“There’s no there there.”

That’s what one of the first Mint Press employees in Minnesota  told me last week. Their phone was disconnected. Their original office address in Plymouth MN “hasn’t been valid in well over a year.” While Mint Press listed 20 of its writers, a local reporter  complained they did not indicate where the money was “coming from to pay any of them.”

They say it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up. It doesn’t get any sketchier than uber-mysterious Mint Press News. Exposing them to a little Minneapolis sunshine is a civic duty.

“Odeh Muhawesh is an award-winning scholar and business leader from Minnesota. He has founded several companies that have created thousands of jobs in Minnesota.”

“Created thousands of jobs in Minnesota?” Name fifty.  50 names out of thousands shouldn’t be difficult.


A sincere mea culpa

Unfortunately, I was wrong speculating about possible ties the Minnesota operation might have with the place that—more than any other— deserves the title Sin City of Florida.

Which sucks. Especially since I’m the one who discovered she lived there. Still, I learned last night, and in the most personal way possible, that the fact that Whitney Webb is from Sarasota has nothing to do with Mint Press’ status as a dummy front company.

They say life is full of little ironies. This one could not have felt more real. One of my oldest friends—whose judgment I trust—is a noted publisher who is just now negotiating to bring out Whitney Webb’s first book.

Friend and colleague Kris Milligan is someone I’ve watched with pride for 20 years as he’s become the “Lawrence Ferlinghetti of the Willamette Valley.”

He’s already published two books on Epstein-like crime, including the classic ‘Franklin Cover-up.’ It’s his area, as they say in Hollywood, at least one of them, and last night he told me he thinks Ms. Webb has the best analysis of the case.

I want to plead extenuating circumstances. But I won’t. When you’re wrong you’re wrong.

I regret the error.


But not about Mint Press News.

It used to be called Operation Mockingbird. It was a large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) begun in the early 1950s that manipulated the news media, mostly by buying journalists surreptitious.

Back then it funded student groups, cultural organizations, and magazines and publishing companies as front organizations. What does it fund now? Faux Left websites?

Remember Jack Abramoff? He used to sponsor Institutes, Foundations, and political think tanks, “bringing great minds together from all over the globe” under the “high-power directorship” of childhood friends, one a yoga instructor, the other a lifeguard on the Delaware shore.

They were exposed in Senate Hearings as vehicles used to launder money through bank accounts of Tom DeLay cronies and former aides, with little pretense to philanthropy.

Odeh’s bio waxed euphoric over a Business Leadership Award received by Odeh.

It was from Tom DeLay.

Stay tuned.



  1. Thanks for not doubling down on a bad lead… But who gave you that lead? Was it George “Webb” Swiegert? Beware of that dude…. Sure he’s great at producing “metadata,” but watch out for the narrative. Also, like Perry Mason, he has a penchant for winding up in the general vicinity of dead bodies.

    As for Mint Press, if their funding is a mystery, then questions will inevitably arise… Transparency is always a good policy… But if Iran is backing them, I really don’t care. Iran deserves to be heard, do they not?

  2. Isn’t it more possible that they represent some kind of Russian-aligned interest? Sure, Trump is in the White House but he hasn’t fully brought on board his intel people, as should be readily apparent. Who after all, is most promoting the anti-Imperialism of Fools (knee jerk pro-Assad, Putin propaganda)? Is it not the Duginist syncretic information warfare networks?

    Alexander Reid Ross, Kate Starbird, Bob from Brockley all have useful information!

  3. Dear Daniel, thanks for fessing up on your inaccurate assessment of Whitney Webb. I wonder if you actually read her work or listened to her interviews. Her insight is prolific. You too are a great author. Please keep doing what you do best.

  4. Hmm, the jury’s not in on Whitney Webb for me. Certainly a history with Global Research, the Ron Paul Institute and 21st Century Wire does not inspire confidence. Anton Shekhovtsov in particular has done great work in laying out years of compromised activity by these entities on behalf of Russian-linked information warfare networks.

  5. Good to see you team up with George Webb. Don’t always agree with his conclusions, but he is a really good researcher who goes to the trials, gets the documents, and interviews parties of interest. Like you have done, he has gone to sources. Both of you are doing great work. Whitney Webb is more of an internet researcher, she is not on the ground in the U.S.

  6. First, good on you for the apology. Whitney’s research and writing is excellent, and from what I’ve read of your work it seems like the two of you are probably in agreement on many issues. I can’t make sense, however, of the notion that the CIA would fund Mint Press – firstly due to it’s anti-Israel bias which it makes no attempts to conceal (and is based on reality and truth in my opinion) and secondly since Whitney’s work there provides a pretty detailed and accurate account of what they’ve been up to the last 40 years or so. To me it makes a lot more sense that Iran would be sponsoring this information, no?


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