Tim Kaine’s Unlikely Biography

Tim Kaine isn’t shy about trading on his year in Honduras as a Catholic missionary.

Accepting the V.P. nomination, he said, “My faith  is my North Star for orienting my life.” He had gone to a Jesuit high school, he explained, with the motto “men for others.” It led him to volunteer as a missionary in Honduras.


Aprendí los valores de mi pueblo: fe, familia y trabajo. Los mismos valores de la comunidad latina aquí”I learned the values of my town: faith, family and work. The same values of the Latino community here.”

It’s a story he’s been telling a long time.

While running for the Senate in Virginia, Kaine aired radio ads detailing his experience as a missionary. He became the first U.S. senator to deliver a speech on the floor entirely in Spanish, which he learned in Honduras.

kaine-in-honduras“As somebody who lived and re-visits Latin America,” he told The Washington Post, “I have a real passion and attachment to the immigrant story—latinos y otros, porque hay un gran número de asiáticos y otros en Virginia.

But, as biography, it’s not merely unsatisfying. It’s unlikely.

A 21-year old Harvard Law School student spending 1981 in Honduras as a Jesuit volunteer is as absurd as an English tutor parachuting before D-Day into Normandy to teach French children when to use “their” and when to use “they’re.”

It doesn’t pass the smell test.


The Tim Kaine Story 

Distilled from various sources, here’s how Kaine’s sojourn in Honduras is described:

studentTim Kaine attended an all-boys Jesuit high school, became student government president, joined spring mission drives to fund Jesuit activities in Honduras. He zipped through college in three years and headed to Harvard University Law School. There he heard “a small, still voice” asking him why he was in such a hurry. “Something in me said to take a year off.”

Kaine wrote to some Catholic missionaries asking if he could volunteer for a year to help them. In exchange for meals and a place to sleep, he headed to the second-poorest country in the western hemisphere. He said in a C-Span interview that he needed to “step away from the treadmill” to “decide on my path in life.”

“I taught kids how to be welders and carpenters. I wouldn’t be in public service today had I not had that experience as a young man.”

“I do what I do for spiritual reasons,” Kaine told C-SPAN. “I’m always thinking about the momentary reality but also how it connects with bigger matters of what’s important in life.” 


Serving church & family

If you accept the story at face value, Kaine comes across—or did to me, anyway—as down to earth, normal, a nice guy. If you have doubts, you may find his sanctimony a bit much. But the wrenching changes in Honduras occurring at precisely the same time Kaine’s supposedly hunkered down in a machine shop in El Progreso make his story implausible.

“I think of El Progreso everyday. The people, aside from my family, are the most important in shaping who I am today. Since returning from Honduras 25 years ago, I have worked hard to serve my church, family, community, city and state.”

He describes his time in Honduras as the most important year of his life, an experience so profound he and his wife celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary visiting the Jesuit school where he taught a handful of students.

kaine“My mentor there taught me about “andando con la gente”-“walking with the people,”he told the Democratic Convention. “I came back with new lessons in humility and service, and I resolved to devote my talent and energy to helping others.”

“Soy católico,” he added — I’m Catholic — the religion of most Hispanics in the U.S.

Speaking of himself and Hillary Clinton, he said, “We share this basic belief. It’s simple. Do all the good you can and serve one another. Pretty simple.”


Why doubts have been raised 

banana_republicHonduras is—literally—the original banana republic. American short story writer O. Henry was hiding out there in the capital in 1905, on the run from Texas authorities on charges of embezzlement, and wrote a book of short stories. The phrase “banana republic” was born.

So, there’s that. More importantly, while Kaine was in Honduras a whirlwind descended on that little-visited country: a huge American military presence which ballooned overnight— courtesy of the Reagan Administration— determined to turn the tide of leftist revolutionaries in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

While Kaine taught a handful of students carpentry and welding, United States military aid to Honduras went from $4 million to $282 million in just a few years.

JTFB_logoJoint Task Force Bravo poured bulldozers into Honduras. They rolled off huge military transport planes and roared off into the countryside, helping American military engineers build roads, bridges, bases, airstrips, supply depots, and infrastructure, and turning the country into a staging area for troops entering combat in Nicaragua against the dread Sandinistas.

So far, nothing from Kaine on any of that. He was there, but apparently missed it all.

American troops poured in for saber-rattling maneuvers to intimidate the Sandinistas. American intelligence agents trained Hondurans in surveillance, interrogation, and torture as the country went from a humid backwater to a hub for all the intrigue money can buy.

tegucigalpa_landPerhaps not coincidentally, Honduras became known as the Lebanon of Central America, the biggest drug marketplace the world had ever known.

“We turned the whole damn country into an American battleship,” lamented the chairman of the House’s Western Affairs Subcommittee later. “We created the ‘USS Honduras.’”

Tim Kaine saw nada. Was he busy teaching welding? Or was something else going on?


Timmy wasn’t sleeping on the floor 

blindWhen Honduras was bribed and bullied by the US to host the Contras, the man at the center of the circus was US ambassador John Negroponte, who arrived in Honduras while Tim Kaine was there.

Negroponte has been widely accused of turning a blind eye to atrocities by the Honduran military, but claims to be unaware of human rights abuses during this time. When he was appointed head of national intelligence by George W Bush in 2005, one journalist wrote, “Each morning he (Negroponte) should have no difficulty spotting a terrorist.”

omstRemember Kaine’s description of volunteering “in exchange for meals and a place to sleep?”

