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The two-year long investigation into Mohamed Atta & the Hamburg cadre in Florida. 

English and German editions. 
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In Pt I, the MadCowMorningNews uncovered evidence indicating President George W. Bush’s disputed “lost year” of service in the National Guard is not the only period of time during his abbreviated stint which remains shrouded in mystery.

March 2--Venice
by Daniel Hopsicker

What makes finding the truth about George W. Bush’s National Guard service more than just an exercise in “opposition research,” as Bush partisans claim, is that the answer may reveal uncomfortable truths striking at the heart of our notions of who we are as a nation, and inimical to prospects for American democracy.  

If the story of Bush in the Guard is ultimately merely a matter of a smirking son of privilege lounging poolside sipping a multi-colored drink with a little umbrella while America’s less ‘fortunate sons’ are clocking-in and suiting up down at the Air Guard Base, we admit to being shocked—shocked!—at yet-another shameless abuse of power.

But we think something larger and much darker is still being hidden.

Lurking in Bush’s fuzzy Guard history lies the chilling prospect that the “lost periods” in Bush’s chronology contains a stomach-wrenchingly sick and twisted truth confirming the hoariest cliché of ‘conspiracy theorists': that multiple generations of certain ‘blue-blood’ Eastern families (like Bush’s) run intelligence agencies like the CIA as if they were a ‘family business.’

In 1971, while Richard Nixon's re-election committee was committing the felonies they were indicted for the next year, and CIA pilot Barry Seal was conspiring with the Mexican Air Force in a CIA plot to invade Cuba for which he was indicted the next year, where was George W?

George W. Bush was either a) scouting orchids for a plant nursery or b) working for the CIA in Central America. 

Let's look at the evidence for 'b.'






Read all about it in German here.

English translationhere. 


CIA could have left him a message without incurring international phone charge.

Testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee last week George Tenet was asked why the CIA never picked up the trail of Marwan al-Shehhi, the pilot who crashed Flight 175 into the south tower on 9/11, when thirty months before, in 1999, German intelligence passed on a hot tip to the CIA with the Al Qaeda terrorist's phone number.

"The Germans gave us a name, Marwan — that's it — and a phone number," the director of central intelligence replied, adding: "They didn't give us a first and a last name until after 9/11, with then additional data.”

We don’t suppose the 9/11Commission has heard  testimony from any eyewitnesses to the terrorist conspiracies activities during their time in the U.S., which seems an almost criminal oversight. So we want to pass on our information.

A credible eyewitness to the terrorist conspiracy’s activities in Florida told the MadCowMorningNews that the way had already been smoothed for Marwan Al-Shehhi before he arrived in Venice, by a woman named “Sarah,” supposedly his cousin, who went to work as a pharmacist at an Eckerds drug’s in nearby Nokomis in 1999.

Real Americans won't be silenced

Fifty-year old Venice housewife Stephanie Frederickson lived right next door to Mohamed Atta and a half dozen other suspected terrorists including Marwan Al-shehhi, at the Sandpiper Apartments across the street from the Venice Airport.

She knew Marwan as “Mahmouti,” she told us, and that he already had “relatives” living in town when he arrived. She stated, “Sara was a pharmacist in Nokomis who was Mahmouti’s cousin.”

For her pains in this and other matters about which she possessed ‘incovenient knowledge,’ Ms Frederickson was labeled a “liar” by the FBI.

When we checked with the manager of the Eckerd’s Drugs in Nokomis, he confirmed to us that a Middle-Eastern woman Sarah had been a pharmacist there during 1999 and 2000, just as Frederickson stated.

Thus, in addition to the phone number the Germans gave them for Marwan in the UAE, this new information suggests the CIA could have gotten in touch with Al-Shehhi through his cousin in Venice, without having to go to the trouble of punching-in a country code before the number.

How easy is that?

Frederickson, who worked part-time as a clerk in a convenience store in Venice, also said Atta and his burly sidekick (read bodyguard) Marwan began coming into her store over a year before the FBI says they arrived in America for the first time.

“Atta smoked Marlboros, and he and his buddy came into where I worked a lot in 1999,” she stated matter-of-factly. “They bought candy bars like they were going out of style, and a lot of bottles of wine.”

Islamic fundamentalists like the convenience of corner liquor stores too, apparently.  

You can count on the fingers of one hand the number of American journalists who have investigated the 9/11 terrorists activities... Time for a change
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