A Muckrakers Life, Interrupted

Daniel Hopsicker

Daniel Hopsicker is an investigative journalist and the author of two books on transnational crime, Welcome to Terrorland and Barry & the Boys.

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  1. pathman says:

    Great stuff. Have you thought about using FOIA requests to pry loose more information? Just a thought.

  2. jimberkas says:

    Wow, that’s quite a story. Hoping you are doing well and continue to fight the good fight. I’m sure it does get frustrating when you uncover such incredible stuff, only to be ignored be mainstream public. But if its any consolation, and I know it ain’t much, your work truly is amazing and appreciated it.
    I honestly have been amazed at what you’ve uncovered, along with a couple others like NarcoNews. But its also frustrating to think what could be uncovered if EVERY investigative journalist honestly and truly used all their resources and best efforts to uncover and report the truth. It’d be a whole different world, literally, if the corrupt bastards couldn’t hide in the shadows so ridiculously easily.
    by the way, just watch Kill the Messenger last night, and it was pretty great. I’d read the book, so no surprises, but pleasantly surprised Hollywood made a small effort to bloody the nose of the CIA/Journalist complicit in all that dirty business.

  3. Gary Sandritter says:

    Jeez Daniel,

    I was worried about you but thought it was none of my business.
    I have two of your books and also into the buzz saw. I was born in 1942 and am a Cesna 172 pilot so all of your reports about Venice really hit home. Glad you are back.

  4. tom miller says:

    Hope you’re soon back to 100% Daniel. Would hate to see you retire to sheep sh*t shovelling in Australia when there is so much horsesh*t in America for you to sort through.

  5. Paul Mozina says:

    Daniel, thanks for everything you have done and continue to do. I have all of your books and dvds and just signed up for a monthly donation. You inspire me to seek and speak the truth.

    “We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth… For my part, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst; and to provide for it.” Patrick Henry

    I love you man… carry on dude!

  6. Christian Gains says:

    Glad you made it Daniel. I was wondering if you’d become another crime statistic…or been kidnapped by ISIS appearing gents. But, open heart surgery never crossed my mind…silly me. Here I thought your intrepid sloothing had gotten you ventilated or “deep sixed”.

    Glad I was wrong, and that you had good Doctors.

    Looking forward to finding out more of the “non existing” True News — that the MSM just SWEARS doesn’t exist! It’s MUCH more interesting than their “politico-pablum”, and distraction dumps.

    Truth IS like that you know…REALLY interesting & sets one free!

  7. Ron Tucker says:


    I just want to echo what I’ve read in the comments here. You’ve inspired me as well to seek and speak the truth, and I hope a new generation of journalist/investigators will seek mentorship from you to find out how the real work is done.

    As our friend Dave Emory is fond of quoting, “he who tells the truth gets driven from nine villages,” which only proves you’ve got some seriously courageous hutzpah.

    Welcome back to the fight, and as Neil Young echoed, ‘Long may you run.’

  8. Daniel,

    I am glad that you made it through your operation, and that your are still willing to be a continuing ‘voice in the wilderness’. Funny that the date of October 13 has such a history. On that date in 2009 the State of New Hampshire Office of Forensic Examiners submitted its diagnosis that I was legally not competent to give testimony in a court case where I had been charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass. I was arrested in the kitchen of my family’s home. Without a hearing and against my due process rights based upon the Oct 13 Report the court Order that I am Delusional. The not so funny part is that many personal facts in my affirmative defense testimony overlap with your reporting, and that of Mark Mitchell of Deep Capture. So please continue to dig, my life does depend upon the facts being exposed to the public. Thanks for your efforts to date.

  9. john bengtson says:

