Former CIA Official Lied in Boston Bombing Cover-Up

Daniel Hopsicker

Daniel Hopsicker is an investigative journalist and the author of two books on transnational crime, Welcome to Terrorland and Barry & the Boys.

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  1. Susan Krumwiede says:

    If good old ‘Uncle Rus’ isn’t CIA,I’d like to know how he was able to keep information (news articles) about his corrupt activities,from being made available to the public,for over a year after they were written(and why he has a ‘fake’ last name).I looked for information about this man multiple times,and nothing ever materialized.Just a few months ago,I made another attempt.Suddenly there were numerous articles,that were ‘dated’ back from April 2013,about his involvement in a 6 Billion Dollar Bank Fraud scheme.The trial of which, took place in Britain & spanned 4 long years.He apparently made some sort of plea deal,in exchange for testifying for the prosecution.This man is a ‘Rat’.

  2. jimberkas says:

    Uncle Rus is clearly working with the CIA, seems like he has been his since his 20s

    anyway, great to see you back in action, Daniel. I was getting worried that we’d lost you!

  3. Ben MacDowell says:

    Telegraph is MI5/6

  4. Then of course you have the woman who coincidentally parachuted in to run local FEMA just before the event and parachuted back out afterwards. She is career CIA. This is similar to the RFK LAPD people who before and after “Senator” were CIA in South America.

  5. carl kappel says:

    Good to have you back Daniel.

  6. polonium-210 says:

    currently the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko in London (While in London he became a journalist for Chechenpress . He also joined Boris Berezovsky in campaigning against Putin’s government) is in the news again, He apparently had been recruited into MI6 by
    John Scarlett, the head of MI6 (who was based in Moscow until 92),These Chechen freedom fighters and CIA & MI6 and Death, terrorism ,oil , fraud and scandal dwell in close proximity.

  7. Midwestern Truthseeker says:

    Former fbi translator Sibel Edmonds of boilingfrogspost and writes about Graham Fuller. He is no ordinary CIA official. He has close ties to the Turksh government and efforts to revive the Ottoman Empire by creating a Turkish empire in Central Asia. He is also involved with the Islamic Uyghur movement in Northwestern
    china which is trying to set up a new country called East Turkistan. These Uyghurs have engaged in terrorist acts throughout china attacking train stations and bombing farmers’ markets. Hundreds have died from Uyghur attacks throughout China. Sibel Edmonds also implies that about 20 us government officials had prior knowledge of 9/11. Her website justacitizen has a rogues’ gallery of us officials. One of those officials is Graham Fuller. The us government has 3 separate gag orders against Mrs. Edmonds citing a state secrets priviledge. She can not even testify to Congress about her knowledge. All she can do is make implications. Mrs. Edmonds has been interviewed on the Corbett Report.


  8. remo says:

    “throwing covert U.S. support at Chechen terrorists” is linked through Turkey and FULLER to ‘NATO operation GLADIO-b’ at boilingfrogspost (Sibel Edmonds.)
    As commented above.
    Operation GLADIO was named by Prime minister Giulio Andreotti (DC) publicly recognizing the existence of Gladio – then a NATO stay-behind anti-communist organisation.utilizing right wing fascist entities including Gehlen networks – on 24 October 1990.
    Committed many egregious terror attacks on home populations -purpose to swing popular sentiment. Bologna railway station bombing in 1980 killed 85 people.
    Ms. Edmonds records the transition of GLADIO into GLADIO-b through Turkey in particular.
    Boston / Fuller and Uncle Ruslan must be regarded as GLADIO-b.
    With regards Turkey . Porter GOSS just registered his ‘interests’.


  9. name says:

    Everything I read on this website has great information, but it’s always shrouded in deceptive language and bending of the truth. Even with an obsessive focus on getting the facts straight, the writer can’t help but present every bit of information as more incriminating than it is. That being said, the intentions and effort that go into this work are admirable. With enough skepticism, reading these articles is a valuable endeavor. Because of this, I must thank the writer despite the extreme bias.

  10. Well, thanks for this. Except you might have mentioned the journalist who discovered Graham Fuller’s connection to the uncle of the Boston Marathon Bombers: that was me, in five stories done in two weeks after the bombing.

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