Timmy slept in a gated community with restricted access, and grounds that included offices, residences, a swimming pool, a country club and part of a golf course. A subsidiary of United Fruit Co. had generously sold their company retreat to the Jesuits for its headquarters.

United_Fruit_Ad_1916Campesinos who visited the luxurious complex knew of the longstanding relationship between United Fruit and the Church, which regularly accepted donations from the company. Priests were granted free passage aboard its vessels. The company and the religious order had a cooperative bond.

United Fruit became United Brands and today does business as Chiquita. Curiously enough, corporate intrigue continues to this day; the company is often so tightly intertwined with official U.S. foreign policy that the two become indistinguishable.


Honduras becomes “The Trampoline”

When the drug business took off in earnest in the 1970’s, the Caribbean coast of Honduras, including San Pedro Sula and El Progreso, became a full-service oasis on the drug trafficking turnpike, serving hot food and aviation fuel 24 hours a day. Honduras became, and remains, a major off-ramp, located a comfortable distance for a twin-engined plane to fly from Colombia on a full tank of gas, refuel, and fly on to Florida.

trampolinePilots call it the Trampoline. Planes touch down, gas up and bounce back into the air for the second half of their flight to the U.S. The Honduran Army made possible the blizzard of cocaine that transformed millions of American lives during the 1980’s.

The grateful leaders of the Honduran military wouldn’t have it any other way. They took a cut on each flight.

They still do.

“These days the pushiest businessmen are those who sell another agricultural product aimed at American consumers: cocaine,” reported a recent story in The Economist. “Honduras’s position on the trafficking route from South to North America means that most of the cocaine bound for the United States passes through its borders, and the violence and corruption that come with the trade.”


The more things change…

Barry Seal. mug shotLongtime CIA pilot Barry Seal landed his twin-engine Merlin on the Honduran island of Roatan in December 1979. On his plane was, in those more innocent times, considered a huge load: 40 kilos.

The bust made the front page in the capital of Tegucigalpa. Newspapers reported Seal had been been caught red-handed with 17 kilos of cocaine.  Some Honduran General must have smiled when he read that figure, and patted a suitcase loaded with the missing 23 kilos.

Seal was busted because he’d landed his twin-engine plane in the immediate aftermath of a military coup overthrowing then-Honduran President Juan Alberto Melgar. He was caught off guard.

“Barry paid off the wrong people,” a long-time Seal associate told me. “He went to Ecuador to pick up the cocaine, and when he came back to Honduras a whole new set of Generals that he hadn’t bribed were running the show.”

genteplaza5Barry Seal was released from prison into the chilly morning air of the Honduran capital, which sits on a plateau 3000 feet above the jungle floor  just as Tim Kaine arrived near the end of 1980.

The newly-freed pilot casually walked down cool quiet streets in the peaceful Spanish Colonial center of Tegucigalpa.  Shoeshine men and lottery-ticket vendors moved unhurriedly across  the cobblestones, setting up vending carts beneath huge shade trees offering fresh chunks of pineapple, slices of coconut, and the ever-present bananas.

Also in-country was Tim Kaine.


The more they stay the same

tram30 years later, the same situation faced by Barry Seal took down another big drug kingpin,  Syrian-born Walid Makled, 43, characterized by the DEA  as “one of the two or three top narcotics traffickers in the world.”

A 19-passenger Jetstream airliner arrived over Honduras from Venezuela just as a constitutional crisis erupted. The streets of Tegucigalpa, and other urban centers, erupted in violent jetstream-4100-1protest, the army went on high alert,  and moved in to quell the demonstrations.

It was the kick-off to a slow-rolling coup which culminated with troops rousting the President out of bed in the middle of the night, unceremoniously dumping him in his pajamas on a plane out of the country.

Previous arrangements, like Makled’s, were no longer considered binding.


“People came outside to watch the show”

utila-roatonAn Oct 31 2011 AP story described Honduras as “the cocaine trafficking hub of the western hemisphere.” “Honduras is the number one offloading point for cocaine on its way to the U.S.,” the article stated.

Makeld’s Jetstream went down on Utila, a few miles from where Barry Seal’s plane had been busted 30 years earlier on the nearby island of Roatan. The Jetstream had been circling in the dark over the island, and crashed attempting to evade a DEA plane trying to force it down.

“There was a large American airplane that sounded like it could be a C-130, or a P-3,” said a source. “Later I learned it was from the DEA, and had been tracking the drug plane since it was spotted approaching from over the Gulf of Mexico.”

Local island residents watched the whole thing  go down.

“It happeperp-walk2ned on a Saturday night, and people came outside from every bar in town to watch the show,” explained one resident. “The American plane was lit up, and had a spotlight pointed at the Jetstream, which was running without lights. It was pretty clear that the pilot was desperately trying to find a way out. The whole thing went on for at least a couple of hours.”

Makled’s indictment in the Jetstream bust was briefly important to DEA’s efforts at the time to paint his fellow Venezuelan Hugo Chavez as the world’s next Manuel Noriega. In the event, cancer did the trick.


Remember  Crooked Dusty Foggo, the CIA’s No 3 Man?

foggo-conninghamKyle “Dusty” Foggo was a CIA Agent  convicted of fraud and sentenced to federal prison who had spent  several years in Honduras in the early 1980s.

A “Washington Babylon “column by Ken Silverstein in Harper’s magazine called “Dusty Abroad” retailed information on his time there. “The Agency was using the country as a base both to support the Nicaraguan contras and for a variety of other covert programs in Central America.”

The article referenced Foggo’s involvement in “a brisk hooker trade,” revealing that Foggo, had been a regular at the Maya Hotel and casino.  So had Barry Seal.

fac1A steely-eyed former NSA operative in Central and South America named Russ Eakin told me, “I first met Barry Seal in the lobby of the Hotel Maya in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, back in the late ‘70’s. Barry was good friends with the owners of the hotel, which was the center of intrigue in Central America back then. And just by looking at each other, we both knew what the other was doing, although neither of us stated it openly to the other when we met, or for a long time afterwards.”

Barry Seal and Dusty Foggo were in the same place at the same time. So was Tim Kaine.


What about the Jesuits?

111“Five seminarians freed in gunrunning case,” was the headline of a United Press International wire story on July 14, 1981, which revealed that Jesuit seminarians, jailed in Honduras for smuggling guns and subversive literature, had been expelled from the country.

The seminarians arrived in Mexico City after being held incommunicado for 72 hours by police in Honduras, who  arrested the seminarians after searching their luggage during a stopover on a flight from Managua to Mexico City, said a Jesuit spokesman, who did not specifically deny the charges. The seminarians were in transit to Mexico and not entering Honduras, Jesuits charged. Honduran authorities had no right to search their luggage.

The incident was one in a series of conflicts between government authorities in Central America and Catholic Church leaders. Church officials in Tegucigalpa accused the government of preventing foreign missionaries from entering the country. The Honduran government said it was simply tightening rules for all immigrants.

When a new American ambassador arrived in 1980, he was horrified by what he saw:Honduras had become the base for a marauding army of anti-Sandinista fighters, and a platform for American military maneuvers in which thousands of soldiers and paratroopers staged mock invasions. Guerrilla war raged across all three of its borders.

Negroponte in Honduras, 1984

It was a dangerous place for dissidents. The ambassador, who sent a cable to Washington saying he was “deeply concerned at increasing evidence of officially sponsored assassinations,” was soon recalled.

John Negroponte became the new sheriff in town. And for the next two decades Honduran history was as dark and scary as the bar at the Maya Hotel at midnight.

In 1995, The Baltimore Sun published an extensive investigation of U.S. activities in Honduras, and quoted an ex-Honduran congressman.

“Their attitude was one of tolerance and silence. They needed Honduras to loan its territory more than they were concerned about innocent people being killed.”


 Claude Pepper, The Jesuits, & the war against the Sandinistas


There is copious evidence of Jesuit cooperation with the U.S. during the reign of Pope John Paul II.  In a Dec 11, 1986 Washington Post story, for example: “Heady Days for Newest Rhodes Scholars,” hinted at a link between Jesuits and secular concerns.  At Georgetown University, a Jesuit school, three students were selected to become Rhodes Scholars, including one working for Tim Kaine’s outfit, the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.

That’s a lot of Rhodes Scholars for a small school. Today John Negroponte teaches at Georgetown University. He attended Harvard Law as a student. So did Tim Kaine.

When, where and how did Tim Kaine and John Negroponte first meet?

But the story I like best which illustrates Department of Defense links to the Jesuits in Honduras involves Florida Congressman Claude Pepper, a man who—even back in the 80’s—was considered an old pol.

Legendary FBI director J. Edgar Hoover had collected details about Claude Pepper, who occasionally criticized the Bureau, in an effort to link him to corruption, reported the Jun 30, 1991 St. Petersburg Times.


A diamond bracelet recovered in a taxi


Surprised, a field agent in the FBI’s Washington office wrote Hoover after learning Pepper had criticized the Bureau. FBI Agents once recovered a diamond bracelet of Mrs. Pepper’s which she lost in a Washington taxicab, the agent reminded Hoover. Pepper had even written Hoover a thank-you note.

“I shall always be most grateful to you and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the exceedingly kind and efficient service which you rendered to me and to Mrs. Pepper.”

At the bottom of the note, reported the paper, Hoover added his own sentiment: “Pepper has to serve his masters, the Florida politicians and criminals.”

JVC_Name_RGBAfter his wife passed away, Pepper formed the Mildred and Claude Pepper Foundation to “promote policies and programs which will improve health, provide economic  opportunity and contribute to social justice for all Americans.”

It was a broad mandate, which the Foundation exceeded as soon as Pepper was dead.  The U.S. Congress appropriated $10 million to the foundation from the budget of the Department of Defense, “a direct and unrestricted grant to support the purposes of the foundation and to serve as a memorial to Pepper.”

AJCU-LOGO-WEB1During the war against the Sandinistas, the foundation spent some of the money for a grant to the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities in Central America.

Said the executive director of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy in Washington,”I’ve never heard of government money used to create a foundation like  that.”


Tim Kaine and John Negroponte

negroponte (1)Most people who lived or worked in Honduras during the 1980s saw a nation spiraling into violence and infested by paramilitary gangs that kidnapped and killed with impunity. Negroponte always refused to acknowledge this.

A handful of entrenched families control the government in Tegucigalpa. The June 2009 military coup, supported by Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, toppled democratically-elected President Manuel Zelaya and threw the doors wide open. The government is corrupt from top to bottom. The judicial system is broken. According to the vice president of the Honduran Congress, 40 percent of the country’s police are involved in organized crime.

