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 It’s the biggest story of our time… and the biggest taboo.

r-here2 It’s a testament to the power of America’s biggest taboo that drug connections between terrorist hijacker Mohamed Atta and the owner of the U.S. flight school Atta called home have never even been addressed.

The elephant in the living room has escaped exposure through the invocation of the big taboo.

The word ‘taboo’ comes from the South Pacific island of Tonga. It means a prohibition against speaking about something—the ‘taboo’ thing—for fear of harm from a supernatural force.

Most taboos concern avoiding objects and actions considered important to maintenance of the social order. 

While taboos exist in all societies, anthropologists say, only the Tongans, apparently, felt free enough to give it a name.

Learning from the Tongans

 Today’s Drug Lords don’t look like Tony Montana in “Scarface,” but preppy Yale and Harvard-educated scions of America’s traditional political elite, which in point of fact is what that they are.

Some consider this fact injurious to the current social order. Not me, though…

Because taboos aren’t things that only exist in places like Borneo or the pages of National Geographic.

They exist here, too. Right here.

Right now.

It’s nice to have a book that’s selling for $260 apiece.

 Barry-boys-coverThat's what a new copy of 'Barry & the boys’ is selling for on Amazon today. Alas, I’m not the one selling them…

I’m all out of books.

Now I need help to get ‘Barry & the boys’ back in print!

My bad. I spent two years on  "The New American Drug Lords." 

Even though an hour-long documentary would have been perfectly acceptable, the show I delivered clocks in at over two hours, because it might  be the last time—especially given the state of the economy— that I get to address what some of my friends are beginning toconsider my very expensive hobby.

 Unfortunately its not like making sausage.

You don’t get paid by the pound.

If Prohibition never ended, Al Capone's grandson would rule the world

Today aviation insiders and former agents from Caracas to Kazakhstan get in touch to pass on  tips and inside information. Now I need your donation to keep that pipeline flowing.  

r-here2 If you have found what I do valuable, and want to see it continue please  make as generous a donation as possible. Or get in touch with me if you can help reprint  “Barry & the boys.”

It’s been a tough road. But I’m still on it… thanks to the support of people who find what I do so valuable they contribute to the effort even during the current grim economic times, that has allowed me to delve deeper down this rabbit hole than almost anyone before me.

There is immense power behind the taboo against discussing America’s role in the global drug trade.  I’m certainly not the first writer to hope I would be the guy to—as Gary Webb, may he rest in peace, used to say—finally drag the body out from under the bed.

The big taboo protects a certain CIA-connected  fraction of the American population  from being confronted—and shamed—over their particiption in the hypocricy of the drug war.  And the American Drug Lords are counting on things not changing anytime soon.

How does $400 billion a year industry that distributes its product to retail as efficiently as razor blades or bathroom tissue escape exposure in a country that can read the make of your golf ball from outer space?

It’s a good question.

Thank you for your support!


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Daniel Hopsicker is an investigative journalist and the author of two books on transnational crime, Welcome to Terrorland and Barry & the Boys.