The Secret History of the 9/11 Attack

344432The 9/11 attack was the most photographed, videotaped and watched event in the history of mankind. But so much of what happened still remains shrouded in mystery—the 28 blank white pages of the Congressional 9/11 Intelligence Committee Report, for example—that the difficulty in an attempt to outline even a Cliff Notes’ Version of the secret history of 9/11 is that a virtual mountain of evidence has been  deliberately suppressed.

It's the proverbial elephant under the rug.  An embarrassment of riches.  A 'target-rich' environment. The question is: where to start? Where to begin pulling on the thread?

Its a little like that once faced by  helpful Republicans when they were offering Richard Nixon advice on escaping impeachment. One naive soul told him he should just tell the truth.

But even if he'd wanted to come clean and tell the truth, some knew, Nixon couldn't, because…he wouldn't know where to start.

Start with Rudi Dekkers? Should the secret history of the 9/11 attack begin with Dekkers’ passing out bunks to the newly-arrived Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi?

Making a clean breast about a lifetime of crime?

DEKKERSm22Rudi Dekkers testified to Congress that he had nothing to do with the terrorist ringleader and his beefy bodyguard after they left his flight school in December 2000.

Yet the local cab driver for Venice Yellow Cab, a Navy veteran who knew Dekkers well, and whose recollections were relied on by the FBI in the days after the attack to ferret out lairs of Saudi nationals suspected of being stay-behind terrorist pilots, remembers Dekkers and Atta being together just ten days before the attack, going to dinner, and to a Sarasota nightclub.

Dekkers couldn't tell the truth anymore than Nixon could. So,  just where is Rudi Dekkers today…in prison for lying to Congress about his role in an event that took almost 3000 innocent lives?

Nope… He’s shopping a book, and offering his services… as a motivational speaker!  He even has his own “Rudi Dekkers Motivational Speaker Website:

“How to get through life, listen to Rudi's experience.”

Mr. Dekkers’ advice on “how to get through life,” we presume, contains tips for staying below the 80th floor of American skyscrapers.

Where the Streets Have No Name

0db00f9402040a5ed381Another logical place to begin an account of 9/11’s Secret History would be in Hamburg, with the mysterious no-name German couple who recruited Mohamed Atta in Cairo and brought him to Hamburg, and whose identity remains–even today!– too sensitive to have appeared in any American newspaper.

The couple (let's call them Jack and Jill) worked as recruiters for an elite international “exchange” program run by a little-known private organization with close ties to powerful American political figures like David Rockefeller and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

The Chicago Tribune deserves some credit as the only American newspaper to report the couple’s pivotal role in pointing Atta towards his eventual career as a “terrorist ringleader.”

Some… But not much. Because the Tribune somehow fails to name either the couple or the “international” program they ran.

 It's not as if they didn’t have enough room. The story was 1,200 words long. Just an extra ten words: “Jack and Jill Doe from Help-A-Student International.”

It would have been ever so helpful if they had somehow found the courage to commit journalism…You know… “Who What When Where and Why.”

Da Vinci Code II: Return of the Albino

sec1Had the Tribune reporter somehow just forgotten about “Who?”

Or had something more sinister occurred? Coded messages in the paper's crossword puzzle?

Because something doesn't add up.

Mohamed Atta was a lackluster student in a backwater academic environment whose grades weren’t even good enough to get him into grad school…even in Cairo.

Yet he was welcomed into the bosom of a Western elite institution by a couple with no name. It is a mark of how far we have fallen as a democratic (small 'd') people that no explanation for this curious fact has ever even been offered.

Did Mohamed Atta Know Henry Kissinger?

hamburg1Moreover, the paper also neglected to explain that having ”won” (been recruited, been given) a coveted “scholarship” from a no-name institution (CDS International)  Mohamed Atta was, for most of his time in Hamburg, being subsidized by German and U.S. taxpayers.

That there has been no great rush to report this unfortunate fact comes as no real surprise.

And while this may seem the logical place to start 9/11’s Secret History—in Hamburg, at the beginning—there’s one other place in the story which offers the advantage of conforming to Aristotle’s unity of time and place.

So we’ll start our journey on the same day the story reaches its tragic end… As the rush of events that will soon become known as a timeless Day of Infamy gathers momentum, there is visible a bombshell revelation so powerful that it has since been almost completely, and quite deliberately,  suppressed; one so embarrassing to official Washington that should it ever become common knowledge it would irrevocably change the way we think about the 9/11 attack, and the way we think about how our Government responded to it.

In the stillness before dawn on September 11 2001, we will catch a glimpse of the very stuff of America’s Secret History.




Daniel Hopsicker

Daniel Hopsicker is an investigative journalist and the author of two books on transnational crime, Welcome to Terrorland and Barry & the Boys.