True Detective II: “The Vaughn Addendum”

(sharon-vince-vaughnIn 2003,  Directors Performance Fund, a hedge fund controlled and run by Sharon Vaughn, mother of actor Vince Vaughn, capitalized a “bank” specializing in providing financing to drug traffickers and snake oil salesmen peddling goat’s blood.

The deal received attention  only after Vaughn’s hedge fund went fully rogue two years later,  in a much larger financial scam which caught the eye of the SEC first, before becoming the subject of a federal criminal investigation that resulted in federal charges against three men.

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True Detective: Chicago, El Chapo, & Vince Vaughn’s Mom

vince-vaughnActor Vince Vaughn, in the news for his starring role in HBO’s True Detective and recent controversial statements advocating more guns in schools, now has a new source of notoriety guaranteed to keep him in face time: his family.

Vaughn’s mother, Sharon Vaughn, a sparkling and vivacious Chicagoland socialite, and his step-father, Stephen Ferrone, a lawyer and former brokerage manager, both have links to a criminal enterprise involved in the biggest seizure of drugs on a plane in Mexican history.

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Zacarias Moussaoui and The Ghosts of 9/11

More than 14  years and five months after an attack which took more than 2800 lives in ways so horrible that the U.S. Government and the nation’s television networks seamlessly colluded—in real time—to prevent the American people from seeing what really was happening, last month some were finally hailing a “break” in the case. 


In a deposition in a lawsuit filed by families of 9/11 victims against the Saudi Government,  Zacarias  Moussaoui, the man authorities dubbed the 20th hijacker, fingered a dozen prominent Saudis—including several Princes of the Royal House of Saud— as patrons of Al Qaeda whose support enabled the 9/11 attack. Continue reading

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A Muckrakers Life, Interrupted

Last week, after almost four months of silence,  I published a 2400-word initial account about what’s been learned about the man who became a daily fixture on cable and network news when his nephews were accused in the Boston attack. Ruslan Tsarni is also—and not coincidentally—an unacknowledged spook with ties to the CIA.

On a personal note, I figured the astonishing news would let my four-month absence here  pass unnoticed.  I was wrong. Major scandals and jaw-dropping disclosures no longer pack the wallop they once did.  After last week’s story I received expressions of concern—”Daniel, I was getting worried that we’d lost you!”— and more pointed questions as well: “Where have you been?”


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Former CIA Official Lied in Boston Bombing Cover-Up


Boston Marathon bombingFormer top CIA official Graham Fuller lied in a press interview about his former son-in-law, Ruslan Tsarni, the uncle of “The Brothers Tsarnaev,” Tamerlan, now dead, and Dzhokhar, soon to go on trial in Boston for allegedly planting a homemade pressure-cooker bomb packed with shrapnel near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  Continue reading

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CIA Plane in Big Aussie-American Heroin Bust

“Newly-obtained FAA registration records reveal that the American “mystery plane” busted this July with 35 kilos of heroin at an airport outside Sydney, Australia was a CIA plane. At least, it had been when it rolled off the assembly line 40 years earlier,  courtesy a CIA deal with the U.S. Forest Service. And the CIA never sells off its planes. smokey-dokeyThe American-registered ‘mystery plane’ in Australia was a Merlin III twin–engine turbo-prop ( tail number N224HR). 

FAA registration records show it was commissioned in the early 70’s by the U.S. Forest Service from aircraft manufacturer Swearingen in San Antonio, part of an operation to “sheep-dip” CIA planes through the U.S. Forest Service.

“Sheep-dip” is  spook-speak for concealing the source or true ownership of something, or, at the very least, hiding it from Congress.  When the plane was ordered, the CIA was merely anticipating Congressional calls for reining in the CIA, through (tellingly) forcing the Agency to divest  its proprietary airlines. Continue reading

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400-Kilo Drug Bust at Paris Hilton’s Ranch in Costa Rica


paris-hiltonA private runway on a 6000-acre ranch in Costa Rica belonging to celebrity Paris Hilton was the scene of a major drug raid last week netting a half-dozen suspects in the middle of a multimillion-dollar drug deal.

According to intelligence and law enforcement officials in the beleaguered Central American country, agents of the Costa Rica Federal Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) seized a single-engine Cessna that was idling on the runway as it was being loaded with 400 kilos of cocaine.

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The CIA Double-Dip: Drugs, Fraud, & the JFK Assassination

A six-year long investigation into the drug trafficking operation in St Petersburg Florida that was exposed when two planes were busted in the Yucatan carrying a total of 10 tons of cocaine revealed the planes had all been “parked,” or “sheep-dipped,” in the names of straw owners to conceal the CIA’s involvement.

The composition of this group of straw owners, composed of a fascinating collection of people with often interlocking connections through various other enterprises, says a lot about the circles the CIA runs in.

Among the few who lent their names to the registration of more than one of these CIA planes is the granddaughter of Texas oil tycoon H.L. Hunt, who back in the 1930’s was known as the richest man in America. Hunt’s other singular distinction is having been accused by Russian newspaper Pravda of being behind the JFK assassination.

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True Lies: Canada’s Global Research Trolls the Internet

Abu Al-Baghdadi

A completely fictitious report yesterday from Canada’s Global Research stated Edward Snowden has released NSA Documents showing ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi was trained by Mossad, working with U.S. and British intelligence, to create the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

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Busted Again! Another American "Mystery Plane"

At the heart of the story of Australia's current experience with the latest American-registered drug plane busted overseas is that this is not just another American "mystery plane."

It's a "stealth" mystery plane.


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