Behind every official story…is the secret history

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The idea that behind the official story is the "secret history" is a very old one.
A Roman historian named Procopius of Caesarea wrote a number of official histories about Rome, but left unpublished until after his death a manuscript called "The Secret History," which told the true story of the reign of the Roman Emperor Justinian, which he’d been unable to publish while alive for fear of retribution.

2000 years later, in an era when "national security" has become a synonym for cover-up, not much has changed. "There’s a secret world all around us," a legendary CIA agent tells a young recruit in a recent eye-opening account, "Overworld." of the life of an American spy. "But you don’t see it, unless you know where to look."

DANIEL HOPSICKER is the author of two underground bestsellers whose journey to bookstores was impeded almost every step of the way:

" Welcome to TERRORLAND: Mohamed Atta
& the 9/11 Cover-Up in Florida "


" Barry & ‘the boys’: The CIA, The Mob,
& America’s Secret History "

He is the writer/producer of the "America’s Secret History" series of documentaries on subjects whose range includes: Election Fraud; officially-sanctioned drug smuggling; the birth (in secret) of the Ferderal Reserve; the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy; and the FBI’s massive cover-up in Florida after the 9/11 attack of the activities & associates of Mohamed Atta and the other members of the terrorist conspiracy.

While in Arkansas shooting a feature story during production of a new TV pilot during the late ‘90’s, he became painfully aware that—in the words of a famous Southern lawman, for whom Jack Ruby had been an informant in the ‘50’s—"Things ain’t always been jes’ right ’round here."

The story of why that quote is "only too true" is the story of "America’s Secret History."