Is Russian Mob drug money going to Trump re-election?


It’s nearly two months since a container ship was busted at the port of Philadelphia loaded with so much cocaine that even PEOPLE magazine wrote about it.


The MSC Gayane was carrying 19 tons of cocaine, and the highest ranking person arrested so far is still the ship’s Second Mate, whose credit is probably not strong enough to warrant anyone fronting him seven shipping containers filled to bursting with cocaine.  

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Then yesterday came news of the largest cocaine seizure ever in Germany, 4.5 tons, at the port in Hamburg.

But German authorities only saw fit to let the public know about it yesterday. The drugs were discovered more than two weeks ago.

Moreover the customs office in Hamburg didn’t even disclose the name of the ship the cocaine containers came from.


In the Philadelphia container ship bust, the warrant for the arrest of sailors from the ship was shown in local news coverage. Then it disappeared.

The next day a Federal Court Clerk stated the entire case had been sealed retroactively. Why is a drug bust being treated—not as a crime—but as a “sensitive” matter of national security?


Resorting to an old technique

What’s being hidden? What’s the explanation for the two huge drug moves? They’re totally out of character, and definitely a sign of…something.  

The explanations for how the bust occured, and where the cocaine had been loaded onto the container vessel, were as bogus as a five-dollar bitcoin.

1_EBHQqNESUCne2mGSxCzkTgThe Washington Post removed any remaining doubt about the existence of a cover-up when the paper teamed up with the DEA to alert America to ‘What It All Means’ by giving themselves a laughable self-serving pat on the back.

“Traffickers are turning to East Coast seaports as a result of increased law enforcement pressure along the country’s southwest border.”

Clues to who the cocaine belonged to, to the kind of people that at least weren’t able seamen, came in Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book.

In the Jeffrey Epstein meta scandal, some saw evidence of a failed class of elite deviants.


It’s the Russian Mob

Here’s what authorities seem loath to say out loud: 

The 19 tons of cocaine busted at the port of Philadelphia in June belonged to the Russian Mob. So is the 4.5 tons of cocaine seized at the port of Hamburg two weeks ago.DaMOUmSWAAAFBqK

The trail leading back to the Russian Mob is littered with breadcrumbs. Both drug moves began in Montevideo in Uruguay, where the Serbian Mafia has a major connection.

Half of the sailors  arrested in the Philly deal are from Kotor, Montenegro, home of the Serbian Mob’s two feuding factions.  Of course, the Serbian mafia is not a stand-alone Mob.

It’s a satellite of the Russian Mob.


You can’t keep a good oligarch down

The drug trade, I have always been told, is a moveable feast. There was Medellin, and Mena Arkansas, and Miami, and Culiacan in Sinaloa, and now Kotor in Montenegro, apparently.

And guess which Russian oligarch invested $500 million right door to Kotor on the Adriatic coast?


Oleg Deripaska, whose lavish billionaire’s yacht club there threatens to become Russia’s very own Pompeii on the Adriatic.

0-olegDeripaska has been more active in Russiagate than any other Russian mobster. He’s jetting around more than Oliver North during Iran Contra. So the Russians appear to have tapped the right guy to run Montenegro operations for them. 

But about that 19 tons cocaine move? Were they just playing catch up? Did the Russian Mob just forget to budget for adequate party supplies for Europeans on their summer holidays? Not bloody likely.


It’s more likely the result of somebody’s special sense of urgency. Was the Russian Mob’s billion dollar cut from the cocaine busted in Philadephia and the $500 million from Hamburg earmarked for Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign?


Where we eat pizza one we eat pizza all

The speculation seems more than warranted.

Especially since the FBI for the first time identified fringe conspiracy theories as a domestic terrorist threat in a document that specifically mentions Q-Anon.

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Amen to that.

Q-anon is a shadowy network that believes in a deep state conspiracy against President Trump, and Pizzagate, the theory that a pedophile ring including Clinton associates was being run out of the basement of a Washington, D.C., pizza restaurant which didn’t have a basement.


Between a rock and a hard place

I’m no fan of pronoucements from US intelligence agencies. I don’t need to explain why, but the Iraq War with its lack of suitcase nukes and weapons of mass destruction is just the most recent episode.

But I’d much sooner believe them than anything that comes out of the mouth of our current dear leader or his Russian oligarch buddies.

9781524743512_p0_v1_s550x406The Russian Mob laundered drug money through Trump’s properties for decades. And—thanks to that swamp we keep hearing about—it was all perfectly legal.

Why wouldn’t they be doing it still?

I’ve got nothing against Russians. Its Mobsters and oligarchs I don’t like, of any persuasion—whether they be Russian, American, or emissaries from the Spiders from Mars.

If they’re interfering in our god-given right to choose our own lousy presidents, I must protest, even if feebly.

It may be the best we can do. But that remains to be be seen.

Stay tuned.


  1. Why no mention of Jacob Rothschild as associate of Deripaska in the Porto Montenegro? Why no mentions of Clinton private emails asking for penance to Lady Rothschild? Why no mention of Rothschild name in Epstein’s Black Book? Why are you trying so hard to ridicule pizzagate research?

  2. If you believe in the deep state, which I think Mr Hopsicker has adequately shown, and CIA runs lots of drugs which I think Mr Hopsicker has again adequately shown, then would Occam’s razor suggest that CIA was at least likely knowledgable about this 19 ton shipment?
    So if the “Deep State” CIA is likely involved, why would they fund Trump’s campaign platform to “Drain the Swamp” It doesnt seem to make much sense, UNLESS…

    Donald Trump is a Mega Genius who has everyone fooled saying he wants to drain the swamp while in fact working with the swamp to prove that he colluded with Russia and the Swamp has successfully covered up his Russian collusion using the Mueller Report.

    There, that makes sense.

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