COINTELPRO 9.11: Peak Oil & ‘The Level Above Saudi’

Exactly twenty years late, 1984 arrived in America with a vengeance on this month’s third anniversary of the 9/11 attack. Billing themselves as the “9/11 Truth Movement," a group which has been aggressively spamming on the Internet for several years held a press conference in New York City on the third anniversary of the attack.
The cast of characters involved ranges from uniquely out of place former employees of George Bush to an ex-L.A. cop-turned-Internet Pontificator receiving funding and endorsing an ‘off-shore’ organization which numerous published reports said is run by convicted financial swindlers, to a Canadian talk chat host whose deep thoughts about deception and 9/11 are about to be brought to the world courtesy of Saudi-backed producers of such beloved infomercials as "TRADE YOUR WAY TO RICHES and “The Millionaire Mind.”
It is the latest indignity in an Orwellian nightmare that would make Orwell himself retire to Sedona.

Three years on… and there has still not been an official investigation into the murder of 3000 people nor a report on how it was perpetrated to which the American people are privy.

Three years on… and the CIA has fewer experienced case officers assigned to the bin Laden unit than it did when the hijackers took over the planes.

Three years on… and the assertion by the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into 9/11 that our current President may be serving another country’s interests was ignored by the news media.

"It was as if the president's loyalty lay more with Saudi Arabia than with America's safety,” said Sen. Bob Graham in a comment met with thundering media silence.

"Big Fix 2004: Take 37"

Three years earlier…and the firefighters cheering Bush during his visit to Ground Zero “weren’t cheering for regime change in Iraq,” wrote Maureen Dowd in the N.Y. Times.

“They wanted the head of Osama bin Laden.”
Three years later… we were treated to the spectacle of people who have been actively and aggressively spamming on the Internet for several years holding their latest in a long series of self-publicizing press conferences, this one in New York City on the third anniversary of the attack…
"Market YOUR Way to 9/11 Success!"

"Wrong is Right. War is Peace. Peak Oil killed my Daddy.”

The Still-Secret Secret Sauce

The group boasts a funding angel presiding over the festivities professing belief in a book channeled by a mortal, okay, but only after being “authorized by high deity authorities and written by numerous supermortal personalities."

appleWe'd be inclined to give "9/11 Truth" money-man Byron Belitsos the benefit of the doubt. Hell anyone can watch a few too many episodes of Babylon 5.

But other commentors were already voicing similar suspicions:

Wrote one, "The ‘911 Truth Movement’ resembles nothing so much as a UFO cult.”

And we thought it was just us.

In truth, the entire operation comes off feeling ‘intentional.' A psy-op writer’s half-bright idea come to life about injecting disinformation under cover of that ever-popular cherry-flavored New Age Kool Aid.

Next Monday in pt II of COINTELPRO 9.11 we'll learn the truth about cultish involvement in 9/11 flourishing under the not-so-invisible hand of corrupt Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi, as well as a few closely-guarded  secrets of controversial author John Gray, including his bizarre connection to uber-UFO Cult Leader Marshal (“Just DO it”) Applewhite, leader of the Heaven’s Gate cult which committed suicide in Rancho Santa Fe, Ca. in March of 1997.

Incredibly, there is a hidden connection between the network responsible for sending 39 souls to The Level Above Human and the 9/11 Cover Up  visible seven years after their death in a "9/11 Truth Movement's" press conference in New York City.

This is the story of how we found out.

"A Suck-y State with nothing to recommend it but paper trail-less voting machines."

Living in Florida recently, with weathercasters frequently calling for "light rain and winds of 120 miles-per-hour" has offered time for reflection—while waiting for power to be restored—on some of  life’s more baffling questions, like the evergreen: "Why is there something instead of nothing at all?

yachsmanAnd like, 'Where did the self-appointed “9/11 Truth Movement” come from?

Begin with this fact, agreed upon by intelligent citizens everywhere:

"In the aftermath of September 11 a massive government-led cover-up was put into place."

Crucial information was withheld from the public. Someone close to the center of power in the U.S., for presumably nefarious reasons, was orchestrating a cover-up to prevent answers seeping out to the most basic of questions.

People’s lives were lost because of it. Because without correct answers to questions about the nature of the terrorist conspiracy that murdered 3000 innocent civilians there was a huge danger we could lash out at countries not even responsible for the attack…

We have all since learned a lot about that particular pitfall.

Think about it from their perspective for a moment. Put yourself in charge of the cover up.  How do you conceal and then continue to conceal the truth about an event witnessed by billions of people?

cYou've already shut off access to any damning facts and evidence. But that's not enough. You still have to deal with informed speculation…

Who knows? Somebody might get lucky and hit it on the nose. And then where would you be? Probably out of a job.

Whoever is in charge of the 9/11 Cover Up (let's call him Karl Roverfellow ) needed to ensure the things remained a little…vague.

You'd want to avoid at all cost questions that are a little too… pointed. Too specific.

“Many feel by narrowly focusing on the Saudi connections, a limited hangout would condemn Bush and a few others," wrote Truth Movement organizer Carol Brouillet. While she left no doubt this prospect would please her, it was clearly too fittsanarrow a focus for her grander aspirations.

