Here’s To Better Times Ahead!


About Daniel Hopsicker

Daniel Hopsicker is an investigative journalist dubious about the self-serving assertion of U.S. officials that there are no American Drug Lords.
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10 Responses to Here’s To Better Times Ahead!

  1. King Kangaroo says:

    Thanks for all your moderately paid work Daniel. Heres to better financial times too. You do not muzzle the ox while it treads out the grainy truth of corrupt government.

    Best to you.

  2. Marsha says:

    Merry Christmas to you with your Florida Christmas from the California Frosty Foothills – watching six huge wild turkey toms roaming the back yard waiting for the peafowl to finish their portion of the scattered grain. No alligators in sight!

  3. Dan Williams says:

    Now powder on the ground here in Reno, Nevada, but the chemtails smell quite funny, keep up the great work!

  4. Rev. Tom Brown says:

    WE got Trumped, but thank God we also got Pot.

    Gotta look on the high side or we always go low.

    One Love

  5. DEDSTIK says:

    A very happy and prosperous New Year to you, Dan! You’ve been my hero ever since you quit TV production in disgust.

  6. mikw says:

    mr hopsocler, checkout this port canaveral deal without cifuis review. since its in florida and oyur neckof the woods so to speak i thot id bring it up to your attention. this is the impetus of where the next 9/11 – as before – will happen.

    im in noway a gaffney fan and have no use for neocons like him, but the devil is in the details as you know.

  7. mikw says:

    also agree , it seems to me youd have known something about epstein and his setup. worth a look into even if its just to see what mr epstein is up to these days. he s shut up quite well.

  8. Bob In Portland says:

    Ukraine. We’re all sitting in a pool of Ukrainian piss.

  9. remo says:

    I think you got that right Bob.

  10. Bob In Portland says:

    Please look into the Ukrainian fingerprints all over our current government crisis. Alexandra Chalupa, Dmitri Alperovitch, PropOrNot, and much of the oppo research has Ukrainian hints in them. The Deep State, led by the CIA, was always behind Hillary, and their only mistake was to not recognize the widespread dislike of the Clintons. Not a major phenomenon, but enough to lose the electoral college.

    So out comes the shabbier oppo research: yellow showers et al.

    The Deep State has been wanting to take out Russia since it was the USSR, and it has more to do with it supplies of oil and gas than any military threat to the US.

    It seems like the window is closing. The cordon sanitaire to limit Russia’s ambitions has become US sanctions based on psyops like MH17, and the farmers in Poland, France and elsewhere aren’t very happy with the sanctions, and no one in Europe will be happy with a shut off of Russian natural gas in favor of more expensive fracked gas from Pennsylvania. The next big thing is our Deep State’s war against Russia. If the current cast of neoliberals are pushed out of office across Europe this year it will be too late.

    I suspect that all this post-election oppo slandering against Trump is left over from the campaign. The Deep State underestimated the amount of puke needed to keep Trump out of the White House. The continued release of the garbage is to either prepare him for overthrow or to convince him that if he wants good relations with his overlords he’ll need to get in line.

    Perhaps you could take a look. Thank you.

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