There is something rotten in the state of California.  But there’ll be plenty of time to rant about that. Let’s do the math NOW.  At 5 pm Friday: 


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Hey California. Here’s an URGENT SIGALERT: There’s a snake hidden in your midst, coiled inside your election machinery. Exercise extreme caution. Be on the lookout for a late-model black SUV with illegally-tinted windows… and a million votes tied up in the trunk.


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“But isn’t all of this Outside job stuff just going to benefit the Neo Cons? GlobalCorp?” someone emailed. “Did the Saudis put the (alleged) Hijackers in Rudy's flight school? Give them Govt Credit cards? Schedule identical Drills the morning of 911? Tell Cheney to run the stand down? Operate the cover up? I don’t see anything coming from this. Shot over the bow of the kingdom by Economic hitmen…”

My website’s down till later this week. Was hacked in January, so I’m switching hosts. Things happen. I’m not blaming the Illuminati.

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Election company in NY primary has ‘arm-long’ rap sheet



More than 600,000 of the 1.8 million votes in last week’s New York Democratic primary were cast and counted on voting machines belonging to an “election services” company with a long criminal history and a rap sheet an arm long.

Today it’s called Dominion Voting Systems. In last week’s primary in New York, Dominion controlled one-third of all votes cast in the state, said a spokesman for the New York Board of Elections spokesman in an interview.

The company controls roughly the same percentage nationwide; one of every three votes cast in America.

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The Rigged Democratic Primary in New York

None of what follows—were it known—would likely play well with New York’s liberal Democratic electorate, whether pro-Clinton or pro-Sanders.

12998763_10154129758572433_7741325861442359148_nForget the long lines. The late openings. The snafus. Forget the 125,000 voters disenfranchised in Brooklyn, where the Democratic Party lost 16 per cent of its base in one fell swoop, yet seemed strangely unconcerned.

After the Democratic primary in New York, a big question mark hangs over the primary elections still to come that highlights a huge problem that all the campaign finance reform in the world won’t fix.

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Donald Trump, Dirty Money, & the Filthy Rich in Palm Beach

d-trumpIs he really doing it without dirty money?

When asked to describe what they like most about Donald Trump, supporters usually say “He’s been doing it all without dirty money.”  They mean his campaign is self-funded, and takes no money from lobbyists, special interests, and Republican Party kingmakers.

But what if Trump’s own money is dirty? Could a sizable chunk of Trump’s net worth come from selling real estate to drug lords, mobsters, and international financial criminals? Continue reading

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Donald Trump and The Palm Beach Homies

Donald Trump’s history with the Mob—beginning with early business partners in Atlantic City who were ‘dese dem & dose’ guys with crooked noses who knew where Jimmy Hoffa was really buried —is a virtual travelogue through 30 years of ever-more sophisticated organized crime.


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Dripping blood, a severed arm, & 67 tons of cash on a CIA plane

It starts out like a Jason Bourne movie. There’s a plane. A body. And mountains of cash (67 tons of it) on pallets running the length of a cavernous wide-body cargo plane.

The MD-11 wide-body cargo jet is enroute from Munich to Durban, South Africa carrying what will later be called a “diplomatic shipment” for the South African Reserve Bank.

44Initial reports state the plane made either A. an emergency landing at the airport in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, as stated in initial reports. Or B. making a routine scheduled refueling stop, according to a press release put out three days later by the owners of the plane. Continue reading

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52 Years Later, We Still Remember What They Did

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Barry Seal wasn’t starring in a Jason Bourne movie

As MCA Universal prepares  a preemptive strike against America’s most important recent history—the public assassination of one of the original American Drug  Lords in a movie starring a world- famous Scientologist playing a man outweighing him by a good hundred pounds—it may be time to stand up for what's left of the truth.


So here it is…This really happened.

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