bad joke played upon the American people and upon the easily-duped folks who have taken his ludicrous candidacy far too seriously. Bill & Hill are just the kind of reliable timber that the corporatocracy loves to use for their globalist plans..

    Domestically, we should all be worried about the uncivil atmosphere that the MSM has drummed up in our country. The MSM speaks for the establishment, which owns and operates the deep state (Wall Street practically wrote the National Security Act in 1947). The establishment encourages open borders; it exaggerates the fatal shootings of African-Americans by police and fuels anarchy and violence against police. The establishment is also determined to use drugs as weapons to dumb down an unsuspecting populace even more than they already are in order to produce millions of new addicts – a nightmare version of “Idiot Nation” meets “A Brave New world” – mass control with easily-available drugs and mountains of propaganda & infinite mounds of mindless twittering social trivia.

    On the world stage, the American Empire is bound and determined to destroy the competition; Russia, China, and the Shia-threat of Iran to the Sunnis and Israel. The deep state actually believes that they can ultimately win an insane nuclear war with a pre-emptive nuclear strike. Hill-Billy are the ideal mass-murdering couple for the job, if it ever comes to that. The Hill-Billy duo of deep-state operatives have been operating for the “secret team” for decades. They will pull the nuke-trigger, if and when they are told to pull it. Other than that, what else is new? The rest of us are just spectators, although some of us have read the program notes and can actually follow this opera.

  33. Robert Myers says:

    Your cocaine claim is pretty shady. And neither you nor your defenders in this thread are really offering anything against Trump other than “he’s dangerous. He hurt my fee fees with mean talk” I’m with trump on this one. Criminals should be prosecuted shouldn’t they? How is it a threat to our republic that he warmed one about what’s coming to her?

  34. King Kangaroo says:

    Time for a blatant plug of a book by the former Medellin top transporter Roger Reaves?

    Did a video here –


    It is view able in the US for some reason but not outside – N.G copyright violation.

    As for Donalds sniffing? No one is that stupid to sniff coke. He is rich enough to afford those high tech nasal sprayers.

  35. Mike says:

    Robert…….refusing to pay his contractors for work performed? Operating proven scams? Actually using his foundation as a slush fund (unlike Clinton, who certainly has done other things to put herself in jail, granted)? Making a statement on TV, then denying he said it later, then being presented with the documented proof he said exactly that, then doubling down and denying it further? I could go on, but you get the point.

  36. larry shea says:

    “Sure, I was offered coke, gambling down there,” says one high roller referring to the Trump Plaza and Trump Castle. An employee at the Castle has attended parties at the casino where high rollers were given cocaine. “It happened all the time,” the employee says. This little snippet is from the June, 1991 issue of the magazine, “Spy.” The title of the article which is readily available on the worldwide web is, “Pal Joey: What do Donald Trump, Helicopters, the Federal Courts, and Cocaine All Have in Common?” It was written by John Connolly and it is worth the read. To find this story, as well as an updated story on the Don’s “Pal Joey”, just Google the name, JOSEPH WEICHSELBAUM.

    The more recent story on the “Don’s” pal Joey, which includes 26 click-on pages of federal court documents, can be found with the same Google search of JOSEPH WEICHSELBAUM. “Trump Vouched for Cocaine Trafficker,” screams the header for this story, by William Bastone, which is entitled, “The Dealer & The Donald.” This piece was published by “Smoking Gun” and it is well-researched, comprehensive and well-worth the read. It includes a more recent history of Joseph Weichselbaum, who was busted by the feds for the large-scale trafficking of cocaine and marijuana; it also fleshes out Joey’s mob ties, as well as some of the “Don’s” mob ties. (Hmm, I wonder if anyone in the DEA would possibly think of linking the mob, fast boats, Florida, New Jersey, The Money Store, helicopters, cocaine, casinos, and money laundering to one big drug-trafficking operation? But, hey, I digress.)

    What I am definitely sure of, i.e., pretty sure of, or maybe not so sure of, is that the “Don” had absolutely, positively no idea that cocaine was being used at his casinos. I am equally certain that the “Don” was not fronting any money to Joey for the purchase of any products from those nice Columbian businessmen, who were selling cocaine and marijuana to him for wide-scale distribution. Being a cocaine addict himself, Joey “W” simply needed a reliable source to keep him emotionally stable; he was, uh, just self-medicating. Yeah, that’s it.

    Sure, it might be tempting to some truly shady casino owner (few-and-far-between) to consider making a tidy profit from a cushy, artistic deal with a pal, like Joey “W.” But, I believe that the “Don” is an honorable casino owner, who would never in a million New York seconds think of either fronting or laundering money for a drug trafficker, such as Joey Weichselbaum. After all, as John Madinger reminds us in his book, “Money Laundering”: “…it is the casino, not the patron, who is responsible for filling out and submitting [the Currency Transaction Report, CTR] form, when a person conducts a currency transaction of more that$10,000 with the casino.”