    I too have been wondering about your whereabouts. I have looked foreward to your posts every Friday and just last week saw that your last article was sometime in September. So that explains it. Wow, Bummer!!
    A similar thing happened to a friend at age 50 and he’s still going strong at 63.
    I get what you’re saying about having not made a difference in the world by disseminating information about all of the creepy shit that goes on with our taxpayers money and of course the drug smuggling proceeds. It may not seem like it to you but it has made some difference, even if it’s hard to see sometimes.
    I dropped out and moved to a small Nothern California in the early 70’s. It just didn’t make sense to get all worked up about things that weren’t changing as fast as I would have liked. I don’t really regret it. And just lately I’ve had that same feeling, like running away again, except that I’m already living in the beautiful country pretty far removed from most of that crap.
    Just want let you know that I appreciate your work and want to encourage you to keep it up. Your writing style is funny and clever- I really enjoyed Barry and it led me to Gary Webb’s book, Roger Morris’s “Partners in Power” and I’m now reading Drugs, Oil, and War by Peter Dale Scott. All-in-all probably not that good for me but it’s interesting stuff.
    I’m sure there’s similar shady things going on with our current wars, and hopefully we won’t have to wait 15 or 20 years to hear about the backroom deals. And I hope that you continue what you’re doing by bringing out that information.
    BTW, Beautful Day played at my high school in Walnut Creek in 69 with Santana. Maybe we can talk about that some day.
    John Bengtson in White Salmon, Wa

  10. The Australian drug plane is also part of the Australian component of a military-linked paedophile network. Don’t die of surprise.

  11. remo says:

    Good to hear you alive and kicking. Your work is beyond important. You of all people should know just how big the corruption is. That you don’t think your work has dislodged it in any way is misplaced. It all adds. Without it we would not have ATTA on the back roads. constant reference stuff man ! Just quit with that doubt .
    Outback Australia? Jeez.
    I think you made the right decision.
    D.R. Griffins ‘Omissions and distortions’ and ‘Mysterious collapse of building seven’ are easily as important as ‘Terrorland’ and ‘Barry and the Boys’ – all are essential toward understanding these critical events.

  12. Joseph Baltar says:

    Glad to hear your voice again Dan.
    As a regular visitor to the Mad Cow site your work has become an active barometer for investigative journalism down here in the whisper stream of Flying Pond Maine.

    I would like to hear more about your early years in the desert.

    Currently finishing
    a documentary about Maine artist Robert Shetterly who has painted over 200 portraits in a series called Americans Who Tell the Truth.
    Each portrait has a quotation from the person painted inscribed directly onto the canvass.
    You can view the paintings at americanswhotellthetruth dot org

    You might have seen my footage in the documentary 911 Press For Truth

    You might want to look at the writings of Ian Stevenson MD
    especially his book Where Biology and Reincarnation Intersect

    Couple of years back I had the honor to videotape an interview
    with Texas A&M Physicist Emeritus Ron Bryan and former CIA remote viewer Joe McMoneagle.
    Look up the research paper by googling their names

    The Farsight Institute has done some great work on remote viewing
    including a 911 DVD this past year.

    Whatever you decide to do I hope
    it keeps you in the moment .

    from a never writer to an ever reader

  13. notjonathon says:

    Be assured that there are more than 13 of us who read your work assiduously. May you remain in good health for another 20 or even 30 years of investigative reporting.

  14. MSimon says:

    Good to hear you escaped for the time being.

    Here is a little ditty I did about spying, tradecraft, and the drug war:


  15. MSimon says:

    And BTW I was born on Friday the 13th in October.

  16. Ron, from australia says:

    Good writing, mate.
    I was intrigued with your story on the drug plane that ended up in Oz, where we could do with your fearless journalism.
    I just got kicked off the Guardian, for writing stuff about the NATO Palantir artillery the Donetz rebels have gor surrounded in a place called Debaltseve, in Novorossiya. Guardio is successfully lying about the entire nuclear-potential mess. They want Armgeddon bad, and like with Malaysia MH-17, where 37 Aussies died, the truth is known, but the sheeple don’t know it. None of which stops me making my friends’ jaws drop, when I tell ’em 9-11 was a mini-nuke, or that 80 individuals own half the world…
    Don’t go sheep stationing, though.
    The Royal Flying Doctor is great, but not good enough to save you if you have a relapse 800 Km from Oodnadatta.
    and keep having fun.

  17. Walt says:

    Daniel – cheers to you man, so glad you are on the mend and have such a great attitude.
    I’m from the Boston area and this info on “Uncle Tsarni” is huge and also completely
    unknown by the general public here.
    We met in NH at a 911 conference and enjoyed meeting you and having lunch.

    Please know your work in valued by concerned citizens – THANK YOU!

    All the best for a speedy recovery.


  18. Chris says:

    Daniel, ever read a book called “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon” by David McGowan. A lot of what you’ve been reporting on was going on in Laurel Canyon back in the 1960’s.

