The Democrats are in a trance


The latest string of Democratic primaries had a lot in common with–of all things–an obscure 60-year old European art film called ‘Last year in Marienbad,’ that college film students have been getting stoned and going to see for several generations, describing it as being “heavy, man.”

The film repeats the same series of events again and again, as if life were an endless loop. Which things feel like today. I’ve had a spooky feeling, a queasy sense of deja vu, while watching the same outcome repeating over and over in Democratic primary elections in each of the last four voting cycles, like we’re living in some unfunny remake of Groundhog Day.

Like the over-dressed ‘swells’ roaming the endless corridors of the hotel in Last Year in Marienbad, Democrats are living in some kind of self-induced trance.

It does not bode well for future presidential elections.


  1. Daniel, I flunked as well. Had to Mckiver my way into comments like johnny boy to inquire as to where to sign up for password. Emailed you some years back but couldn’t find a link on your home page for that. What’s the skinny?


  2. It’s a Drag Pageant called “Nine Little Deep Fakes”

    Kamal HerAss
    Butt Guy, the Sum of All Rears, Mayor of Bending South
    PowWowChow Pocahontas
    Creepy Joe
    Drabba G.I. Slut (Tulsi written backwards)
    etc. etc.

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