FBI Investigating Hollywood Head

The murder-decapitation of a 66-year old man whose head was found beneath the Hollywood Sign four months ago is now a Federal case, the MadCow Morning News has learned.  The development is a sure sign that the LAPD’s theory about a gay love triangle gone wrong is no longer being pursued.

A more plausible reason for the beheading emerged in an angle that was barely reported at the time: Medellin went missing after leaving on a “business trip” to Tijuana.

Last week the Mad Cow MorningNews reported exclusively that the decapitated head found in a plastic bag on a hiking trail in the shadow of the  Hollywood Sign four months ago belonged to a man known to local authorities as  the former "concierge" in Los Angeles for the now-defunct Cali drug cartel.

After that story a family vacationing in Los Angeles in March contacted us to say they had been unable to visit the Hollywood Sign. “We were turned away,” one member wrote. “The entire area was swarming with Federal law enforcement personnel, and access to the Hollywood Sign had been completely cordoned off. I had no idea why until reading your story last week.”

LAPD Commander Andrew Smith told reporters four months ago that whoever dumped the head had gone to some effort to conceal it.  "If it had not been for the dog walker, we might never have found it," he said.
His account was disputed by eyewitnesses at the scene, and even other investigators.

Smith also said a search warrant was executed on the apartment Medellin shared with his boyfriend.  But he did not elaborate on why the warrant was served or what, if anything, detectives found. Smith said, "They did serve a search warrant last night. They are following clues, and the case is progressing."

The insinuation was enough for media outlets to conclude that suspicion had settled on Medellin’s gay boyfriend, with whom he shared an apartment. 

“LAPD Detectives investigating the death are focusing on whether the killing was tied in some way to his personal life, according to law enforcement sources,” the LA Times  reported.

Sources told them they believe the murder was the result of a "love triangle gone wrong," local station KCAL 9 reported.

“In the LAPD’s body parts investigation detectives are taking a closer look at the personal life of the man who was found dismembered in the Hollywood Hills,” CBS NEWS reported. “ Though they haven’t named any suspects, neighbors are speculating all about the case.”

"There's no other evidence to indicate this is anything besides just a single, individual isolated occurrence," asserted LAPD Commander Smith.

Beheadings have become a daily feature in Mexico’s onging drug war.


Daniel Hopsicker

Daniel Hopsicker is an investigative journalist and the author of two books on transnational crime, Welcome to Terrorland and Barry & the Boys.

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    Quiincy's been very busy lately…. until he ended up on his own examiners table…
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