    So, do I think that the “Don” could possibly be, or have been, a cocaine-snorting villain? Of course not – no more than I think that Roger Clinton, when he was caught on tape stating that, “I’ve got to get some [cocaine] for my brother. He’s got a nose like a vacuum cleaner.”, was referring to his half-brother, Governor William Jefferson Clinton. Obviously, he meant his brother, “Slick Willy” Clinton. After all, it was “Slick Willy”, who said he never inhaled, and “Willy” had some pretty bad allergy-driven sniffles himself. It turns out that poor old “Willy” was extremely allergic to the paste from highly-processed coca leaves, which also made his eyes water and his nose turn red, even when he wasn’t lying.

    As to the “Don’s” sniffles, he may or may not be currently snorting coke. But if this monumental disco-dork, did snort coke in the ’70s & ’80s, then hte butthead could have easily contracted a chronic allergy-like condition called rhinitis, which (guess, what) can cause duh “SNIFFLES.” Does anyone still need anymore clues, a flashlight, or maybe, an illuminated map?

    Get real; these truly lovely people, Trump and the Hill-Billy Clintons, are all exemplary members of the deviant elite. It would be well for people to peruse, “The Titan”, by Theodore Dreiser and to take note of what his character, Frank Algernon Copperwood, thinks of the common people: ” [Frank] does not believe in the people; he does not trust them. To him they constitute a field upon which corn is to be sown, and from which it is to be reaped. They present but a mass of bent backs, their knees and faces in the mire, over which he, as over a floor strides to superiority. His private and inmost faith is in himself alone.” (Quoted in, “Trump: the Greatest Show on Earth”, by Wayne Barrett.)

    Those insightful words could also be used to describe Hillary Clinton, who described herself as a “misanthrope” in a letter to a friend, when she was in college. Both Madame Hillary and the “Don” embody 99.99% pure evil; they are narcissistic sociopaths whose only concern is for more power and more money. Neither one of them is concerned for or “trusts the people”; indeed, they hold all of us in contempt!

  37. adam says:

    Did you know Donald Trump ran an airline? The Trump shuttle.

  38. John M Gretchko says:

    The symbol of Hillary’s campaign seems simple—an H, for Hillary, with an arrow pointing away. But this simplicity is not so simple.
    An arrow is a male symbol. It indicates progress and power. But when attached to a female, it means something else. It means Hillary is assuming male power, phallic power.
    The symbol appeals to women who wish to be men and appeals to men who wish to be female with a dick.
    That leaves the rest of us behind the H ball.

  39. Caligari says:

    Hello Daniel,
    More continued support here, as I see the nutjobs are at it in the comments. They couldn’t identify a trojan horse, designed and marketed to an angry and ill-informed electorate, if it bit them in the face and happened to be painted orange, was topped by an embarrassing simulacrum of “hair” and smelled like two-bit cologne from a gold painted bottle.

  40. Marsha says:

    Hi Daniel, Your article is referenced at the beginning of
    “Tim Kaine Liar/Jesuit/CIAOperative with Dark Past”

    An interesting youtube with Steve Pieczenik on Alex Jones if you haven’t seen it:

  41. MSimon says:

    The Cubs did win the World Series.

    Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. MSimon says:

    You will note that in all the e-mail releases there is zero talk of the Drug War.

    That is odd don’t you think?

    And FYI – the NIDA says that addiction is in part a genetic disease. But hardly anyone talks about that. I wonder why? I figured that out a few years before the NIDA did. The NIDA says environmental factors trigger addiction. I found out that the factor is trauma.

    Basically “addiction” is a response to PTSD.

    So our government is making war on people who have been traumatized. People whose genetics are different. What kind of government knowingly does that?

  43. MSimon says:

    Steve Pieczenik is part of the coup.

    Look at Trump’s 180 on what he believes the solution to the “drug problem” is. He now sides with the Drug Warriors.

    The Deep State is not losing. It is changing horses.

  44. King Kangaeoo says:

    A government and Wall Street that needs the liquid cash and excuse to impose a police state and surveillance culture.

  45. Rusticus says:

    Amen, MSimon.

    Did anyone happen to catch Trump’s full appearance at “Little Haiti” in Florida before the second debate? It’s noteworthy insomuch as the Haitians present at the meeting were universally upset not solely with the Clinton Foundation, but that according to them, Haiti had become a transshipment point for drugs from South America:

    One man at the event even proclaimed that the DEA had all the evidence of drug trafficking, yet refused to prosecute, pleading with Trump to bring this point up at the debate. Well, plenty was said about Haiti and the Clinton Foundation, but not a whisper about all those drugs…

    Wonder if Carl Icahn could provide any insight? 😉

    Daniel, given that this is in your backyard, perhaps there’s a lead somewhere related to this thesis?

    The Hop is one of the few investigative journalists alive in America today. I’ll never agree with him on 9/11 but certainly respect and acknowledge the need for his “contrarian” nature, especially as alternative media at large seems to be losing its collective fucking marbles.

    P.S. I took the liberty of citing your Trump research in an article I wrote a few weeks back. Couldn’t resist gabbing about the Khashoggi/Mar-a-Lago connection: