True Lies: Canada’s Global Research Trolls the Internet

Abu Al-Baghdadi

A completely fictitious report yesterday from Canada’s Global Research stated Edward Snowden has released NSA Documents showing ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi was trained by Mossad, working with U.S. and British intelligence, to create the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

A little research (not “Global” Research, mind, but still) led to the quick determination that Snowden has made no public statements, nor released any NSA documents, on the reported recruitment of Al Baghdadi by Mossad. 

A Google search for “Mossad Al Baghdadi NSA” revealed that the bogus report had been republished on 24,000 Internet news websites, including Alex Jone’s Infowars, by this morning.

Canadian journalist Kyle Matthews published a table showing Global Research, founded by Russian professor Michael Chossudovsky in Canada, as “part of Putin’s propaganda orgs.”


Daniel Hopsicker

Daniel Hopsicker is an investigative journalist and the author of two books on transnational crime, Welcome to Terrorland and Barry & the Boys.

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  1. DLS says:

    Global Research publishes reports from a number of sources, and I have found that they always provide a link back to the source URL, so that the reader can check it out. This is was from:
    Gulf Daily News, which identifies itself as the “Voice of Bahrain,” PO Box 5300, Manama, Bahrain.
    Anybody can claim to have documents from Edward Snowden. I could find no other source to confirm that these documents from Snowden, as mentioned in the Gulf Daily News, ever existed. As far as I know, Snowden only gave these NSA documents to certainly reporters and/or media firms, such as Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and Washington Post reporter Barton Gellman.

    As to Kyle Matthews, is this the same Kyle Matthews who wrote “Canada’s Abandonment of the Responsibility to Protect”?
    R2P was the rationale for the US & NATO’s 2011 war against Qaddafi in Libya and for the Obama administration’s plan to attack Syria last year to overthrow Assad, supposedly because Assad’s forces used chemical weapons.

  2. DLS says:

    Kyle Matthews has the British Helsinki Human Rights Group & that Ron Paul Institute on this chart as “part of Putin’s propaganda orgs”? That’s quite a stretch. Many websites and publications post articles or quotes from RT, Voice of Russia, or Pravda. Is that why these organizations and Global Research are on this chart?

    That’s one reason why I wonder if this is the same Kyle Matthews who wants Canada to follow the R2P

  3. Sweejak says:

    When I tweeted Kyle this is what I got:

    @kylecmatthews It's been reported that you have evidence that is funded by the Russian Government. Can you confirm?"


    Kyle Matthews @kylecmatthews 4m

    @Sweejak that is incorrect….but all info should be stored with the Canada Revenue Agency."

    Also, why have my previous comments been removed?


  4. You are not welcome here.  Your previous comments were removed because your committment is obviously to something other than the truth, a fact made abuntantly clear when you considered a mis-spelled name more cause for outrage than a bald-faced lie on a “respected” Canadian website which within a day of publication had been re-published on more than 24,000 websites.



  5. Mark (anonymous) says:

    hopsicker wrote:

    “Your previous comments were removed because your committment is obviously to something other than the truth, a fact made abuntantly clear when you considered a mis-spelled name…”

    inter alia

    your posts regularly have typos and suffer from a lack of structure.

    Being opposed to global research is a form of a defense of state capitalism…

    careful hopsicker, you might just give people the impression you’re nothing more than a shill for the actors of the empire.

    sure, you’re seemingly an investigative journalist but perhaps that’s part of the cut-out profile?

  6. The chief mark of any shill I’ve ever encountered–and this person is undoubtedly one–is a refusal to engage in dialogue, exhibited by never EVER EVER responding to questions posed by the other side. Thus, WHY this “individual” (in quotes because he or she may well be state-sponsored, sitting behind a computer in the X regiment’s cyber-warfare control room)  found a mis-spelled name so VEDY VEDY offensive–one commonly mis-spelled by the way, but let that go–while taking no offense at the story under discussion, which is demonstrably outrageous and a total and utter LIE–is something which this “individual” conveniently forgets to address–again and again and again.

    Changing names and using a dynamic ip address mean that this ‘individual’s” is to be a pest, unless and until I adopt a commenting system that removes dynamic addresses.

    I’m sure his or her mother (or mothers) are proud.


  7. Dennis says:

    Daniel, over the years I have purchased all your books and dvds and have done much research into  the evidence you have given in your reports. I have never found anything to be inaccurate, but rather always on the cutting edge, and at the forefront of investigative journalism. You are a leader in your field and the people in this country owe you a big debt of gratitude for your many contributions to bringing forth the truth on so many topics others have not covered. The greatest contribution to the 9/11 truth movement, I believe, is the facts you presented on the "Pilots" and their flying abilities and what the flight instructors and other airport personnel had to say about their abilities….The Architechs, Engineers, Scientists, Lawyers, Police, Firemen, Military, Politicians, Eyewitnesses, and others through provide more than enough evidence to convict anyone involved and set the record straight. But you provide something so clearly evident, so simple, that even the last remaining skeptics should have no problem in understanding – the pilots had no abilities whatsoever to fly those planes on that fateful day. No complicated dialogue, no conjecture, no hypothesis, no conspiracy theories. Simple. They couldn't fly a bus into a barn……..and the CIA was involved throughout the process of building their cover…….Keep plugging away and best of luck in your endevours.

