Pilots, Pedophiles, a Lingerie Model, & ‘The Pirate of Prague’


(A working introduction to Gangster Planet IV.)

The Jeffrey Epstein scandal is a meta-scandal, a scandal of scandals, like a hot mutual fund whose portfolio consists of a basket of other hot mutual funds.

It’s a CAT 5 hurricane heading straight for us.

It took a long time for the courageous women who blew the whistle on Epstein to be believed.  What makes his acccusers like Virginia Roberts so dangerous today is that they were eyewitnesses to the activities of elite deviants operating with something like impunity.


And they’ve by no means told everything they know. Who knows what they saw?

Virginia Roberts is not the first pretty young woman from a hardscrabble background in Florida to face difficult decisons because of limited career prospects. Back in 2001 Amanda Keller was a pretty young 20 year old, hobbled at the gate because of early sexual abuse.

I hope people are finally ready to hear her describe what it was like to hang with Mohamed Atta and his terrorist crew while they bided their time in Florida.

Like Virginia, Amanda didn’t have the luxury of career counseling.  If she had, someone  might have been waved away from becoming an outcall lingerie model at Fantasies & Lingerie, and, briefly, the girlfriend of Mohamed Atta.

But because she survived it, today we know that a close associate of Mohamed Atta’s in Southwest Florida was a German pilot named Wolfgang Bohringer.

Kozeny (5)
‘Protected: Mobster Viktor Kozeny

We know that Bohringer was the personal pilot of Russian Mob-connected oligarch Viktor Kozeny, who at one point after the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, controlled fully one-third of the entire economy of the nation of Czechoslovakia.

Which is why they call him the ‘Pirate of Prague.’

Fast forward to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, where one of the men accused of consorting with Epstein’s so-called ‘sex slaves’ is former Senate Majority Leader, Democrat George Mitchell from Maine.

We know that there are direct connections between Viktor Kozeny, George Mitchell, pilot Wolfgang Bohring and Mohamed Atrta.

If it weren’t for Amanda Keller, I would have never heard about Mohamed Atta’s German pilot associate Wolfgang Bohringer.

kozeny-wolfgangAnd if not for Wolfgang Bohringer, I would not have known about about fugitive oligarch Viktor Kozeny.

It was Kozeny who loaned his jet and personal pilot Wolfgang to fly George Mitchell around during his shuttle diplomacy to restart peace talks in Northern Ireland.

It was a solid business relationship. Mitchell served as vice chairman of Kozeny’s oil company, Oily Rock.

It might have passed unnoticed that the FBI had issued a terror alert in the South Pacific for a Mohamed Atta associate named Wolfgang Bohringer, who was also the personal pilot for a Russian mobster named Viktor Kozen.

It might have passed unnoticed, except…Kozeny is a business parter of former Senator George Mitchell, who’s been accused in the Epstein scandal.

It still might have passed unnoticed, except Virginia Roberts firmly and forthrightly accused George Mitchell of letting Jeffrey Epstein pimp her to him.

Which raised George Mitchell’s visibility dangerously high.  Mithchell has been exposed. Once that happens, there’s no getting un-exposed back again.

This would be big news almost anywhere… except on a Gangster Planet.

Meaning, on a planet like ours.


  1. If there aren’t solid documentations of all this it would make this website seem a lot more like the crazy Right-Wing conspiracy gutters that they are. If all this is documented and not just conjecture then Oh My God. It’s an incredible story and it hasn’t all come together yet.

  2. Markit, you might start by reading Daniel Hopsicker’s two books. There is lots of great documentation and great information in both of them. I know this because I have read them both more than once.

  3. When Hopsicker first began his 9/11 investigation I was his biggest fan and reposted on indymedias or used it to back up what I was learning as I went along in between investigating penny stock frauds that I got ripped off in.
    I find this connection to Mitchell,Wolfgang Bohringer and Viktor Kozeny,an oligarch I don’t remember hearing of before or simply read about once in passing, fascinating.
    However this all goes back in a circle of why I came to doubt or found what for me were holes in Hopsicker’s overall narrative that were too important to ignore.
    Christopher Bollyn began to add for me detail that Hopsicker never reported.Most particularly that Logan Airport Boston where the two planes 11 and 175 were alleged to have taken off from and under supposed control of Mohamed Atta and his Saudi team was being guarded by Israelis ! Their company is ICTS International and they were Menachem Atzmon,the now deceased Ezra Harel and Shin Beit agents which is same as Mossad as far as I’m concerned.And no video cameras at the airport ever filmed Atta and his Saudis ever boarding those planes ! In fact Menachem Atzmon had already been convicted of money laundering in Israel for Bibi Netanyahu’s Likud Party.Yet he was allowed to enter the U.S.and incorporate ICTS International in Joe Biden’s state of Delaware.
    With money by defrauding American investors on the NASDAQ they were able to buy Huntleigh airport security and its contract to guard Logan Airport just before 9/11.
    Furthermore Saudis whose names were listed by the U.S. government or the CIA or FBI as the Al Qaeda terrorists who boarded the planes came forward a long time ago and said they were alive and had nothing to do with 9/11.
    The U.S. government and NYC government under Rudi Giuliani and his Police Commisioner Bernie Kerrick is worth no credibility at all and I don’t believe that a Saudi terrorists passport flew from a plane after it hit the WTC and glided a down to a street beolw the WTC and was found in pristine condition as proof that Atta and the Saudis were on those planes !

    Hopsicker and others posted photos or video right after 9/11 purporting to show Atta boarding a flight from Maine but never has any video been presented by the Israelis who guarded Logan.So untill Hopsicker finally gets brave and confronts the end of the story he has to at least acknowledge the existence of the Israelis of ICTS International which so far just like the NY Times and main stream media he has failed to do.

    As for his writing style I really like it.He almost reminds me of Kurt Vonnegut at his best when he’s on a role.But of course Vonnegut was not an investigative reporter and Hopsicker should know by now the earth isn’t the center of the universe and everything pertaining to 9/11 didn’t all occur in Florida.

  4. Hi Daniel,
    Can’t wait till you cover how AG Barr changed the identity of the warden at MCC where Epstein commjitted “suicide” from Shirley Skipper Scott to Lamine N’Diayed, according to NBC and other trusted news sources…in plain ol black and white, Skipper Scott was also the warden at the Coleman Florida prison facility. Do you think it is just a rumor that there is sex trafficking in central Florida prisons?

    if you are willing to take a giant leap for mankind, simply cross the street in front of the prison, drive thru the cow pasture past the Florida Turnpike, continue to the powerline road and take the first right past the woods and you find yourself at the end of a private airstrip owned by some billionaires that are barons known for flying “things” around…what a koinky dink.

  5. “Details that Hopsicker never reported” include the sun, moon, and the stars. I’ve never been responsible for anything other than the details I HAVE reported. And I’m quite happy to weight those up, speaking about 9/11, against anyones. I don’t know what bollyn reported because i’m no longer interested in the topic. i’ve got friends intimately involved in the jfk assassination on a daily basis, and i’ts not for me. Also, there’s so much BS in your comment that it doesn’t bear response. Come back when you’ver got footage of jeffrey epstein being suicided and maybe we can talk.

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