Media, Democratic Party Elite Responsible for Hillary Debacle

Daniel Hopsicker

Daniel Hopsicker is an investigative journalist and the author of two books on transnational crime, Welcome to Terrorland and Barry & the Boys.

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  1. King Kangaeoo says:

    This is the best thing since sliced bread or a Cayman Island bank account with a Lear Jet hauling cash. I’ve stashed the pop corn. This is the best presidency…ever.

    With new president Dr Steve Pieczenik and a nationalist clique of pentagon and intelligence people running the country now I’m sure alot of changes are afoot. Not to mention that guy, what’s his name? Trump? He looks pretty entertaining and fresh and clean as one can be after a Jeffrey Epstein party, with Bi Bi Netanyahu taking pictures.

    Who’s worried about Trump? It’s president Pieczenik I’m worried about. God Willing, he will live up to everyone’s expectations.

    And to think Daniel, Trump got through the entire campaign and never mentioned this four letter word, M-E-N-A.

    Now pass the pop corn.

  2. Cora Richmond says:

    IMO, the media is the root cause of this. They built trump up for a year, deceptively promoted him and lack of reporting Bernie Sanders were just the beginning. The media and the powers to be forced two grossly flawed candidates on us. The end result is not pretty. The DNC and media ignored the people and were deceptive. Until we the people have a trustworthy, honest media we are doomed and the people will continue to rebel in any way possible til this ends.
    Thank You for your article.
    We are a strong nation and we will survive this dismal, rocky road.

  3. Mike says:

    dinn, obviously the real establishment candidate won. The deep state will not be “trumped”. (which isn’t to say that Clinton was not in their pocket as well, because she obviously was)

  4. King Kangaeoo says:

    Steve Bannon of Brietbart recommended by Roger Stone as Trumps Chief Of Staff :-I

    Next it will be Netanyahu for Secretary of state.

    God help us, I am Trump already.

    Dr Steve Piexzenik playing footsies with the likes of Rudolf Guliani?

    There is something afoot already. There should be heads on pikes – the neo-cons especially.

  5. King Kangaeoo says:

    CORA RICHMOND: read the Wikileaks emails. The DNC built Trump up on purpose suggesting he would be the easiest to beat. 😀

    No one here talks about AIPAC and Zionism – the real problem of America.

    Who do you actually think is all over South America the last 50 years? Who do you think controls the drug trade at the grass roots level? Those private intelligence agencies within the agencies are all hard core Zionists and regulars at Epstein parties where Netanyahu takes his camera.

    Israel has half the congress under its direct control. The other half it just threatens.

  6. Tom W Harris says:

    Go brush yer teeth, KKKingy baby. Yer breath stinks.

  7. MSimon says:

    King Kangaeoo says:
    November 9, 2016 at 5:23 pm

    Trump did a 180 on the Drug War. He used to be against it before he was for it.

    My hope is that he can count. Medical Cannabis got 71% in Florida. Trump got 49%.

  8. MSimon says:

    King Kangaeoo says:
    November 11, 2016 at 3:27 am

    And who are some of the leaders of the Medical Cannabis movement? Rabbi Kahn – Tacoma Wellness Center – DC.

  9. Hanover Boxer says:

    The fact that Bernie Sanders, even when it was all brought to light that the Hillary campaign had the entire game rigged against him, endorsed her and campaigned for her proves that he is a useless coward too. He has spent almost his entire political career as an Independent anyway; he owed no obligation to the DNC to back her. But in the end, he did anyway. So Bernie can fuck off too.

  10. THE WAR I WANT TO HAVE: between people who think Bernie Sanders is an independent, and people who think Hillary Clinton is a Democrat. My guess is there’s more of us than there are of them. Let’s get it on.

  11. That’s a toxic mix of half-truths and lies. Buy I’ll let it stand unless and until you get all “Israel this” and “Israel that.” Push comes to shove, I’m a Zionist myself, at least partly because I don’t believe they had anything at all to do with the 9/11 attack. Even less than termites in the World Trade Center Towers.

