Did Tom Cruise helicopter clip doomed ‘Mena’ plane?

Daniel Hopsicker

Daniel Hopsicker is an investigative journalist and the author of two books on transnational crime, Welcome to Terrorland and Barry & the Boys.

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  1. Bill says:

    Did you know that the only firngerprints found on the MAC-10 that killed Seals belonged to an ATF agent?

  2. Remo says:

    (U)SAMO. Professional disinformation : where complex 81 columned steel framed high rises can suddenly drop at free fall due to 'normal office furnishings fires' (free-fall says it all)

    Do I think TomCruise could do a movie fingering GHW BUSH? What a joke. Not in a million years. Or Ron Howard. Truth ain't going to happen thru HollyWood's Scientology dept. Of coercion.

  3. Gayle says:

    Great story!

  4. jo henrion says:


    How do they get funding and picked up for movies when they clearly know the truth but aren't going to tell it?  Bad enough we don't get the real facts from our own press but I thought film makers generally tried to make a movie as realistic as possible.  How naive can I be?  Apparently, very! 

    Again Daniel, another great story. 







    from our own press, but i thought filmmakers usually try to portray a more realistic view.  

  5. Mike says:

    When real life stories are covered by filmmakers, it’s usually to cover up the truth, not expose it. That’s what they get paid for, these days anyway. Keep up the great work Daniel, some of us actually would like to know the truth.

  6. Stephen V. says:

    Appreciate this story. Stranger than fiction !
    I believe you mean *Iran* in the final paragraph…

  7. daniel hopsicker says:

    gotcha. back then it was iraq. (why the “yellow cake” reference.) now its iran. fear of other guys getting the bomb can be a wonderful thing… in the right hands.

  8. Weilunion says:

    Yes, the Hollywood infiltrated CIA is going to make a movie exposing the CIA?

    Tom Cruise is a talentless ‘actor’ has been who will do anything to keep his aging boyish image alive even if it means covering up truth.

    Daniel says:

    “I was talking to two guys who can’t wait to make a buck off the lurid and bloody assassination of Barry Seal, while at the same time deliberately keeping their audience—the American people—in the dark about who murdered Barry Seal and why.”

    The point: concealing more than revealing. Thanks Daniel and folks, do read “Barry and the Boys” for it is amazing and exposes Mena, the home of Clinton and friends in allowing the Iran Contra Cocaine to flow while at the same time laundering the money for Ollie and the CIA. How do you think Clinton ever became president? Favors.

  9. Larry Shea says:

    Dear Mr. Hopsicker,
    Thank you for writing this important story about the movie “Mena.” The sleazy anything-for-a-buck whores of Hollywood have always been sleeping with the U.S. Empire, so, there is nothing new at which to be shocked or surprised about concerning this latest betrayal of theirs. Hollywood has always been great at producing propaganda and outright lies in support of the advancement of the America’s imperial ambitions. I wonder how Hollywood would spin “the Secret History of the American Empire”, by john Perkins, the former “economic hit man”, who subsequently turned whistleblower

    It is ironic, however, that Gene “Chip” Tatum wrote a brief comment, which links the Mena story of yours to the one that you recently published on Jeb Bush. Tatum’s story, which is called, “Managing A Nightmare: The CIA Reveals How It “Watched Over” the Destruction of Gary Webb”, was published today (09/17/15) on the veteranstruthnetwork.com, along with a reprint of the article, “Managing the Nightmare: How the CIA Watched Over the Destruction of Gary Webb”, which was written by Ryan Devereaux and which first appeared on theintercept.com. [Yes, folks Gene “Chip” Tatum is still alive and you can even listen to recent interviews with him on you tube.].

