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The “Zapruder Film” of the “War on Drugs”

Most people have already heard something about the assassination of Barry Seal, gunned down in cold blood in Baton Rouge Louisiana in 1986, supposedly for ratting out the head of the Medellin Cartel, Pablo Escobar.   But that’s not what happened. … Continue reading

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True Lies: Canada’s Global Research Trolls the Internet

A completely fictitious report yesterday from Canada’s Global Research stated Edward Snowden has released NSA Documents showing ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi was trained by Mossad, working with U.S. and British intelligence, to create the Islamic State of Iraq … Continue reading

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Mexico’s new President owes election to “Narco-Televisa”

In the Drug War, where producing confusion is as important as churning out ‘product,’ there are more versions of the truth than in the Japanese film classic Rashomon. Even so, the shocking new scandal breaking in Nicaragua makes it clear … Continue reading

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“Hatto’s” List

Trolls are everywhere this election season. But one, under a link I posted recently on Facebook, under the heading "WikiLeaks stands under threat,” can teach us something about how things came to the current un-pretty pass.

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We Get Letters: An Irregular Feature

While working on a story about HSBC BANK'S admission to laundering drug money this morning, I received a note from an Internet correspondent: G'day Daniel, this morning I came upon this in a Google search about you: "HOPSICKER IS A … Continue reading

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Mexican Drug Lord linked to 5.5 ton-cocaine bust

Six months ago, the LAPD was telling reporters the decapitated head found underneath the Hollywood Sign was the result of a "gay lovers triangle."  Six months later, they were still pursuing the gay "thing," only instead of a gay boyfriend … Continue reading

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