  19. Dave Burns says:

    Hi Daniel…
    I’ve started to drop you an email several times during the last few months but decided that your absence was your business. I am so happy that you survived such a horrific experience. Every day, when I walked by the Hard Rock in Key West I thought of you and your great work on 9/11. When I realized that my quarter century of work as an investigator was meaningless and had changed nothing I said screw it and retired. Whatever decision you make for the rest of your time I wish you the best and please know that there are people out here who have appreciated everything you’ve done.

  20. Brian says:

    I’m so happy you are not dead!

    Keep swinging that hammer.

  21. Bob Boring says:

    Thank you. As a long time reader your voice is one I miss when its absence is more than a few months. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never contributed. The next time I’m in Florida, I’ll will find you (said in best non-creepy voice). We do live in marvellous times when medical systems sometimes work. But even more amazing to me is the patience your mother must have with two of you! She must have done something right to have a son who gives a fuck. Stay well. Regards P. The email is false, sorry.

  22. Sebastián says:

    Hi Daniel.
    Thanks for your hard work.
    Can you write an article about Manta ex-US Base in Ecuador, South America.
    Continue your good work.
    Greeting from Quito.

  23. mary says:

    Hi, my first time reading your articles.. Great Articles. I was prompted to comment, as I understand all we see is the bad stuff, and nothing changes, no one is held accountable… But I wanted to say what you wrote about “we lost the ability to be dazzled”.(.is probably the result of living in this jaded world.)
    The rest of that thought “the steep learning curve humanity has been on for last 3-4 decades, made me realize hope…thanks

  24. earwaxer says:

    So glad you’re back. I sense you are revived and pumped up for more ass kicking. Wishing you best of health.

  25. jacques says:

    Glad also to hear you are well- missed your articles and your unique exploration of the cocaine riddled underbelly of the Empire. Whilst it may seem that it all falls on deaf ears… the truth has got to count for something right?

    When trying to tell people about 9/11 I have become disillusioned by their incapacity to even engage with the possibility that it was an inside job. People are so wedded to certain faith based beliefs that they simply ignore and avoid any contradictory evidence. Where I live I can’t find anyone who questions the official narrative- and I get a strong reaction where people are threatened and concerned by my argument. They fear for my sanity whilst I despair for their ignorance…

    a well. the truth must count for something- sometime- and I for one hope to read more of it in your articles. A big Thanks from all your readers!

    BTW- sheep farming can be pretty nasty work. Lotta flies here in Australia.

    But a nice block over in Tasmania might be a good idea for your retirement.

    and also- the story of the drug plane bust seems to have totally disappeared of the radar here. After the initial reports on the MSN nightly news- poof- it was gone.

    I think if Australia takes your interest you would find ‘the Boys’ have a strong presence Down Under. Ever heard of the Nugan Hand Bank?

    Also what is it about Florida? That place seems to be the center of a lot of deep state stuff. Besides Jeb rigging the election, and Atta and friends training there- the Israeli spies- the Saudi characters- Bush there on D-Day- and all the rest: there is an outfit called ‘Spectre Industries’ that patented thermate/thermite demolition charges in 1999- they mostly only supply DoD- and have their testing facility right there in Florida! All coincidences I am sure…

  26. Dave Emory says:

    Welcome back to the battle, soldier!

    You’ve been missed!

  27. max wedge says:

    whatever you choose, your work was not in vain, nor will it be if you continue. the internet is there until the power goes out, and when the lies of our time are no longer fashionable, you will finally get the wikipedia page you deserve. by the number of comments here, i’m sure you realize that your contributions to journalism have made a difference to many people already.

    keep breathin’ mofo,
    and enjoy your golden years by whatever means necessary

  28. Melle Belle says:

    Yeah! Glad you’re feeling better!
    Another Great post, to read!

    I can’t help but bust out laughing at that picture of Paris Hiltion “DJing.”
    I’d like to know if she really can beatmatch.
    IMO, she’s the drug mule, in the family business.

    Welcome back to the interweb Daniel.

  29. artu says:

    Adelante, compañero!

  30. Jefe says:

    Dan– I just returned to this site… Glad to hear you’re still with us! I had a 6-tuple bypass a few years ago, it was the worst experience of my entire life. I learned what PTSD means… all I wanted was to finish dying. It was over a year before I felt the normalcy beginning to return. A good day on the job worked wonders. I pray that 20 years from now, bypass ops will be just as discredited as prefrontal lobotomies!