  8. cabdriver says:

    Haven't been by your site recently, Dan. I see that you're still doing good work. You really are the heir to the late Hank Messick, who wrote about the Mob back when it wasn't supposed to exist. I'll put some dough in my account and send you a few more bus tokens…

    Interesting chart. I've been a long-time reader of the Global Research website, but over the years I've learned to take what Prof. Choussodowsky says and what they link with more than a grain of salt. Eventually, I started getting the distinct feeling that, hmm, yeah…Russkie propaganda. This is the first time I've read about anyone else with that suspicion. I don't have any hard info to add on that, just…cold reading.

    My only question- I can't find an explanation for the various colors of some of the boxes- which are, I suppose, some sort of code that indicates linkages between those of similar shades. Also wondering about the unshaded boxes. I tried to find a more complete link, but all I found was Kyle Mathew's Twitter feed, where the same diagram was posted with no explanation.

    If you can add any more info on that, I'd appreciate it.

    Love over gold, cabdriver

  9. Sweejak says:

    How you can conclude that by pointing out a misspelling that could in fact get people looking for another professor who is in fact a Russian, not a Canadian, leads you to believe I do not seek the truth is mystifying. I didn’t find the misspelling “VEDY VEDY” offensive, I just found it sloppy. Furthermore I provided information about where the report originated and took the time to contact Kyle in the interest of finding truth. I don’t use anything to change my IP, I’m not “Mark”. I’ve bought your books, donated to your site and have followed your work for years. By the way, it’s “Michel” not Michael. Sorry.
    So, has anyone taken the time to go to the Canada Revenue Agency to see what’s there regarding Global Research?

  10. This was a 4-line post alerting my readers to a despicable lie.
    I have no interest in Canada’s Global Research. And none in following up on what I posted. I am not the story here. In the face of this despicable lie, which no one has questioned, no amount of mis-spelling could even rise to the level of mention.
    If I conflated you with a troll responding at the same time, my apologies.

  11. Daniel, I have contributed to your efforts by buying your work, and have read and disseminated your website articles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. I hope its brought some custom your way.

    Yes some of the articles on Global Research are off beam. Some of them shy away from the truth. It is a mixed bag of a site with varying levels of competence in its contributors.

    If you’re going to call a guy out over a typo, be aware that you’ll look like you’re over-reacting and entering the realm of the Grammar Nazis. Please don’t go there again. You lose credibility.

    Not following up on what you posted – especially a strong denunciation – is also a place you don’t want to go. Another credibility-losing stance. Respect your contributors and commentators.

    Your apology was noted and appreciated and retrieved the situation.

    If its a Russian Site? So What? Gone are the days when to drop the word Russian into a conversation is a conversation-deadener. Russia Today is an informative and authoritative website, as is Al-Jazeera from Qatar.

    Do their owners have agendas? Of course. Massive, regional agendas.

    Does that mean we fall for the Ad Hominem approach to winning an argument? No.

    Its Russian sourced? Well, duh!

    We examine each story on its merits.

    As for Snowden, why is it beyond the pale that he gave information to someone else.

    For my part I believe ALL his revelations are a mere distraction and as such I prefer investigations which following a definite line of investigation – such as yours Daniel.

    But you don’t cover stories beyond your relatively narrow focus and I am also very interested in the Big Crimes, the ones that dwarf drug trafficking – the laundering of the money by international banks, the creation of corporate safe zone by the Trans Pacific and Trans Atlantic Trade Agreements, the Genocide being committed in Syria and Gaza.

    I’ll take informed comment on those where I can get it and that includes Global Research.

    I’ll end on this note. There is an awful lot of infighting between people who are publishing whistleblowing stories. I read of one dispute between members of I know others disputed with the late Michael Ruppert.

    This shouldn’t be happening. Stick to the facts. If the story is “loose” and only picks up on SOME of the facts, say “thanks” and delve deeper.

    Can I respectfully suggest that vilifying someone because of sloppy journalistic standards is not encouraging them to improve. Right now we need as many investigative people as we can get.

    Personally I think you need a bigger organization to really achieve some ground breaking results, but each to their own. I was a sole trader for many years myself.

    Good luck with the work and thanks for what you have accomplished so far.

  12. As for Kyle Matthews, I’ll take a guy with a UN background with a BIG pinch of salt. I’ll read his stuff and learn a little about him.

  13. Nick says:

    Hi there,

    Nice to run across you. Hadn’t done so before.

    Yes, I have it from a good source that globaloney research is disinfo. Your comment proves it.

    You should look into the spiritual aspects of their evil. That is the key to defeating them. I filed these 2 lawsuits in which all of the “zionist” gang is targeted.

    God bless you.