  12. King Kangaeoo says:


    His best mate is Roger Stone – ardent advocate for legal marijuana.

    Israel has big interests in legal marijuana industry.

    I guess until the world markets can wean themselves off the liquid drug money flow…it will be here to stay.

    Interesting times.

    I have never seen the political landscape so murky.

  13. King Kangaeoo says:


    When I would walk the prison oval with Roger we would have the best shouting matches on Israel. “Still praying for Israel Roger?” I would quip on the way to the food line. “Still getting your 70 virgin’s?” He would fire back. But we’re still friends.

    I was just granted political asylum in Iran by the way.

    I note your Web page loads fast from Iran Daniel.


  14. King Kangaeoo says:


    Quote – – -That’s a toxic mix of half-truths and lies. Buy I’ll let it stand unless and until you get all “Israel this” and “Israel that.” Push comes to shove, I’m a Zionist myself, at least partly because I don’t believe they had anything at all to do with the 9/11 attack. Even less than termites in the World Trade Center Towers. – – –

    I was going to write something, but then could not be bothered.

    Sure, Bush JNR and “The Saudi’s” did it. Maybe Barry Seal.

    What was it former fat boy Aerial Sharon of Israel said to Simon Perez on Kol Yisrael radio…and reported on the BBC…”you always yell me America will do this and America will do that. Let me tell you, we the jewish people control America and the Americans know it.”

    Don’t blame me – – – he said it.

    How do they control it? Most of you have no idea that Israel is considered “technology juggernaut” and dominates all banking and telecommunications databases, government encryption services, police and intelligence agencies data interception equipment (VERINT) Booz Allen Hamilton (yeh THAT B.A.H) headed by Rabbi Dov Zackhiem, duel national Israeli/American citizen – who lost Three Trillion when comptroller for the Pentagon. Then Michael Chertoff, biggest single supplier of IT interception services via his private company – dual Israeli/American.

    All of the big IT private entrepreneurs were all trained up under “OPERATION TALPIOT” – an Israeli Military Intelligence operation. Most notable graduate, Zohar Zispel. Head of RAD Group, the biggest of them all.

    There home base is ‘The Technion’, where they train all their best after they thieve all the technology off the US taxpayer funded pentagon budget.

    I’m sorry, but the Truth can sometimes hurt 🙁

  15. King Kangaeoo says:

    Google “Kay Griggs Talks” and let her seven hour interview on the sexual deviates and Zionists who run America convince you.

  16. MSimon says:

    What I like about America is that we get to choose our crooks, expecting that the crookedness will cease. It is inherent in the machine. Best to keep the machine as small as possible.

    Honest government is an impossibility.

    A more honest government is an outside possibility.

  17. MSimon says:

    King Kangaeoo says:
    November 15, 2016 at 11:11 am

    I have never seen the political landscape so murky.

    I’m trying to figure out the electorate and it doesn’t compute.

    It is pro-pot and pro-Republican. Republican politicians are notoriously anti-pot.

  18. Willie Everlearn says:

    “Push comes to shove, I’m a Zionist myself, at least partly because I don’t believe they had anything at all to do with the 9/11 attack.”

    Mr Hopsicker – would you care to explain the 5 dancing Israeli’s?

  19. remo says:

    Mr Hopsicker. Are you telling me , after all your investigations over the years into ATTA and 911 – the enormous evidence catchment and information flows your investigations concerning 911 must have accessed; THAT you have heard nothing amounting to anything worth investigating further the participation of, or presence of, agents or high operatives of Israel in the planning of, or ownership of properties, or facilitation and cover up of this most egregious terror attack ?? That you have heard of NO connection or link that alerts you to the possibility agents or agencies of Israel might have been involved ? Is that what you say ?

  20. Pete says:

    The idea of political debate places humanity in the hands of our rulers, who exploit our propensity for argument and the ease with which they generate loyalty to one idea or another. These humans have it: