Jeffrey Epstein, the CIA, Dyncorps, & N-number N474AW


I received a query from a concerned citizen yesterday,  about a subject many find as fascinating as 19 tons of cocaine. Who knows? The two subjects may well be shown to intersect.

“I know you know about tail #’s and the confusing FAA. What do you make of suspected #Epstein plane sharing the same tail # (N474AW) as plane registered to St. Dept & DynCorp?”

She enclosed a headline, which read: “Aircraft N-number N474AW shared by Jeffrey Epstein, DynCorp, the State Department and the CIA.”

After a brief investigation, I replied: The government knows far more about the owner of a 20-year old VW van than they do about ownership of $40 million Gulfstream luxury jets, an increasing number of which are owned by dummy LLC’s located offshore.”

I believe the confusion is deliberate. I believe the FAA has been thoroughly compromised by the CIA. 


That said, here’s your answer. “‘N’ numbers are a moveable feast.  They’re often re-assigned. 

A quick search showed: N474AW was orginally registered to a US light attack and observation aircraft. This is likely the plane being identified as being owned by DynCorp or the CIA.  The pilot ejected and the plane crashed in Feb 2000. The plane was destryed. 

“Then in 2010 the same ‘N’ number was RE-assigned to a Cessna P210 belonging to Centurion Aviation in Ada MI, which apparently still owns it. It’s a 6-seater. (see pic.)

There’s no room for a couch.

p19ert1dhfu1b4eg1m7jmg914d2tAgain: I believe the confusion is deliberate. The FAA sucks. You can do the search yourself here:



  1. another Epstein related Gulfstream tale :
    the Boys don’t take care of their toys : Gangster Planet tell

    Deutsche Bank ended its relationship with Epstein this year 7.10.19
    “Epstein’s Financial Trust Co. had a $121 million investment in hedge fund firm DB Zwirn & Co., which shut down in 2008”

    Dan Zwirn, the Man Who Fell to Earth 2.28.12

    In April 2005, Zwirn decided he needed a Gulfstream IV. He was 33 and the boss of a rapidly growing global financial behemoth. He didn’t ask anyone’s permission. He just gave the order, and it fell to Harold Kahn, the fund’s chief operating officer, to arrange the financing.
    Merrill Lynch agreed to provide 90 percent of the $18 million purchase price on a non-recourse basis and required only a $1.9 million letter of credit from Zwirn’s management company to close the deal. Citibank initially agreed to provide the letter of credit; after a series of delays in obtaining the Citi loan, Zwirn still needed $3.8 million in September 2005 (including cash collateral) to meet what Merrill required to get the jet. For a firm the size of D.B. Zwirn, it was a tiny sum. Zwirn could have just written a check, but that’s not particularly creative or cost-effective for a specialist in the art of using other people’s money. In any event, Zwirn says he was not aware that difficulties had emerged in getting the final piece of financing. … Zwirn got his jet. He says he didn’t know or ask about how it was paid for.

  2. The ‘flight logs’ cited in the original article actually appear to be *pilot’s logs* for pilot David Rodgers; as such, they include flights unrelated to his work for Epstein. (For instance, re-certification and training flights; flights to check out aircraft, presumably prior to purchase; flight simulator time; and the like.) The one mention of that tail number is on a flight from Zorro Ranch to Double Eagle II in Albuquerque. It’s a Bell 206 helicopter, a model on which Rodgers had been trained and certified a few years before. Perhaps it belonged to a guest of Epstein’s, and the pilot let Rodgers fly it to AEG for refueling or to pick up another flight? It appears Rodgers rarely flew to or from the ranch itself. I suspect he merely mistranscribed the tail number; there are a number of other corrections and transpositions in the rest of the logs. (Or perhaps he made it up whole-cloth; I can’t find any Bell 206 L-3 with an N-number that could conceivably have been fat-fingered into ‘474AW’.)

    In any case, these are *not* the ‘flight manifests’ various conspiracy sites and Fox News would have you believe. To quote the Wikipedia entry on flight logs, “In the United States, a pilot is required to log all flight time that is used to meet the minimum requirements for a certificate, rating, flight review, or instrument proficiency check, and for currency.[1] This means that a pilot does not need to record every single one of his or her flights.” Accordingly, those breathless Fax headline about Clinton having “ditched his Secret Service detail” on a Lolita Express flight based on the passenger list included here under ‘Remarks’ are particularly stupid.

  3. OOOO Yeah, Dynecorps…!!!

    Put bluntly, DynCorp was involved in a sex slavery scandal in Bosnia in 1999, with its employees accused of rape and the buying and selling of girls as young as 12. Dyncorp, hired to perform police duties for the UN and aircraft maintenance for the US Army, were implicated in prostituting the children, whereas the company’s Bosnia site supervisor filmed himself raping two women. A number of employees were transferred out of the country, but with no legal consequences for them.

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