“The world needs ‘islands of mercy,’” Tim Kaine told the Feb 28, 2015 Richmond Times Dispatch. “Islands of mercy in the midst of a sea of indifference, from the poorest barrio to the altars of our churches and the halls of government.”

Islands of mercy are one thing. Passing a poisoned chalice is something else.


Did U.S., Jesuit presence help or hurt?

53992c98d42a66e2ef891e71fd0f9e40_LCzech writer Milan Kundera said, “The struggle against power is the struggle against forgetting.”

Latin America is the world’s most violent region. Today Honduras is notorious for having the highest murder rate in the world.  And few cities are as dangerous as San Pedro Sula, six miles from the Jesuit operation in El Progreso. More people are killed per capita there than even Mexico’s Ciudad Juárez, known as “Murder City.”

It is also one of the most dangerous places to be a journalist: At least 23 killed in the past three years. According to the World Bank, 60 percent of the population lives in poverty, a statistic outmatched in the Western Hemisphere only by Haiti.

“Two memories still haunt me,” wrote journalist and screenwriter Paul Laverty of his time there. “We got a report one night of a Contra attack on a cooperative. In the chaos, a young woman was shot and couldn’t run. Her parents somehow got away to the safety of a trench, only to hear the Contras in the near distance torturing their daughter. They found her dead in the ditch the next day with her breasts cut off. Incidents like this peppered the entire war.”

What does Tim Kaine say?  Maybe someone should ask him.

Daniel Hopsicker

Daniel Hopsicker is an investigative journalist and the author of two books on transnational crime, Welcome to Terrorland and Barry & the Boys.

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  1. sgt_doom says:

    No wonder Kaine believes in further bank deregulation!

    Great article and thanks!

  2. Greg Bacon says:

    By the age of 21, he was competent enough in welding and carpentry to teach others?

    Three years is a typical apprentice for a skill like carpentry or welding, so Timmy must of started doing one or the other when he was 14, then switched over to the other.

    Like you said, it doesn’t pass the smell test.

  3. Terje M says:

    While I agree that Kaine’s stay in Honduras is a bit dodgy, there is a reasonable explanation for why he taught welding courses in Honduras. According to his official biography, his father owned a welding company, and he spent many hours working in it. If it was all he did in Honduras, or it was merely a cover, is another question.

    The development economics of sending a 21-year old rich kid to teach welding in a third world country are dubious, but a lot of ‘practical solidarity’ to third world countries seem to be based on similar ideas.

    As far as I know, you are the first one to actually try to dig up some information on this period of his life. Great article!

  4. Yossarian says:

    Greg Bacon, my friend who was never officially a carpenter (chemical engineer by training) taught carpentry in the Peace Corps in Africa at 22.

  5. Van Hastings says:

    Very interesting. Told me a lot about Honduras that I didn’t know. Didn’t tell me much about Tim Kaine, though, except that the Jesuits provided their young volunteers with nice accommodations. It doesn’t surprise me that the Catholic Church is well-established with respect to most any government in Latin America.

    As for teaching carpentry vs. the three years it takes to become a union journeyman, there are many levels of skill in carpentry. An organization could train a bright young volunteer in carpentry basics in a fairly short period of time, like a few weeks. He would be a far cry from a union journeyman, but I’ve seen some very poor excuses for a carpenter outside the union halls.

    What your story does do is to remind me again is what a horrible president Ronald Reagan was, turning loose his American-made nightmare on the people of Honduras. All because he was mad that Daniel Ortega and his Sandinistas overthrew the brutal dictator Somoza. Just like the right wing in the U.S. became incensed that Fidel Castro became a Communist after we (and/or our Mob) gave him assistance in overthrowing the brutal and corrupt Batista in Cuba.

  6. notlurking says:

    Right off the bat I am not voting for HRC….I think she is very crooked indeed……but this story is all conjecture…..not one proof that Kane was connected to the CIA or some covert operation…..btw not voting for him either….

  7. I cannot believe that an 18 year old volunteer (Tim) was given a high roll in our covert actions in Central America many young volunteers were following ideals that sprung from Jfk’s peace corps. You are just connecting without any proof

  8. Being the first to dig up information on this period of Kaine’s life was certain to be a thankless task. To my critics: Kaine was 21 in Honduras, not 18. The article doesn’t assert he was “given a high roll in our covert actions in Central America.” Or “role.” The story is not ‘conjecture.” It is fact. Setting up straw men and then knocking them down is easy. But unless you can point to an assertion in the story that Kaine was working for the CIA, comments like “You are just connecting without any proof” and “there’s not one proof that Kane was connected to the CIA or some covert operation” are ludicrous.

    Finding out who recruited Kaine to spend a year in Honduras will be hard. But it’s a VERY safe bet that whoever did it wasn’t wearing a clerical collar.

  9. Great article as I have been doing some research on the Jesuits and the high leveled like the Pope are very evil. Obama’s cabinet and actually most of the VIP’s in government are Jesuit school trained, even Trump and his three children. Hillary too is a dame of Malta as is the Queen. Thank God I am saved by His blood because soon He will arrive to clean up all this crooked mess! Stay faithful saints of God!

  10. Dublinmick says:

    Ultra-secret Plot Behind Hillary Exposed: Yes, The Jesuits Will Be The Power Behind The Throne

    Jesuit-trained Tim Kaine Selected To Succeed Hillary When She….
    Why was Jesuit-educated Tim Kaine chosen and who does he really serve?


  11. Blurt says:

    All very interesting history of Honduras. However:

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer was in Nazi Germany during Hitler’s 3rd Reich. I suppose that made him a Nazi, if your logic holds up. Which it doesn’t. It is a “straw man argument”, which is often used to shoot down a person by shooting down something they are associated with. I like bananas, so maybe I’m part of the evil fruit empire.

    I’m also a missionary kid from both Central and South America, and I know something of what it is to help people because the situation is desperate–not because of having a certain degree. Critics against Kaine’s volunteer work know nothing of what living conditions were like in the country in general, nor how compassion can go a long way in lending assistance with a lot of creativity and very little available knowledge or resources. If there’s an earthquake, you start pulling people out of the rubble instead of waiting for the professionals to arrive, because they don’t have much to work with either and it has to be done now. That’s what life is like for missionary volunteers. So what if he didn’t have a degree in welding or carpentry, he did what he could with what he had. And whether the Jesuits were corrupt or not doesn’t mean that he, as a gringo volunteer, knew of it. More straw argument.

    Unless you have the courage to go volunteer in an impoverished war zone, don’t criticize someone who does.

  12. Larry says:

    Greg Bacon: Kaine’s father ran a welding company in the southern suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri. Tim Kaine learned to weld and do carpentry from his successful working-class father, who built his business from the ground up. Greg, YOU don’t pass the smell test.

  13. Larry says:

    Daniel, I’ve been a very big admirer of your work for years. That you have highlighted this link between Kaine and Jesuits and (now) Chiquita and the Reagan/Contra war is a very good thing. I’d love to know if the El Progreso Jesuit group was part of anything but social work. As you say, you don’t come right out and say it the Jesuit group, or any of its members, were actively aiding the Contra effort. However, you imply the hell out of it with no evidence other than circumstantial. And though I can appreciate a good circumstantial case as much as the next Reagan administration-loathing minor CISPES activist from the 1980s, I think you’ve overimplied in this case, such as your “Tim Kaine and John Negroponte” subheading – there IS no direct connection knowable and you should not have implied such by this subheadline. You already make a good case for further investigation without such hyperbolic sensationalism. And you know what? Guilt by association, between Jesuits and Chiquita, is a bridge too far too. Many idealistic religious kids go on missions and do idealistic things for religious purposes. Few of them do the work of fascists. And it’s not their fault if their sponsoring organization, in this case Jesuits, may sometimes shelter people doing the devil’s work. Was Kaine a fascism enabler? Let’s find out more before sliming him with even enlightened innuendo.

  14. Dublinmick says:

    Most people who understand the great game won’t need to have the author hand walk them through the information.

    The Unhived Mind: An Insider’s View to Developing World Events

    Jesuit rule everything my friend, from Intelligence to military to banking to Masonry, my god it even goes down to Sports teams and Dominos pizza if we really want to go deep. Dig deep enough and you always find at the top Sovereign Military of Malta such as the Federal Reserve, Council on Foreign Relations etc. Same for Bilderberg with its Jesuit founder Joseph Rettinger. Their everywhere and the main reason is because Knowledge is power. They have the most real wealth but knowledge is worth more than any piece of paper money or even gold for that matter! People get their minds hived by Temporal Coadjutors working for the Jesuit order. Their made to believe that mere puppets such as Rockefella and Rothschild rule this planet and banking. These two are very big players no doubt but their dwarfed at the top. Just look at the Venetian bankers and laught at the dribble the mass conspiracy are spoon fed. Truth be known, Queen Elizabeth II is much more wealthy than we’re being told and guess what she really belongs too? The GELPH bloodline which is hidden as much as possible, this means shes a Black Nobilty.

    The Black Nobility are known also as The Committee of 300. We’re just told about Duponts, Rockefellas, Melons, Morgans etc. They simply forget the Bernadotte, Bourbon, Braganza, Grimaldi, Grosvenors, Guelph, Habsburg, Hanover, Hozhenzollern, Karadjordjevic, Liechtenstein, Nassau, Oldenburg, Orange, Savoy, Wettin, Wittelsbach, Württemberg, Zogu. The Jesuits run our countries from their universities and colleges. In America its not the Whitehouse and Pentagon which rule, its Georgetown University! Yes the very place William Clinton was educated amongst others and what he can never keep quite about. Georgetown is the true power of the U.S followed by Fordham University.


  15. David Martin says:

    I would be inclined to agree with the critics of this article if Kaine had gone on from Harvard to a quiet law practice. Such is the state of politics in the country today, however, the fact that he went into politics and has been successful, successfully to the point of having been chosen by the notoriously corrupt Hillary Clinton, as her running mate is the very best reason to be suspicious of what that sojourn in Honduras was all about. With that in mind, I very much appreciate this reminder of the political lay of the land in Honduras.

  16. David Martin says:

    (corrected word and punctuation)

    I would be inclined to agree with the critics of this article if Kaine had gone on from Harvard to a quiet law practice. Such is the state of politics in the country today, however, the fact that he went into politics and has been successful, successful to the point of having been chosen by the notoriously corrupt Hillary Clinton as her running mate, is the very best reason to be suspicious of what that sojourn in Honduras was all about. With that in mind, I very much appreciate this reminder of the political lay of the land in Honduras.

