Busted Again! Another American "Mystery Plane"

Daniel Hopsicker

Daniel Hopsicker is an investigative journalist and the author of two books on transnational crime, Welcome to Terrorland and Barry & the Boys.

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  1. Ron Chandler says:

    Voila! Another excellent takedown of an intriguing story I never saw in my local media.

    I haven't digested it all, but wanted to enquire if you have got an angle on the plane crash that killed Eduardo Campos, second-runner in Brazil's presidential race. Wayne Madsen suspects it may be dirty tricks against Dilma Rousseff, who I recall lambasted Obama to his face at, I think, the UN over his spying on Petrobras. She's also a BRICS stalwart.

    I will file this gem of smelly business in the 'Australian Shenanigans' folder. Hasta la vista!

  2. Robert J Lee says:

    Go to this site for a similar story about the CIA drug runners:

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