HEADLINE: Sloan du Pont Appointed To Board of Directors of Enviro Recovery 


    Sloan du Pont of the family of du Pont (E.I. du Pont de Nemours) has been appointed to the Board of Directors of Enviro Recovery, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: EVRE). 

Mr. du Pont has been recognized for his good work serving on the board of numerous charitable, public service, public health and philanthropic organizations. 

Mr. du Pont said, "I consider the preservation of America's forests to be of utmost importance and am proud to serve on the Board of Directors of Enviro Recovery. The Company's "zero waste" policy is an important means of maintaining the ecological balance of America's forest and the preservation of its natural beauty." 

Enviro Recovery's recycling of lost timber submerged under the Great Lakes from an era long past is consistent with Mr. du Pont's belief that individuals and corporations should devote their efforts to projects that benefit America. 

Jack Birnholz, CEO of Enviro Recovery said, "We are exceptionally pleased to have offered a directorship to Mr. du Pont and proud of his acceptance. We look forward to his help and guidance. 

Enviro Recovery, Inc., owns Superior Water-Logged Lumber Company, Inc. which specializes in recovering and processing virgin timber from the bottom of the Great Lakes that were first cut in the 1800s. The logs have proven to be perfectly preserved because of the low oxygen content and cold water conditions. 
SOURCE  Enviro Recovery, Inc.

CONTACT: Jack Birnholz, CEO, Enviro Recovery, Inc., 888-685-5001 
LOAD-DATE: September 4, 1997


HEADLINE: London judge sentences con man also is wanted in Oklahoma 


An international con artists wanted in Oklahoma on fraud charges may not be extradited here until he completes his
three-year prison sentence in Britain, officials said. 

James Rice, 52, was handed the term Friday by a London judge. He may not be available to face charges in the United States
until that term is finished. 

"How that is ultimately going to be treated by the British authorities is up in the air," Assistant U.S. Attorney Hank Hockeimer
said. "Our bottom line is we want to get him back as soon as possible." 

Federal prosecutors in Oklahoma allege Rice was a top player in a separate $ 10 million fraud scheme using defunct
19th-century bonds. 

As "Sloan Dupont," a would-be scion of the DuPont industrial fortune, Rice tried to pass a bogus $ 9.6 million check at a
London branch 
of Chase Manhattan Bank.



TRINITY ENERGY CORP Baton Rouge, Louisiana Oil and gas exploration and production


INTERNATIONAL REALTY GROUP INC Miami, Florida Provide real estate agency and appraisal services; own and operate commercial properties Status: Pending Announcement Date: 05/12/95

International Realty Group (IRG) agreed to acquire Trinity Energy (TE) for $ 21.5 mil. The consideration consisted of 333,333 common shares, valued at $ 25 rail and $ 21.25 rail in convertible debentures. The debentures were converted into convertible preferred stock, which then could be exchange for common shares. Upon completion and conversion of the debentures, IRG would hold a 74% stake in TE.


1991 1990 ——– ——– Revenues $ 666,376 $ 622,815 Net Income 191,453 74,293 Earnings Per Share 3 cents 1 cent

These financials are unaudited and subject to year end adjustments. International Realty Group Inc. is a multi-faceted valuation and consulting firm performing real estate, machinery and equipment and business appraisals, as well as related consulting and environmental services, nationally and internationally, with offices in Miami, Houston, Budapest, Hungary, and Bratislava, Czechoslovakia.

INTERNATIONAL REALTY Group Inc. said Tuesday it earned $105,473 in the first half, up from $78,692 in the same period last year. Revenue rose to $451,970 from $368,224. The company, based in Miami, said it expects even more revenue increases in the second half from its Eastern European subsidiary, Stragix International Inc. Stragix is involved in the conversion of state-owned property to private ownership in Hungary.

International Realty Group Inc. (Miami), from Hixson, Marin, Powell & DeSantis to Tubbs & Bartnick.