Donald Sterling’s Secret History

Since his highly injudicious comments about Asian girlfriends, Magic Johnson and race almost a month ago, the name Donald T. Sterling, casual racist, parasitic landlord, and thoroughly-disgraced owner of the NBA’s L. A. Clippers, has been much in the news.

reptoid2The more salacious elements are on the record. He ran newspaper ads for “hostesses” interested in meeting “celebrities and sports stars.” He hired a former model to be an assistant GM for the Clippers.

Yet only now are more serious questions beginning to be asked about some of the more improbable aspects of what might be called “The Donald Sterling Story.”

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Tampa ‘Black Ice” drug operation tied to organized crime

Doug McClain learned the ins and outs of financial fraud while working for Robert Colgin Wilson, who—far more than “The Wolf of Wall Street”—exemplified the role of American organized crime in financial fraud during the last quarter of the 20th Century.

Emmert-ColvinWilson was no fly by night. His roots ran deep. When he was convicted of securities fraud in the mid-70’s, his lawyer during the trial and appeal was the same Dallas attorney, Emmett Colvin, who a decade earlier represented Jack Ruby during his trial for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald.

When the Tampa office of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) partnered with McClain and other members of organized crime in a still-unexplained drug trafficking operation that brought tons of cocaine into the U.S. between 2003 and 2008, they were getting a known quantity. 

When that effort went awry, Doug McClain’s last big play occurred with the hurried stripping out of a coal mining company in the coal fields of Kentuckybetween July 2010, when he and his crew became the owners of eight separate coal minesand May 2011, when the federal government stepped in and call a halt to the thieving.


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The Enterprise & Southern-style organized crime

RCWILSONThe man who facilitated the purchase of several DC-9's for SkyWay Aircraft in St. Petersburg Florida was the company's  largest shareholder, Doug McClain Sr.'s Argyll Equities.  So how did he get such an important job in such a thriving Enterprise?

During the 90's, Doug McClain Sr. belonged to an organized crime ring run by Robert Colgin Wilson, an obese six-foot-five-inch con man, whoaccording to the Wall Street Journal (“High, Wide &…” Feb 24, 1997 fast-talked investors in the U.S. and Canada out of more than $100 million  in the 1990's alone.

“Wilson dazzled his victims by treating them to jaunts to Las Vegas and the Cayman Islands on his luxurious corporate jets, promising super-high returns in supposedly risk-less investments, and employing high-profile, unwitting company directors –among them Chip Carter, son of the former President, and Carter budget chief Bert Lance,” the Journal reported.

“At one point Wilson was hawking his loan-finding services with Dennis Levine, who had been jailed in the 1980s with Ivan Boesky in an insider-trading scheme.”

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Con man for Christ Floated ‘Cocaine One’ Drug Plane

bush-burgess1Doug McClain Sr’s financial fraud career as a grifter, racketeer, and flimflam man can be  traced back more than two decades, and likely extends much further into his past. The so-far unanswered question about him has been where he first acquired powerful patrons whose clout could—and did—keep him out of jail despite his record for flagrant financial fraud.  

While the ultimate answer may not yet be clear, for sheer greed, brazen theft and raw carnality—committed with the protection and apparent blessing of former leaders in both major political parties— it would be hard to top McClain’s stint during the early 1990’s at International Profit Associates (IPA) in Chicago.

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The Vanishing: Christian Cult’s Airport Disappears

  “Law enforcement always follows the drugs, because that leads to drug thugs no one cares about,” according to one former Federal official familiar with the case. “Following the money, which is much more effective, is discouraged,  because it leads to the suits—bankers, politicians, law enforcement types—people with social and political clout.”


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Christian cult leader worked Tampa “BLACK ICE” Operation

All the really successful con men are politically connected.  Some of them cut out the middle man and run for President.”

Douglas Aaron McClain Sr., 62, whose Argyll Equities was a shady and now-bankrupt “investment bank” in Boerne Texas which provided services to at least three drug smuggling operations, including supplying a DC-9 to a very-possibly criminal Tampa-based ICE-HSI drug operation, is awaiting trial on charges of defrauding a 74-year-old neuro-psychiatrist paralyzed in a motorcycle accident several years ago.


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News that a DEA affidavit implicated Fort Lauderdale aviation impresario Don Whittington for brokering the now-famous Gulfstream II jet that crashed with 4 tons of cocaine in the Yucatan to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) black operation in Tampa came as a complete surprise, even to those closely following the case.

But in hindsight it makes a certain sense.  The Whittington’s have long been among South Florida’s most storied ‘pirates.’

And the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport is to American general aviation what Sodom and Gomorrah were to the Bible.


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Feds raid CIA-connected air charter in Fort Lauderdale

An affidavit filed by a DEA Agent in Colorado sheds new light on the mystery surrounding two American-registered drug planes from St. Petersburg  busted with a total of ten tons of cocaine.
  • The Gulfstream II jet which crashed in Mexico belonged to something called Operation Mayan Jaguar, an unexplained Immigration and Customs Enforcement operation in Tampa Florida which one DEA official characterized as a "rogue operation."
  • The deal was brokered by the infamous and notorious World Jet Inc, the Fort Lauderdale company invaded by a Federal multi-agency operation two weeks ago.
  • The startling revelations in the DEA affidavit will be detailed in a series of stories in this space. 

They combed through the trash. They searched dozens of planes. And while TV cameras from all the Miami TV network affiliates looked on, they loaded box after box filled with aviation records into government SUV’s parked in plain sight on the tarmac in front of the office.

the raid

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Barry Seal, the Dallas get-away plane, and the JFK assassination

It’s July 1, 1972. The TV series Bewitched is airing its final episode, Attorney General John N. Mitchell is resigning as chairman of President Nixon's re-election  committee, and Sammy Davis JR’s aptly-titled single “Candy Man” is moving smartly up the charts.


(This is the second of two parts. Read the first part here.)

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Barry Seal, the CIA camp in Lacombe, & the JFK Assassination

It was in the sun-drenched Albuquerque study of one of America's most prominent historians—a Guggenheim Fellow and a National Book Award winner—that I first heard what I later came to think of as "The Question."



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