The Mexican-ization of American Justice

Mexican-style South of the Border Justice has arrived in America with a vengeance, and is on display in a courtroom in Miami where three members of New York’s  Gambino Family, Anthony "Big Tony" Moscatiello, Anthony "Little Tony" Ferrari, and  James "Pudgy" Fiorello, are on trial for the murder of Suncruz Casino tycoon Gus Boulis.


The Boulis trial confirms the appearance on these shores of the kind of blatant immunity from prosecution that Mexican gangsters, politicians, drug cartel bosses and Generals—many of whom wear more than one hat—have long taken for granted in our neighbor to the South.  Given the continuing devolution of the formerly-great superpower, this should not be considered an especially surprising development.

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The NSA, Drug Trafficking, & the Crash of Cocaine2

This will someday be remembered as the year when shocking new discoveries about the National Security Agency became an almost daily occurrence. But amid the steady drumbeat of revelations, the one I’ve been waiting for hasn’t yet surfaced:

The NSA’s involvement in the global drug trade.

NSA Phone Records Big Data Photo Gallery

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Six years on: The mysterious crash of Cocaine2

Six years ago this week an American-registered luxury jet, a Gulfstream II—later dubbed “Cocaine 2”—crashed just before dawn in the middle of the jungle in Mexico’s Yucatan carrying four tons of cocaine. The event, and its aftermath, changed forever an official narrative of the war on drugs which has for years been pushing the notion that there is no significant American involvement in the global drug trade, and no American Drug Lords.  


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The FBI took a powder: Things you never knew about 9/11

If the Bush Administration lied to justify waging a war against Iraq, what truths still lie buried beneath the official explanation for what happened on September 11 2001? grief

Before discussion about 9/11 was squeezedin a pincer movement worthy of Hitler’s Panzer divisionsbetween the so-called “official story” and the subsequent campaign of disinformation that gave conspiracy a bad name, there were some promising avenues of investigation where definitive answers might still be possible.

Here are a few that remain at the top of my list. There are many others. 

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War in Syria, Yogi Berra, & the two John Kerry’s

two-kerrysWhy is the debate over air strikes on Syria like America’s decades-long Drug War?

Because, if you’re one of those Americans unlucky enough to have left your security clearance in your other pair of pants, questions about either receive essentially the same answer:

“You’re not cleared for that information.”

An informed citizenry is the basis for democracy, say the civics books. But whether the subject is the coming punitive attack on Syria, or the latest developments in the drug war, an informed citizenry is less popular than a 4 am car alarm with Administration officials. It's less welcome than French kissing at a family picnic.

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Colombian Drug Lord Vanishes After Conviction… in the US!

A major Colombian drug trafficker who willingly sought extradition to the United States—even offering a $40 million bribe to officials in Brazil to send him to the US—apparently knew what he was doing. After being extradited and convicted in Federal Court in New York of felony drug charges that could have put him in jail for life, he disappeared.


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Up in Smoke? 24 Tons of Cocaine in “No Peek Burn Run”


Its called a "burn run."C-17 arrives at dover

When the government of Costa Rica asked for assistance in disposing of a huge stash of cocaine and other drugs they’d accumulated during the past two years worth of drug trafficking busts—in airports, in airplanes, and on the high seas—the US was only too willing to help.

According to a spokeswoman for the DEA in Miami, it went off without a hitch. At least that's what the DEA says. If anyone actually saw the drugs destroyed, they're not talking.

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Narco-jet in Costa Rica scandal tied to Iran Contra figure

darksmA key employee in Bogotá of the Canadian oil company owners of the drug plane flown by Costa Rica’s President Laura Chinchilla was at the heart of the Contra Cocaine pipeline profiled by the late author Gary Webb in his 1996 best-seller “Dark Alliance.”

David Scott Weekly was both a CIA agent and drug trafficker, according to Webb’s book. His nickname was "Dr. Death." 

Today that same man is in Bogotá, reports Colombian newspaper “El Tiempo," lobbying the Colombian government for oil leases for an oil company exploring in the jungles of the Amazon Basin, with ties to drug trafficker Gabriel Morales, whose drug plane took Laura Chinchilla for a ride.

In Colombia today, there is a a brand new type of oil venture: the narco-energy play.  

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Costa Rica’s President flew narco-jet to Hugo Chavez funeral

An American-registered drug plane has been plying the airspace over Central and South America carrying cargoes of cocaine for a good long while (authorities admit they’ve been “investigating” it since 2011) without apparent incident, until recently, when a newspaper in Costa Rica reported that the President of Costa Rica had been seen using it to fly to Hugo Chavez’s funeral, as well as the recent wedding of the son of Peru's Vice-President in Lima.


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DC-9 ‘Cocaine One’ kingpin’s secret conviction

It was the biggest drug seizure on an airplane in Mexican history. It led directly to the forced sale of Wachovia, then America's 4th largest bank. And it threatened to become America’s most notorious drug scandal since Iran Contra.

Yet when a leader of the drug smuggling organization responsible for the flight of the DC-9 airliner dubbed “Cocaine One” that was busted in the Yucatan carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine quietly pled guilty to unrelated drug charges two years ago in a Federal Court in Miami, his role in the massive drug move was kept secret from officials preparing his Pre-Sentence Report (PSI),  from journalists, and even from the Federal judge in the case.

Since the omission was recently discovered, tongues on two continents have been wagging. cocaine-one

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