    In the above-mentioned story, by Tatum, he wrote that, “Oliver North oversaw the production and shipment of cocaine into the United States. Utilizing the assets of the United States Government at his disposal…infamous drug pilot Barry Seal among others including myself, shipped tons of high grade cocaine and other drugs into the U. S… However, this use of South and Central American assets was in place thanks to the deployment of a young man into Venezuela in 1977. While assigned in Venezuela, he was key in building an organization which continues today. The assets name, John Ellis Bush”.

    In October 2014, Chip Tatum published an article, entitled, “George and the Boys – My Three Sons + 1” on his Pegasus files. It is worth scrolling down and reading the section devoted to an excellent overview of Jeb Bush’s very shady background. After having digested Mr. Tatum’s tidy little historical tidbit, you just might want to read Wayne Madsen’s article, which is entitled, “Jeb Bush’s CIA “NOC” Work in Venezuela” (The acronym, NOC, stands for Non-Official-Cover). Following this very informative piece, I recommend that you dive headlong into Wayne Madsen’s update on the above-mentioned ‘NOC-Work’ article. His update is entitled, “June 12-14, 2015 — SPECIAL REPORT UPDATE. Jeb Bush Received Comprehensive CIA Briefing When he worked for Bank in Caracas.”

    It has been documented that the Bush family’s connections to the CIA go back to Jeb’s Nazi-sympathizing and supporting grandfather, Prescott Bush. I saw G.W.H. Bush once give a below-the-waste Nazi salute while clearly stating, in a smarmy self-satisfied manner, “Sig Heil.” He performed this little skit at a speech that he gave at a Raytheon facility, in greater Boston, soon after the Gulf War had ended. The entire speech was broadcast live on C-Span.

    No one who has researched this sordid crime family would be surprised that Jeb Bush was delegated to honcho those precious ‘Venice’ Files’ to Langley for safekeeping or for systematic destruction. It would have been absolutely necessary for the CIA to cover up that barbaric mass murder for which they were, at least, partially responsible on 09/11/01. Jeb was and, most likely, still is their NOC-kinda guy!

    Long before I had read “Barry and the Boys” I had read the very important work, “Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA: From Mena, Arkansas to the White house; How the Presidency Was co-opted by the CIA”, which was written by Terry Reed and John Cummings. By the way, the paperback version of this book has almost 80 more pages than has the hardcover version, and there is critical information contained within those pages. Yet, all that I can find is the hardcover for sale on amazon, even though this book was a bestseller in the mid-90s.

    If the reader of this commentary wants to get a good overview of books pertaining to the malfeasant machinations of the Bush family, I suggest that they search for the Reed and Cummings book, “Compromised” on amazon. There in the section, entitled “Customers who bought this item also bought”, the reader will find a number of good books about the Bush’s wheeling-and-dealing and their alleged crimes. Therein can be found such works as, “The Mafia, CIA & George Bush”, “Family of Secrets”, “George Bush: the Unauthorized Biography”, “Barry and the Boys”, “House of Bush, House of Saud”, and “Immaculate Deception.” I also recommend many of the other books in this section, such as “David Ferrie”, and please, do not forget “The Tatum Chronicles.”

    To pretend that the U.S. Government and some of its agencies are not involved in the illicit international drug trade, along with several huge and easily recognizable U.S. and foreign banks, is an unhealthy, dangerous and delusional self- indulgence – people are dying from heroin overdoses in the U.S. and around the world, by the thousands every year.

    Check out the blog spot, Anthrax Vaccine — posts by Meryl Nass, M.D. Her latest article kind of sums up the source of the heroin flooding America and the world. The article is entitled, “The Real Afghanistan Surge is in Heroin Production…” Only fools, self-delusionals, cowards, and liars deny facts!

    I shall leave you to ponder the following quote by Dennis Dayle: “In my 30 years in the Drug Enforcement Administration [DEA] and related agencies, the major targets of my investigations almost invariably turned out to be working for the CIA.”