  14. randy harding says:

    Mr. Hopsicker, Enjoying Your Guest Interview/Talk etc. on Caravan to Midnight and now I’m on your email list. The work You both do is GREAT, Knowledgeable, Historical and Mentally Newsworthy for all awake and for newbie’s. Seasons Best and
    Happy New Years…-eh!

  15. Steve Kinney says:

    Global Research is a news aggregator; it publishes stories from numberous sources. Their policy is to err on the side of publishing questionable materials, rather than on the side of censorship. Note that the organization does not call itself “Global Fact Checker.”

    Readers who are ignorant and dependent enough to demand reporting from a “final authority” get what they deserve, at FOX, CNN, NYT and Global Research: A flase world view that confirms their own bias and serves their emotional needs. Global Research readers who are critical of what they read, and evaluate stories in context with their provenance and related information from a variety of sources get vital information from Global Research: Starting points for finding important information excluded from broadcast media.

    The AIPAC PR people and others who dominate this discussion thread don’t like that, but then, they are paid not to like it.

  16. Being a “news aggregator” does not absolve anyone from re-publishing lies.

  17. Daniele says:

    Bible: “Whoever is free from any sin, trow the first rock”
    I think it is not so hard to understand it. isnt it?

    I follow GB on daily base since 1 year. It’s a very informative portal with many different sources, some good some not. GB gave me the possibility to discover other informative blogs n websites. I would definitivly donate to GB if i had any spare money. But for you Daniel, who literally “spit” on the job of the others by writing an ignorant article like that, i wouldnt give a cent.

  18. grasshopper says:

    Daniele, very well said.
    GR is one of the best enet journals . A trustwothy and an informative one. Looks like the author of this site doesn’t like the truth,so he calls it a propaganda.
    As to you, Daniel Hopsicker, i will never come back to your site and will tell all my friends not to.

  19. blah blah blah blah blah. the world never lacks for anti-semitic assholes, on both the the right and the left. at least the ones in love with global research can spell.

  20. this week’s news merits closer examination, and i’m no expert. but i CAN tell a hawk from a handsaw, and know those who believe that nothing bad in the world ever happens that wasn’t cooked up in washington or tel aviv are filled with followers of the ‘termites in the world trade center’ theory of 9/11.

  21. your loss will be mourned, grasshopper. i’m sorry i never had the chance to teach you not to end a sentence with a preposition.

  22. but you’ve already admitted you don’t HAVE a cent. also, its hard to understand why i’m supposed to care.
    just on a ‘daily base,’ that is.

  23. Daniel I am a Former Resident of Hot Springs, AR. so Your cover of the Billy-Jeff Cocaine Wizz Kid years ago Impressed me…having Been There, and Knowing many I Went to School With, personally, I can say, Your Journalism is Top Notch. [The Top Shelf is HELD UP by the Top Notch!] I went through High School with “Finis Shelnutt” who is Jennifer Flowers Hush Bund! [Husband] He was the Live In Caretaker at the Farm where the Bag Drop & Two Children Ives & the Other were found. This fact seems to be Deliberately Forgotten…I cannot remember if You Wrote about Shelnut….he was a One Nose Hole guy also. Dr, Ashby & Dr Wright were also my Physicians, in Hot Springs, & my Family (Both Newspaper People) & The Tied Tubes & Perforated Septum of Billy-Jeff is a Fact. Get Well Soon! Drink More Milk! Mooo!

  24. gepay says:

    I am disappointed in the responses here. I read articles at Global research. You are probably correct about the fiction in the one article you mention out of the thousands they have put up at their site. I still tend to believe the reporting there over the New York Times or the Washington Post. It is always good to have two different sources for any assertion. What was disturbing is your bias – Anti Russian pro Israeli. Israel is the 2nd most creator of misery in the world behind only the US. Putin is the only leader of a country that approaches being a statesman on the scene today.
    It is hard to find second sources for many of the reporting you do although I have found some of them. I find no fault with your reporting on Barry Seal.
    I wonder why you didn’t go deeper into the likelihood that the Mohammed Atta in Florida and allegedly on the plane was not the Mohammed Atta born in Egypt.

  25. Yup. Unapologetically anti-Russian and pro-Israeli. And it’s not “Mohammed Atta.” His name was “Mohamed Atta.”

  26. gepay says:

    It’s good my perception is confirmed, many people can be right on some observations and wrong on others even right wing cranks or Clinton liberals. Seems kind of trivial to me whether Atta had one or two ms in his first name as opposed to the question of whether the man you studied in Florida was the same as the man with that name who grew up in Egypt. I have read one of his German professors remembered him as a small man about 5′ 5”. whereas I believe no one in Florida remembered him as a particularly small man – Even his Florida license says 5′ 8” – close to average height in America. Everyone in Germany remembers a different personality than the man you investigated in Florida. It is a fact that many of the alleged hijackers were not the people that their passports said they were. Even if one of the Osama bin Ladin post 9/11 messages agreed wholly with the FBI as to who they were.