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When I wrote “Barry & the boys” almost ten years ago I had no idea that the story of America’s most famous drug smuggler would shortly have relevance to the biggest event of the still-young 21st Century, the 9/11 attack.

But it did. And it still does.

When a Lear-jet belonging to the owner of the flight school where Mohamed Atta had just begun flight training was seized in July 2000 carrying 43 lbs of heroin (according to the Orlando Sentinel, a Central Florida record) the story would have had huge implications for unanswered question about why Atta’s 9/11 terrorist cadre chose a tiny retirement community with the second oldest population in the entire United States as their home.

Would have had huge implications—except it was suppressed.

And the embarrassing fact that one of the men with drug smuggler and CIA pilot Barry Seal in the now-famous photograph on the cover of “Barry & the boys’” was Porter Goss, picked in 2004 by President George W Bush to head America’s Central Intelligence Agency, would have been big news.

Would have been—except it, too, has been suppressed. See the pattern?

Currently over 100 books cite my two books as references, by Google’s count.   You might think this would be enough to excite interest from a major American publisher, especially since so many readers and reviewers seem to think highly of the book.

But you’d be wrong.  None have expressed any interest. When my next book arrives it will have been they arrive, it will be through my own efforts, and those of my friends, especially friend and courageous publisher Kris Millegan and his Trine Books out in Eugene Oregon. That's about as far from the center of American publishing as you can get.

Use the links below to order now!

I’ve finally managed to put enough money together to reprint a few hundred copies of "Barry & 'the boys,’ but not enough to  sell them as “books” in any conventional publishing framework. “Barry & ‘the boys’” is currently selling for between $100 and $150 dollars on Amazon. None of that went to me.

To continue to investigate what I think needs investigating, and then writer a book or produce a documentary about what I've found,  I need to take in signifcantly more than in the past two years.  The "Great Recession has been hard on most of us. When you've been marginalized,  every month is a challenge. 

From now on "Barry & the boys" and my other books and documentaries will be available through donations only, in the following packages: 

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THE BONUS PACKAGE:  “Barry & the boys,’ and “Welcome to TerrorLand” for a $100 donation.

THE PACKAGE: 6 DVD’s. “The New American Drug Lords” AND ALL FIVE of my other documentaries for a $100 donation.

Also, if you want to make a recurring donation, or a donation of any amount, you can do that too.

My next book, out early next year,  will expand on the just-released two-hour “The New American Drug Lords.” 

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Daniel Hopsicker

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