  17. anastasia says:

    A Catholic taught by the Jesuits? I haven’t met one that has not lost their “Catholic faith.” The Jesuits are the subject of a recent book by Robert Maryks, a professor, I believe, at Fordham. It was published by academia, entitled The Jesuit Order as Synagague of Jews, the point of the story being that they were Jews and because they were Jews, they had done so much for the Church. Clement XIV did not think so. After a 4 year consistory, giving the Jesuits all due process, they were suppressed and told to break up, never use the word Jesuit again, never to live in community again, that all those unordained Jesuits were not allowed to become priests, and those that were must submit themselves to their local bishop and if he doesn’t want them, to just go home and stay there. Instead, their numbers grew as they defied the man who they took a special oath of loyalty to, and took residence in non-Catholics countries that eventually threw them out for the same reasons the Catholic countries did. They were also the promoters (for 500 years) of the ill-founded doctrine of papal supremacy and infallibility, something, in my opinion, no Cahtolic is bound to believe, and while flexing his infallibility wings, the Piux IX and the Jesuits harbored one of the Lincoln conspirators, whose mother, a convert taught by the Jesuits, was hung from the neck as a Lincoln assassin.. But that’s what a supremacist pope thinks he can do – defy government’s law enforcement agency, something they’re doing now with the pedophile priests, who they are not permitted by order of this supreme pope to turn over into local secular authorities. So, you see, I am thoroughly unimpressed as a Catholic that he was taught by the Jesuits and went to Honduras to heel the sick and feed the poor. In my opinion, he probably went for the same reasons the early Jesuits came to America – to muscle in on commercial (trade), to capitalize on the poor and ignorant. Nah, I wouldn’t believe that story for one minute. Sounds like a fairy tale that could have been written in Jesuit Relations, writings that an earlier pope ordered publication stopped.

  18. hirundine says:

    Regardless of where. Teaching welding and carpentry, are skills that require years of practice. Given the educational background of that young Mr. Kaine, how did he find time to learn basic skills, in those disciplines? Heading off to Harvard an’ all. Otherwise Mr. Caine … whoops Kaine. Left behind, some bad welders and carpenters.

  19. Dublinmick says:

    Jesuit enablers will always pop out of the woodwork at any discussion suggesting jesuits are not all about fishes and loaves. It is like holding a silver cross in front of dracula.

    Here is another piece discussing citizen Kaine.

    Kaine Slips: White People Need to Be Minority


    “I’ve never been treated badly in life because of my skin color or my gender,” Kaine said. “I think the burden is on those of us who are in the majority — Caucasians. We have to put ourselves in a place where we are the minority.”

    Francis has already announced his intentions of merging Christianity with Islam and calling it Chrislam. What better way to establish chaos in Europe in order to establish easy rule for the papal nuncio?

    Emotions In Italy Running High Against the EU As The Pope Calls For Chrislam-Say Boss Isn’t That Changing The Rules In The Middle Of The Game?

    A bried sketch of some famous jesuits in action.


    Pope Pacelli-Ordained Saint Funnels 1000 Gold Bars To The Nazi Party-Stalin-Hitler-Himmler-Castro All Jesuits


  20. Dublinmick says:

    This was a very good article I should have added. As they say things in politics do not happen by random chance, they are planned years ahead. It is obvious that Kaine is another one who came out of nowhere just like obama, Merkel and too many others to name.

    This is the best I do to sum it up.

    The Battle Is Raging Which Will Decide The Vicar Of Christ On Earth-The Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow In Opposition To The Vatican Prelate. This war has gone on for centuries.

    This struggle dates back long before Ivan The Terrible instructed a vatican contingent to return to Rome, he was the vicar of Christ on earth. Many wars have raged since, most times the reasons have been well hidden from the masses, very well hidden by subterfuge and sleight of hand. The vatican intends to hold sway over the nations, all of them. It is really just this simple.

    Russia it seems has been eternally under attack by a vatican-centric Europe. Russia has fought many wars against the tartars, then there was Napoleon, the bolsheviks and then Hitler. Now there is the Ukraine.


  21. Skenny says:

    Well. Let’s look at the Kaine ancestry? I’m guessing, but I bet that SPOOK is written all over it. Let’s see what I can find…

  22. Marsh says:

    Ah … the plot thickens! Kaine and the Jesuits / Jesuit Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. Knights of Malta. White Pope. Black Pope (Father Superior of Jesuits) / Nicolas Adolfo resigns/retires in October of this year). Will White Pope Francis (Jesuit) take that position? Anyway, it seems Kaine (if he is an agent of the Jesuits) has been nicely ‘positioned’.

  23. Anthony McArthur says:

    Reminds me of Howard Dean’s brother disappearing in the Me Kong Delta while “on vacation” in 1976.

  24. Victor says:

    Mr. Hopsicker do you have an alternate way to purchase your books. Paypal will not let payment procedure to go thru.

  25. Larry says:

    Commenter Hirundine above: Read this and then print out and eat your words.
    Kaine’s father ran a welding company in the southern suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri. Tim Kaine learned to weld and do carpentry from his successful working-class father, who built his business from the ground up.

  26. Larry says:

    Daniel, with all due respect – and you deserve TONS and TONS of respect – in your comment above you say that you do not make even one assertion that Kaine worked for the CIA, yet you follow that very sentence with this one:

    “Finding out who recruited Kaine to spend a year in Honduras will be hard. But it’s a VERY safe bet that whoever did it wasn’t wearing a clerical collar.”

