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Flight School Owner's Plane Seized for Heroin Trafficking

October 24 2002–Venice FL 

A Learjet belonging to the true owner of the Venice flight school that trained both terrorist pilots who flew into the World Trade Center was seized with more than 30 pounds of heroin onboard by Federal Agents in July of 2000 at the Orlando Executive Airport. 

Terror Flight School Owner Implicated in 'Protected' Drug Trafficking

November 14, 2002–Venice FL

Seized Learjet came from same source as Barry Seal's.

Mounting evidence in the investigation into the terror flight schools in Venice FL is raising questions of whether an officially-sanctioned drug trafficking operation there discouraged the FBI from taking action against the terrorists that might have averted the World Trade Center disaster. 

9/11's Big Dirty Secret: Trafficking with the Taliban

July 19 2004-Venice,FL.

Based on an “investigation” notable only for failing to interview a single firsthand eyewitness, the National Commission on Terrorism’s report will totally ignore the big dirty secret lying at the heart of the 9/11 coverup: elite deviants trafficking narcotics. In Venice, drug activity was conducted in 2000 and 2001 by “deep bellied Cessna,” Venice local Simpson told us.  

“One was even found abandoned at Huffman with traces of both cocaine and heroin. No one knew anything about it. I remember it really well because I was out fishing at 5:00 in the morning, when a plane swooped over us flying really low, and landed at the airport. I thought there was something funny about it, then later that day heard the plane had been abandoned at Huffman, and no one knew who or where the owner was.” 

Rogue State: The Covert Op That Ate The World

January 4,2005

While  both of the terrorist pilots who crashed into the World Trade Center were students at Venice Florida’s Huffman Aviation, the flight school's owner Wallace J. Hilliard, 72,of Naples, FL., was simultaneously pursuing his own diplomatic opening to Fidel Castro’s Cuba.   A photograph (left) recently made available to the MadCowMorningNews shows a smiling Hilliard strapping a Rolex with the must-have diamond beveled-face onto the presumably grateful wrist of one of Fidel Castro’s top aides, Guillermo Garcia Frias, known in Cuba as "the Commandante of the Revolution."

For Hilliard, portrayed as a retired-to-Florida Midwestern insurance executive-turned-befuddled investor after the 9.11 attack, the new evidence confirms he had been doing considerably more ''moving and shaking' than is customary


August 17,2005-Venice, FL. 

Mohamed Atta was protected from official scrutiny as part of an officially-protected cocaine and heroin trafficking network with ties to top political figures, including Republican officials Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris, and it was this fact—and not the “terrible lapses” of “weak on terror” Clinton Administration officials cited by Republican Congressman Curt Weldon—which shielded him from being apprehended before the 9.11 attack. 

Weldon alleges that Pentagon lawyers rejected the military intelligence unit’s recommendation to apprehend Atta because he was in the country legally, and therefore information on him could not be shared with law enforcement.

But the “terrible lapses” cited by Weldon do not stem from the nonsensical assertion that Atta had a green card (he did not) which rendered him immune from military investigation but were the result of an officially-protected heroin trafficking operation being conducted on planes like those of Wally Hilliard, whose Lear jet  flew "milk runs" down and back to Venezuela every week for 39 weeks in a row before finally running afoul of local DEA agents not been clued-in on the 'joke.' 


Owners of Plane Seized with 5.5 Tons of Cocaine Include Tom DeLay Appointee

APRIL 17 2006–Venice,FL.

One of the two owners of the DC9 (tail number N900SA) busted at an airport in Ciudad del Carmen in the state of Campeche, Mexico last week freighted 5.5 tons of cocaine had been appointed in 2003 to the Business Advisory Council of the National Republican Congressional Committee by then-Congressional Majority Leader Tom Delay, The MadCowMorningNews  can exclusively report.

The plane's registered owner, “Royal Sons LLC,” a Florida air charter company, was at one time housed in a hanger at the Venice Fl. Airport owned by infamous flight school Huffman Aviation.



September 6, 2006–Venice,FL.

Just three weeks after Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi arrived on July 3, 2000 to attend the flight school at Huffman Aviation in Venice, FL., the owner of the flight school, Wallace J. Hilliard, had his Learjet surrounded by DEA agents with submachine guns on the runway of Orlando Executive Airport.  Agents found 43 pounds of heroin, arrested everyone onboard, and confiscated the plane. 


 Russian Mob Link to 9/11 Hijackers

Oct 25 2006–Venice FL.

A Venezuelan man busted with forty-three pounds of heroin on a Lear jet belonging to the owner of the Venice FL flight school at which Mohamed Atta and his bodyguard Marwan Al-Shehhi were enrolled is a major kingpin in an international drug trafficking network run by the Russian Mob. Edgar Valles Diaz was arrested on Wally Hilliard’s Lear jet (N351WB) at Orlando Executive Airport on July 25, 2000, in what the Orlando Sentinel called  “the biggest bust in Central Florida history.” The paper quoted officials stating it was “the largest find of its kind in the southeastern United States in recent years.”