    Dennis Dayle was the former chief of an elite DEA enforcement unit, which was known as Unit One. James Mills wrote about this elite unit and about Dennis Dayle extensively in his massive volume, “Underground Empire.” So, I wonder if Tommy Top-Gun and any of the various production companies got a piece of the white powder action from the CIA for making such a fairy- tale of a movie about Barry Cial [Oops, I mean Seal, as in CIA- trained seal via his mentor, who was the screwball Mafia and CIA-pilot David Ferrie.].

  10. jesus says:

    who plays bill clinton, dan lassiter, roger clinton, hillary clinton, don tyson, ollie seacourt north, and jackson stevens? nobody, ah i see.

  11. KC says:

    Another important question in regard to the plane crash is, where is Tom Cruise and Doug Liman? Ever since this crash took place on September 11th, there has been no word of these two – like they literally fell off the face of the earth.

    Fans love to take pictures of celebrities and considering how recognizable Tom Cruise is around the world, there have been absolutely no pictures of him since this tragic incident. Coincidence? We have pics of him in Jamaica before he flew to Columbia. We have pics and video of Tom in Columbia. But we have absolutely nothing since September 11th. There has been no press conference about the accident, even more, there here has been no words spoken by Tom or Doug to the families that we know of.

    Hopefully something will surface in the next few days. But for now this comes across as suspicious.

  12. Harry says:

    Garland’s license was not current, along with his b/p medication should not have been cleared to fly. You can look it up yourself. Look into his background. The government down there also gives a 15% credit back to anyone that films there. Fast, loose and cheap at the expense of lives
    I agree with the previous post…..why no comment from anyone? We lost a great man in Alan Purwin. This was avoidable.

  13. Roger Reaves says:

    I am very happy the film is coming out. I think people miss the point – this film will generate interest and "ordinary people" will have "key words" to look up – MENA, BARRY SEAL etc.

    This is only a good thing.

    People expect miracles. How many of the poeple here would go out on such a limb? Expose themselves like Cruise and Liman? How many?

    Armchair Generalship is a beautiful thing.

    Watch NSA/CIA insider and chronicler Richard Thieme talk about getting the "Truth" through "fiction" in a National Security state – Richard Thieme – "The Only Way to Tell the Truth is in Fiction"


  14. PG says:

    Harry's comment is not accurate Gatland's license was not expired and he was not on BP medication. He was not  flying the plane. Sorry your facts are wrong!!!!!

  15. JO says:

    I flew with Alan once.  He was a good man.  Also one of the very best to fly a chopper.  He will be very missed in the international film industry.

  16. Tom Cruise is an undercover fag. Just like the other cultist John Travolta.

  17. smoke says:

    The families of Purwin and Berl have sued the film in California court for fatal negligence. Something to do with a pilot insufficiently trained for the flying conditions and the film being behind schedule. Insurance probably covers that; doubt anyone wants it to go to court.
    Film release is now delayed to Sept 2017, and it has a new name: “American Made”. Someone objected to “Mena”?
    In a close election season, even the pre-release buzz might have stirred up some popular interest, as R Reaves suggests. Democrats might not want to remind anyone of that almost forgotten Arkansas transshipment point and the wild times in Clinton Arkansas.
    Director Doug Liman’s father was, of course, Arthur Liman, lead counsel for the Senate investigation of Iran/contra. One might hope that Doug heard more at his father’s home than made it into the record, and that some of this might slip into a film.

    Imdb’s full cast list indicates that W Bush, HW Bush’s secretary, Oliver North, and Fawn Hall all make appearances. As well as an assortment of ATF, CIA, and mostly DEA agent-characters. No Clintons listed, although there is a “Bubba” character. One character is named “David Johnson,” a name that once identified one of the weapons-delivery pilots in Salvador in 1986. “David Johnson of McAllen, TX”, according to a Philadelphia Inquirer article from March of ’87. Including these characters suggests that the contra supply mission makes its way into the script in some form, if it isn’t left on a cutting room floor.

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