  31. RKW says:

    Good luck in Dan’s recovery. Couldn’t find a contact page/address, so I’ll post this tip here:

    This week, on July 1:

    ABC-TV local Florida affiliate reports that “ISIS men show up a local fruit & veggie stand to make loud haggling over price of tomatoes”.


    This tiny news item should have obvious future implications as a new narrative “planted item” for the next Oswald/Atta.


    Milton, Florida is home to Naval Air Station Whiting Field & Eglin Air Force Base.

    The alleged 9/11 hijackers also similarly seemed to live in close proximity to military bases & intelligence agency offices/enterprises.

    Researcher Peter Dale Scott makes the interesting observation about the famous Oswald incident (where “Oswald” allegedly created a public incident at a gun firing range by shooting at another customer’s target & then emphasizing his own full name “I’m Lee Harvey Oswald”):


    >” … In both cases, the identity of the witnesses is interesting. Two witnesses of Oswald at the rifle range [15] were employees of the Great Southwest Corporation, the company which after the assassination provided Marina Oswald with first a suspicious manager, and then an even more suspicious lawyer. [16] The two witnesses just cited who identified Sirhan were both police officers from Corona, a suburb of Los Angeles. In the case of Oswald, I believe the consensus today is that the man married to Marina never visited a rifle range at all, but was impersonated …”

    What can we say about the witnesses of the “ISIS men in Milton, Florida”?

    So far, there are no other news stories about the Milton fruit stand operators to glean further information.

    ABC-TV is an interesting vehicle for such a narrative:

    – In 1995, an FBI informant or mole working for ABC News reported that Iraq (http://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/abc-news-reporter-served-as-fbi-informant/61629) was the culprit behind the Oklahoma City bombing. The ABC/FBI reporter’s alleged source was Saudi intelligence (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRWDPPecX94).

    – In 2001, ABC News heavily pushed a false story that Iraq was the possible culprit behind the Anthrax Attacks (http://www.historycommons.org/context.jsp?item=a102601abcbentonite#a102601abcbentonite), even after a U.S. scientist had determined that the U.S. military was the source of the Anthrax strain (http://www.historycommons.org/context.jsp?item=a100501amesidentified#a100501amesidentified). ABC News did not retract its story until 2008 under heavy pressure. U.S. Neocons had been heavily promoting the story that Iraq was behind the Anthrax attacks at the same time as the ABC story. (http://www.historycommons.org/context.jsp?item=amid0901woolsey911#amid0901woolsey911)

    – It is also worth noting that the only news source for a 2015 news item concerning FBI director (and former Bush DOJ official) James Comey announcing that “ISIS is present in all 50 states” came from a local Chicago ABC-TV affiliate (http://abc7chicago.com/news/isis-present-in-all-50-states-fbi-director-says/534732/) and was not picked up by any national news sources until three months later (http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2015/05/07/isis-attacks-us/70945534/). This story also raised questions of why FBI is monitoring ISIS in 50 states without law enforcement action, and later tried to contrive an answer for that unanswered plot hole.

    Anyone in the vicinity of Milton, Florida could be a Hopsicker-type hero if they do some solid, non-Cointelpro investigation & interference with this developing planted news story.

  32. Etta Redinsfier says:

    You’ve been missed! I, too, have aortic insufficiency but I’m not a candidate for valve surgery. Not because of my age (78) but due to other health issues. My attitude is that I’ll go when I lose my curiosity or my memory, neither of which happened to my great-grandmothers. Both sharp as tacks in their late 90s. Since you are younger than me, I’ll give unrequested advice. Laughter truly IS the best medicine! Have you seen the picture of Hillary with The Donald’s hairdo? It actually improved her looks!

    I bought your books and disks (and sent you a check) but I’m in shaky financial straits so I cannot donate. I’ll help with page clicks, though.
    On a different subject, I drove by the Whittington’s house several times a week. Also knew pilots who I’m pretty sure were flying drugs and knew LEOs who were buddy-buddy with them sometimes and at other times. acted as if they were strangers.
    Hang in there Daniel. It’s natural to think as you are soon after surgery but as your activity level picks up, that will change.

  33. J. young says:

    Yup told all my friends and all my enemies about you. Pointed out the website and and …Oh No no one there! Man I’m ecstatic you’re back. Will make a (tiny) contribution. Sorry but retired and fixed income. Please keep up the war on the incredible craziness that controls the country. Will push friends and others to get involved!

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