Beware of Mexicans bearing gifts…


Alistair Thompson’s Scoop News seems to have broken the story.

A (Trojan) horse filled with cocaine has been busted in Christchurch, NewZealand as the result of what a police spokesperson called “good profiling systems and inspection capabilities.”

Says the Guardian: “Record-breaking 35 kilogram haul of cocaine seized by New Zealand police was hidden inside a gigantic diamante-encrusted horse’s head.”

Even in New Zealand,  35 kilos of cocaine hardly seems “record-breaking.” But who knows? To some, “Bright Lights Big City”could mean a weekend in Adelaide.

Remember the big haul (35 kilos of heroin) busted on a plane from Punta Gorda Florida (natch) being flown to Australia by an Aussie winner of the MBE?


Whatever happened to that?

More worm-food down the Memory Hole.


Daniel Hopsicker

Daniel Hopsicker is an investigative journalist and the author of two books on transnational crime, Welcome to Terrorland and Barry & the Boys.

5 Responses

  1. ro says:

    The ‘artwork’ was SO BAD, is what did it. Even in an art market FULL of the most miserable crud, which, like everywhere, NZ is ; this piece stood out as especially kiss-arse bad even to hardened ‘art-averse’ Kiwi snoops.

  2. jaques says:

    ha ha- I’m from Adelaide you old bastard-

    oh and I followed that aussie plane matter- and it seemed to just abut disappear without a trace- and no-one ever noticed. I think no journalist on Earth paid it more mind than you.

    BTW concerning the miraculous mountains of coincidental links between Florida and 9/11: did you ever hear of a little tiny Florida company called Spectre Enterprises, Inc? A little company that patented thermite cutting torches for demolition in 1999.

    1999 just imagine? :

    A little Florida company- that primarily supplied the D.O.D?

  3. Wally Hilliard owned an explosives company in Orlando. That doesn’t prove he placed charges in the WTC. But thanks for the kind word.

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  5. Robson says:

    Considering the thermite patent: They decribe a material containing mainly CuO (copper oxide) and Al (aluminum), so no FeO (iron oxide). So at least that same exact material could not have been used (in large quantities), as at the WTC mainly FeO and Fe was found in the flakes/dust.