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Holiday Rv Superstores Inc  U.S. SEC Registrant

192 Filings   ·   The word “farkas” in Selected Filings

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11/26/99  Holiday Rv Superstores Inc        SC 14F1                1:11   Holiday Rv Superstores Inc        RR Donnell..Financial/FA
                                         1: SC 14F1.............  Statement re: Change in Majority of Directors
                                                                    -- 11 pages

 SC 14F1 · 2nd Page of 11                                       Just 2nd (New
 be controlled directly by Atlas. The principal shareholders of Atlas are Michael 
 S. Riley, Ronald G. Huneycutt, Michael Farkas and Doerge-Atlas, L.L.C.           

7/12/99 Recreational Holdings Inc SC 13D® 7/13/99 4:38 Holiday Rv Superstores Inc Donn..Financial/Miami/FA 1: SC 13D………….. General Statement of Beneficial Ownership — 8 pages

 SC 13D · 4th Page of 8                                           Just 4th (New
 McAlhaney and Paul G. Clubbe. It is anticipated that Messrs. McAlhaney and       
 Clubbe will appoint Ronald G. Honeycutt, Michael S. Riley and Michael Farkas to  
 the Board of Directors of the Issuer. In addition, there have been several       
 SC 13D · 7th Page of 8                                           Just 7th (New
 Michael Farkas                       701 Brickell Avenue                    Secretary and Director of the Reporting   United States 
                                      Suite 3120                             Person, and President and Chairman of                   
                                      Miami, Florida  33131                  Atlas Equity Group, Inc., for which                     
                                                                             Mr. Farkas acts as an investment banker.                

2: EX-1……………. Underwriting Agreement — 27 pages 3: EX-3……………. Articles of Incorporation/Organization or By-Laws — 1 page 4: EX-4……………. Instrument Defining the Rights of Security Holders — 2 pages

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