    Your quoted sentence above is almost a twin to an “assertion”. You are trying to have it both ways. That doesn’t speak well of someone whose work we’re supposed to take seriously. And I DO take your work seriously. Just wondering what’s up with your blurring the lines like that. It makes me wonder how much of your very excellent work is actually based on your editorial ‘blurred’ vision. Now, I’m making a serious assertion, one that I make very sadly.

    Sometimes I wonder if you even read some of the things you’ve written with any type of serious comprehension.

  27. Deborah D Dulude says:

    I think he is saying that unless you Elaine has “strong” proof that Kaine wasn’t involved with CIA or that the Elaine can prove absolutely that Kaine didn’t work for the CIA, than her remarks/comment have no validity.

  28. Deborah D Dulude says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if he had been a CIA asset back then. Good article

  29. Marsh says:

    I think the line between various global factions is fairly blurry – Jesuits and CIA to name two. There were some pretty interesting personalities crossing organizational boundaries during and post WWII – Fleeing Nazi’s with assistance of the Vatican and check out the Dulles brothers, John J. McCloy for examples. The aim of the Jesuits, as the military /education branch of the Catholic Church is to ‘educate’ towards their globalist agenda. Infiltration is a tactic. They were kicked out of numerous countries.

    Joseph Farrell and Peter Levenda have done decades of research. Check them out. Farrell’s two latest books are eye-openers – “The Third Way” and “Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks and Secret Sorcery”. They both have some excellent YouTube interviews posted.

    I’ve been stunned by findings in my research of the past couple of years by the connections between various organizations. Am still vetting and distilling what I’m discovering. Some may well be b_s_, but it is obvious to me that main stream network media consensus reality is b_ s_based.

  30. Bob In Portland says:

    I’m hiding in Honduras.
    I’m a desperate man.
    Send lawyers, guns and money.
    The shit has hit the fan.

    -Warren Zevon.

    A rock and roller knew what was happening down there at the time. Hard to believe that Kaine was down there in the middle of it all and didn’t.

    I would suggest that the Clintons were a long-term project for the CIA, too. Read up on Hillary’s early days post-Goldwater Days. She ended up in a lot of places where the FBI/CIA would want to have a pair of eyes and ears.

  31. Marsh says:

    Evidence of the CIA/Catholic/Jesuit connection in South America – Guatamala: Short video clip – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9docQDipes “The CIA (E. Howard Hunt) Admits The Jesuits are The Worlds Greatest Intelligence Network”

    Then check for insight from this link. (an online translation from Spanish – clumsy translation, but you can get the idea.) Scroll down to the section on “Catholic pilgrimage Nationwide Campaign Against communism”

  32. Mudhole says:

    Ah, Blurt – you shouldn’t blurt stuff out. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a former U-boat captain and an enthusiastic Nazi. He had a tiff with Hitler, which landed him in jail.

  33. Katie Dismukes says:

    I am surprised you did not mention that Barry Seal’s u.s airstrip was in…. Arkansas. During The time Clinton was governor.

  34. Katie Dismukes says:

    Mena, AK.

    I wondered why her veep pick was such an obscure figure and one likely to alienate women bc of his anti choice past. Now it makes sense.

  35. MJWalsh says:

    His father had his own ironshop/welding business where he worked for years as a teen, subsequently I’m sure his blue collar father also showed him how to drive framing nails, work on cars, fix things, etc. And without knowing to what extent he was skilled in carpentry or welding, it’s safe to say that the average person in Honduras never came close to holding or even seeing an acetylene torch, so its very plausible that he did in fact ‘teach’ both. BTW, it’s very common for Catholic churches, or Jesuit high schools, to sponsor sister parishes and schools in undeveloped or poor countries–often sending canned goods, used clothing, sporting goods, etc, to help support them–so it’s probably safe to say that he made the decision to go there based on his faith. Best scenario is Hill does get elected, gets impeached, then convicted and Kaine becomes president.

  36. MSimon says:


    Corruption is inherent in Prohibition. Perhaps your ought to say something about that origin of corruption instead of just railing at the crookedness.

  37. smoke says:

    Well… if the US was building massive basing facilities in Honduras in early 80’s, they certainly would have needed a lot of carpenters and welders. So funds become available for Jesuit sponsored programs to train local people with the skills needed.
    Youthful idealism provides recruits to the church, the military, and intelligence services. Global missions converge, at times.
    You don’t have to believe every detail of Terry Reed’s (whistleblower on Mena-Iran/contra drug shipments) story. But Reed’s description of the CIA establishing a semi-legitimate front company for machine tools in Mexico, as a cover to ship arms to contras, seems credible as standard covert craft. That machine tool company would have enjoyed an advantage over unaffiliated companies, from its guaranteed funding cushion and covert operations. At the time, as he tells is, Reed regarded creating and supplying the contras as being a patriot’s enterprise, even if it broke a few laws.

    Kaine was clearly a bright young man. He had to have seen and heard some things in 1981. Less likely to have had his nose pushed into the deep muck of it at that stage in a vetting and recruitment process. If you are running for VP 35yrs later, bio will be scrutinized. Best to have your heart-warming story well distributed first.
    The question is what binds him, if anything?
    Daniel, you make clear that the press has given Kaine an easy pass so far. Much as Obama’s post-college year as a researcher at Business International Corp is rarely mentioned. Because the NYT had once identified BI as providing cover for CIA agents? Who knows? Maybe, also, an innocent association. I used to find BI reports useful, when researching college papers.

