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BarryCoverWhen someone wrote me a couple years ago to ask if I knew that my book‘Barry & the boys’ was selling for $150 on Amazon, I was pretty flattered. Then I realized it meant the effort  to keep what I uncovered from any sort of commercially-viable audience had been successful. No matter. We all do what we can.

Still, until  I figure a way out of this dilemma my books, “Barry & the boys” & “Welcome to TerrorLand,” and my six documentaries are available through donations only, and for a pretty penny. And when my next book comes out, you’ll have to buy it from me. Amazon isn’t doing writers any favors.

But information wants to be free, and I’m beginning to release everything I’ve written, and all the footage I’ve shot during the past 20 years online here, where  readers and researchers can access, and use it, for free. Maybe someday it will make a difference.

TerrorLand_cover-front-900Imagine my surprise when ”Barry & the boys,” a book about CIA drug smuggling, turned out to be relevant to the 9/11 attack. I discovered that at the very moment when Mohamed Atta was learning to fly at Huffman Aviation, a Lear-jet belonging to the flight school’s owner was being busted in Orlando carrying 43 lbs of heroin, an amount those in the trade refer to as “heavy weight.”

The Orlando Sentinel reported it was a Central Florida record. The incident explains a lot about why Mohamed Atta’s terrorist cadre had settled in a tiny retirement community with the second oldest population in the entire United States.

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