The CIA, the Narco-Republicans, & 5.5 tons of cocaine

April 23 2007

The first anniversary of the April 10 2006 seizure in Mexico’s Yucatan of a American-registered DC9 caught carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine passed virtually unnoticed last week. It shouldn’t have…Porter Goss resigned less than a month later, the same day the FBI executed a search warrant at the house of the No. 3 official in the Central Intelligence Agency, Kyle “Dusty” Foggo, soon to go on trial for corruption with accomplice Brent Wilkes.

Not since the downing of a C-130 military cargo plane over Nicaragua in 1986 with Eugene Hasenfus onboard—kicking off the Iran Contra Scandal—has an aviation incident been remotely as important or as fraught with significance. And not since the massive cocaine smuggling through Mena, Arkansas has the CIA’s hand been so flagrantly caught in the cookie jar.

CIA Drug Pilot Linked to Russian Mob

May 21 2008

The Guyanese pilot implicated by a former Customs agent as part of a ring of corrupt Customs officials being investigated by the Dept. of Homeland Security was in the news again recently as part of another scandal, this time in his native Guyana. Michael Francis Brassington, whose name is a footnote in the 9/11 investigation,  was named in a procurement scandal over the disputed purchase by the Guyana Defense Forces of two antique 30-year old helicopters from a 'dummy' company in Delaware that sounds suspiciously like a front for the CIA,  the ironically-named “Global X Group.”

The company may have no visible corporate history and a suspiciously- improbable name, but today one thing "Global X Group" does have  is a whole lot of Guyanese Government cash.

9/11 Heroin Pilot Indicted in New Jersey

February 6 2009

35-year old Guyanese pilot Michael Francis Brassington was indicted in New Jersey federal court this week, as the result of an investigation into the spectacular crash of a  airplane outside New York City in February of 2005, which injured 20 people and provoked widespread outrage in New York.  Brassington, the principal owner of defunct air charter company Platinum Jet Management, was  indicted Wednesday along with four other company executives,  charged with recklessly endangering the lives of passengers.

Brassington has survived previous scrapes with American law enforcement, each time emerging curiously unscathed. Unlike the current imbroglio, Brassington's  earlier controversies  were not celebrity-enhanced.


Pilot in New Jersey Crash Is Key Figure in Caribbean Probe

February 17 2009

Four years after the  spectacular crash of a business jet at Teterboro Airport across the Hudson River from New York City  injured 20 people and left one man with permanent brain damage,  a corruption probe in the Turks & Caicos Islands heard testimony that pilot arrested last week on felony charges in the New Jersey crash was a key figure in their investigation as well.

Michael Brassington's shady past would seem to be germane to what happened. But it went completely unmentioned. No American paper reported that Brassington, the charter company owner's and chief pilot, had been the co-pilot on a plane that made drug smuggling history in Central Florida.

Not so with the British MP’s Commission of Inquiry, which showed considerable curiosity about Brassington's ties to Premier Mike Misick.  Nor does the journalistic taboo extend to newspapers in the Caribbean.



Arrested Pilot Flew Jets Owned by Clinton White House Official

February 19 2009

Michael Francis Brassington, the pilot arrested two weeks ago on felony charges in the February 2005 crash of a Challenger business jet at New Jersey's Teterboro Airport, flew illegal charter flights for corrupt Premier Michael Misick of the Turks & Caicos Islands on Gulfstream jets owned by a former White House aide to President Bill Clinton.

A British Commission of Inquiry into corruption in the Turks & Caicos Islands last week heard testimony that former Guyanese military pilot Brassington, currently facing a 23-count indictment in Federal Court in Newark for endangering passengers lives, has since several months after the Challenger jet crash been in business with Misick,  who was just forced to resign, using jets provided by Jeffrey Watson, a former Clinton Aide and now a Washington lobbyist.

The Commission heard testimony that Brassington and Turks & Caicos Premier Michael Misick conspired to induce the island's government to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars a month to Watson to lease two high-end Gulfstream III luxury business jets. 

Charter Company Ran Second Jet Off Runway

February 24 2009

Less than a year before the Teterboro crash of a Challenger corporate jet that ran off a runway and hurtled into traffic on a busy 6-lane highway on Feb 2 2005,  the company responsible for that crash, Platinum Jet Management of Fort Lauderdale,  ran a private jet off a runway at Peachtree-DeKalb Airport in Atlanta.

But there was nothing on the plane marking it as belonging to any company or airline. Platinum Jet's name didn't surface in the Peachtree incident. Nor did the twin-engine Challenger that crashed during takeoff at Teterboro carry any corporate or airline logo. No name was emblazoned on its tail.