  38. John Langden says:

    Great story. There is no way in the world that the Jesuits didn’t know what was going on and that they would not have filled Kaine in on it when he arrived. It was a border war in a small country, Most young volunteers do not go into countries staging such wars, principally because they do not want to get killed. Moreover the US govt/embassy usually dissuades volunteers from volunteering in such areas. Peace corp for instance is usually cancelled when the country is at war and volunteers evacuated. That Kaine was there does immediately make him suspect as to what he was doing and if he was also working with the US govt i.e. CIA. That he would have taken time off from law school to volunteer in a country that was staging a war does not pass the smell test. A logical and likely possibility is that he was being trained by CIA or was working in some other military capacity. It is interesting that one of the Jesuits there was disappeared and it begs the question as to how much Kaine may have known of his activities and the danger he was of being disappeared. Finally the abuse of native children by the Jesuits in USA and in the rest of the Americas is not secret, especially during the war in Central America. It begs the question if Kaine witnessed this abuse by Jesuits or was involved in it. It is interesting that the only photos of Kaine’s supposed students are of boys too young to learn carpentry or welding as skills What are the chances of finding and interviewing some of these ex-students back in Honduras?? Would make a great story.

  39. Wade says:

    I am voting for Trump. I need to comment on this in Kaines’ favor. I have been to Honduras a couple of times and have been to El Progresso, which means obviously ‘progress’. I married a girl from Honduras in 1986 and am single-handedly responsible for her immigration and the eventual immigration of much of her family to a small town in Arkansas. Although her father’s family are in New York due to ‘human sin’. Her whole family is now Baptist in Ark. and the Catholics do not own Honduras.

    I do not doubt Kaine’s story. Towns and news was too isolated for him to be aware plus at his age he would not have fully comprehended US involvement. My wife knows about the American compound, it is luxury compared to perhaps the surrounding, what we would call poor. I have toured the banana plantation and it is amazing to see where we get all the nanners and how. But individual towns can be isolated and the geography can be unique and isolated from semi-arid to coastal beauty to rugged highlands and the people are the same way. I have flown in to both Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. Her cousin still works as a lawyer in their capitol government offices.

    There is very much an evangelical Christian presence, my wife got her accounting degree from Ana Bechtold Evangelical Institute. None of her family attended Catholic church except the grandmother. If I were Kaine I would not be too proud of his church but be more of a witness of what God has done. That is the rub. Catholics don’t talk about God or witness for Christ; although there is compassion in their most dedicated servants.

    I lived as Hondurans did, I took the cold showers, ate the odd foods cooked for me and drank their water with gratitude and I practiced their language. I also helped them where there was no man in the house to fix stuff. Didn’t need a church or sponsorship or a compound. I was Kaine’s age when I did this. But when he aligns himself with an abortionist as his running mate he is denying Christ, among many other things, and that puts his eternal destination in question and jeopardy. Hondurans are not fools, nor are they impressed by gringos promising free stuff.

    God bless El Progresso, Tela, La Lima, San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa and the indigenous of that beautiful nation.

  40. Mark Harris says:

    The article above contains some false information. Barry Seal was not captured on the island of Roatan in 1979. It was actually the nearby island of Guanaja. I was building the runway on Guanaja at the time. It was a dirt landing strip with absolutely no security. There were few people living near the airport because of the terrible sandflies and mosquitoes. We had no choice because of our work and had to sleep with fans at night. Mr Seal and another man landed a small plane on the landing strip. Mr Seal was wearing a white suit and carried a duffel bag. He sat under a shade tree with the duffel bag while the plane left for the mainland city airport of La Ceiba to refuel. Guanaja had no refueling capability. The plane was detained by the authorities in La Ceiba and the pilot confessed the details about Seal’s location. It rained on Guanaja that night and Seal got red clay mud on his white suit. He came to our kitchen looking for food. The next day, he was picked up by the coast guard and taken to the La Ceiba prison. People have told me that his room at the prison was air conditioned and that meals from the finest restaurants were catered in for him. My grandfather had a businessman friend in La Ceiba named Bill Earl. This man was a pilot that had started his own airline. Mr Earl must have been recruited by Seal at this time because Bill Earl and his son later worked for Seal as drug running pilots. Both were caught and served time in prison

  41. Mark Harris says:

    My two cents worth is that Kaine was not involved in any nefarious activity during his stay in Honduras. El Progreso is a small town close to San Pedro that is relatively unimportant. I imagine that Kaine, being a bleeding heart liberal, was motivated to help the poor by teaching them a trade. I do not fault him at all on that. I do condemn him for his destructive and idiotic liberal views that are destroying the US. I hope and pray he is never allowed anywhere near the white house.

  42. Your story is, very likely, spot on. Bill Earle makes several appearances in ‘Barry & they boys.’ But this brief piece doesn’t say Seal was captured on Roaton. But I take your point. The brief account here is conflated. Still, Roaton is where they booked Barry Seal, and also where they announced his arrest to the world. Before flying him to the capital, where they announced it again.

  43. Mark Harris says:

    Bill Earle was a good friend of my grandfather. When my grandfather passed, Mr Earle sent his private plane to pick my father, brother, and me to fly us from Puerto Castilla to Ceiba. I remember Mr Earle offering my father a drink in his home to “brace him up”. My father told me that Barry Seal had been held at the Ceiba prison, which is a hellhole. He said that they put air conditioning and carpet in a cell and catered in meals from fine restaurants.

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