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Hi, I’m Daniel Hopsicker. 

If you’re a fan of my work, congratulate yourself!

You have rarefied taste.

Someone wrote me that new copies of ‘Barry & the boys’ sell for $150-$250 on Amazon.

Clearly, my work has been ‘discouraged’ from reaching a commercially-viable audience.

It’s probably all my fault.  I may lack a pleasing personality.

But to continue to write books and produce documentaries, I need to price them like the scarce commodities they are.

My two books, “Barry & the boys” &  ‘Welcome to TerrorLand,’  are available only through donations.

Because otherwise Amazon takes  the lion’s share of my intellectual property, and I’m left with peanuts, or less.

I apologize for not being able to figure out a way for them to be priced as if they were receiving wide distribution. But they’re not.


This is the story of Barry Seal, the biggest drug smuggler in American history, who died in a hail of bullets with George Bush’s private phone number in his wallet…”

The Wall Street Journal called Barry Seal “the ghost haunting  Whitewater.” But he was far more than that.  Based on a 3-year long investigation, Daniel Hopsicker discovered the ‘secret history’ the American Press was afraid to tell…

Barry Seal, the most successful drug smuggler in American history, was also — and not coincidentally — a lifelong CIA pilot, one of the most famous who ever lived.

The story of Barry Seal is the story of what happens when guys we pay to protect us — CIA guys — go into business with guys we’re paying them to protect us against.  “Made” guys. Mobsters… Organized Crime.


It’s the biggest story of our time… and the biggest taboo.


Three of the four terrorists pilots that crashed airliners into buildings or the ground on the morning of September 11 2001  learned to fly at the tiny Venice Airport in equally-tiny Venice Florida.

The tiny retirement community of Venice, Florida was the biggest September 11 crime scene that wasn’t reduced to rubble.

More than fifteen years after the 9/11 terrorist attack, Welcome to TerrorLand remains the only book that’s been written about what took place there.


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