People were still standing in line waiting to vote at 1 AM in Houston, and at midnight in Santa Monica.

Why is that? Is our government really that incompetent? The question has barely been mentioned in the mainstream media. But, at least on Twitter, voters appear to be catching on…

The verdict delivered by Super Tuesday is missing the delegate counts from Texas and California—the two biggest states being contested. Results will not be fully known until Joe Biden’s unstoppable momentum officially becomes a “thing.”

Suppressing the vote—while spinning the media narrative—has never been this easy.


Texas Tribune: “In Dallas…Houston…on college campuses… Six hours after polls closed, voters were still casting ballots.”

In Santa Monica, California, people were still in line at midnight.

#VoterSuppression is trending on Twitter.

Not just suppression of actual votes, but suppressing the media narrative. If Bernie is on top in the delegate count after the dust settles, it will be an afterthought, an “oh, by the way” story in the mainstream media.

It’s a shame you had to hear it here first.


  1. Perhaps you have a doppelgänger, Judy. And now that Demented Joe has crawled to the top, Hillary can begin sharpening her knives for when he either drops dead or just drops a load in his pants in public.

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