But former inspector general Mary Schiavo of the U.S. Department of Transportation says the airline it was flying for does have a name:  She calls it "Loophole Airlines."

Charter Crash Exposed Criminal Organization

February 25 2009

The crash of the Challenger 600  in New Jersey on Feb 2 2005  has exposed a criminal organization which was engaged in drug trafficking nine years ago in close proximity to Mohamed Atta's terrorist hijackers, and which continues to operate today.  The Challenger, which overran the runway during takeoff from Teterboro Airport and ploughed across a six-lane highway before diving nose-first into a warehouse, was from Platinum Jet Management, run by former Guyanese military pilot Michael Brassington. Brassington had also been the co-pilot nine years ago on the Lear jet belonging to 75-year old Wally Hilliard, owner of Huffman Aviation, seized by federal agents at Orlando Executive Airport carrying 43 lbs. of heroin. 

Brassington is also linked to a massive corruption scandal roiling South Florida, over the sale during the past few years of as many as one hundred American-registered planes to Mexico’s dominant Sinaloa Cartel.  According to a high-ranking DEA official in Miami, a corrupt U.S. Customs operation is to blame.


Pilot for 9/11 flight school considered "grave threat to national security"


December 1, 2009

A U.S. Customs Agent on duty when controversial drug pilot and “soldier of fortune” Michael Brassington attempted to re-enter the US through Fort Lauderdale International Airport in April of 2004 was instructed by a Supervisor at Immigrations & Customs Enforcement (ICE)  to treat Brassington—a long-time employee and business associate of Wallace J. Hilliard, owner of the flight school that taught Mohamed Atta to fly— as a “grave threat to national security.”

The news comes as the former Guyanese military pilot prepares to go on trial in a Federal Courthouse in Newark next month for recklessly endangering the lives of passengers, whose number includes ex-Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush and Bill Clinton as well as numerous celebrities

9/11 Drug Pilot Linked to Operation Blue Lightning

December 22, 2009

Elements of the U.S. Government took a surprisingly keen interest in controversial Guyanese drug pilot Michael Brassington during 2003 and 2004, when, according to interviews with former Customs Agents, Brassington was involved in—or the subject of—a secretive Miami-based U.S. Government operation.

“Whenever Brassington entered the U.S. a special team from Miami was supposed to come up,” stated former Fort Lauderdale Customs Agent James Sanders. “Brassington was supposed to be met by Customs Agents from “’Operation Blue Lightning.’”


9/11 Heroin Pilot's 10-Year Crime Spree Ends

 Nov 16 2010
The Bombardier Challenger 600 jet that went hurtling towards the end of the runway at Teterboro Airport at nearly 200 miles an hour before plowing through a steel perimeter fence and plunging across a six-lane highway before crashing into a clothing warehouse and bursting into flames finally put an end to Michael Brassington’s decade-long crime spree in a federal court in New Jersey.

Until a federal jury in New Jersey returned verdicts of guilty on the most serious charges facing him yesterday, nothing had come close to stopping—or even slowing down—Guyanese pilot Brassington’s flagrant disregard for American justice.

The jet had sheared the tops off of two cars and nearly decapitated one of the occupants, who had bravely shouted a warning to his companion to duck an instant before being struck by the wing of the plane, leaving him permanently brain-damaged. Both pilots and two other people on the ground were also seriously injured.

As a result of the convictions, Michael Brassington faces 20 or more years in prison.


Nov 16 2010

Teterboro Crash Trial Coverup

It’s hard to imagine a cover-up in a case where someone has been charged with a 27-count Federal indictment. But that’s what’s happening  in U.S. District Court in New Jersey, where the trial of controversial Guyanese pilot Michael Brassington completed its third week of testimony last Friday, in what can be viewed as a case study about just how much of the truth can—and cannot—be spoken in America today. 

It’s as if “Son of Sam” serial killer David Berkowitz were on trial for double-parking his car while committing his string of violent homicides… but wasn’t being charged with the murders.


9/11 Heroin Pilot's 10-Year Crime Spree Ends

Until a federal jury in New Jersey returned verdicts of guilty on the most serious charges facing him yesterday, nothing had come close to stopping—or even slowing down—Guyanese pilot Brassington’s flagrant disregard for American justice.

Jurors deliberated for four days following the month-long trial in U.S. District Court in Newark before finding Michael Brassington, 37, and his brother Paul Brassington, 31, both of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla, guilty of the more serious offenses in the indictment.

Federal jurors convicted Michael Brassington of  lying on FAA-required paperwork to hide the fact that ill-qualified or unrested pilots were at the controls on some of the flights, lying to a National Transportation Safety Board accident panel, and endangering the safety of an aircraft in flight, a charge normally used only in terrorism cases.

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