Sander Hicks recounted the response of someone from the "Truth Movement" after he suggested they read  “Welcome to Terrorland."

“Hopsicker is a relatively single-focused bulldog gumshoe," came the reply, "who tenaciously tracks down the off-odors he finds along the way…Hopsicker is good, but too narrow.”

No pal, whoever you are. You're good. "Off-odors" is wonderful.

But too narrow for what?  The answer came unbidden…

Too narrow for comfort.

Real Skinny, Unretouched

Because the most extraordinarily-damning fact that’s been dredged up so far about the 9/11 attack is this one, unearthed in Florida:

“During the same month that Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi began flying lessons at his flight school, the flight school owner’s Lear jet was seized by DEA agents who found 43 pounds of heroin aboard.”

It goes to the heart of the relationship between Mohamed Atta and his Hamburg cadre and their criminal hosts here in the U.S. and leads directly to the network supporting, employing, and/or doing business with the terrorists.

It is likely this is the point of conspiracies pointing in other directions, towards, say, Sirius the Dog Star.

After restricting access to evidence and witnesses with inconvenient knowledge about the attack, and clamping down on the major media, "Keeping the lid on" probably required infiltrating Bush Crime Family operatives into independent citizen's investigations into the  9/11 attack.

So someone came up with this brilliant idea…

“Send in The Clowns.”
Remember the “Remote Controllers?” You don’t hear about them anymore. But the fecund minds at Camp Disinformation had a dozen other equally colorful and implausible scenarios up their sleeve.
No Plane Hit the Pentagon. Explosives in the WTC.  And our personal favorite, See The Flash, pointing out to new initiates the pods beneath the wings of the hijacked planes.
Clowns formed the false opposition—people pretending to oppose those to whom they secretly owe allegiance. Like the Phony Bought-Off Left before them, planted to divert and deflect the attention of the only medium  which wasn't completely under control  at the time of the 9/11 attack.
It started when we received several dozen spams from  previously-unknown individuals who needed to tell us of their delight in a new book.Fred3 One typical message came from someone named "Fred Burks" at something named
Fred’s message (The 9/11 X-Files – A review of The New Pearl Harbor)  was enthusuatic, but a little stilted, like a book review in English class.  He sounded about as sincere as sincere can be,  but what he sincerely wanted me to know sounded more than a little dubious.
“This is the by far best book I've seen on the 9/11 cover-up,” gushes Fred, about “The New Pearl Harbor,” by David Ray Griffin a theology professor at Claremont college.  “It has already woken up many, many thousands of people… I can't recommend this book highly enough.”

We mulled over Fred’s advice.  Apparently a groundswell of public opinion was developing around the central premise that Divinity Professors are an underused resource in homicide investigations.

We’d somehow missed it. On the off-chance that there was something else in play, we wondered: who the f- is Fred?

And we were, of course, shocked—shocked!—when we discovered that Fred—and this is a  coincidence!—used to work for, and sometimes still does, President George W. Bush, who was the beneficiary of a campaign by Fred to get people to pray for him.

We thought: isn't that precious. Then we read this quote from Fred: "I'll be sitting in a room with President Bush and President Megawati of Indonesia helping them to communicate with each other by interpreting. Several other top government leaders from the US and Indonesia will be present. What I like to do in these meetings whenever I'm not interpreting is to channel divine love to everyone present."

Now we thought: isn't that creepy.

Here again we feel that maybe we've missed something… Has Fred's boss (and prayer buddy!) George W Bush suddenly changed course and come out for full disclosure of the truth about 9/11?

You can appreciate the problem.

Famous Chicago Nelson Algren had a list of prohibitions. "Never play cards with a man named 'Doc.' Never eat at a restaurant named 'Mom's.' And never sleep with anyone with more problems than you."

The Graduates of 9/11 Clown College have today prompted us to add to Nelsen Algren’s List.  “Never trust anyone  trying to convince you Professors of Theology know any hot skinny at all about the 9/11 attack.”

"Weekending with Just Plain Folks"

We discovered that—as it happens— Fred is an associate of Mike Ruppert's and Inquiry organizer Carol Brouillet. They all spent a weekend together last year speaking to a Unitarian Universalist’s Social Justice Committee shindig in Berkeley.

Anyone 'down' for a weekend called "Coup Against the People” (whether pro or con wasn't specified) is clearly on relatively intimate terms with his or her fellow speakers. Its not like they just bumped into each other while presenting at the People’s Choice Awards.

A weekend with the Social Justice Committee probably isn’t the hottest ticket in town. We doubt there were very few “walk-ins” showing up after seeing all the excitement.

We don't mean to suggest Fred’s employment by the Bush family disqualifies him from recommending books.

We do mean to suggest he peddle his bullshit elsewhere, and not spam our mailbox with his puerile posturing that we never asked to receive. “The critical mass needed to create powerful, positive changes in this world is slowly awakening!" gushes Fred. "Thanks for playing your part in this, and please continue to help by spreading the word! Take care and have a great week ahead!”

We can only imagine what writing such heart-felt prose took out of poor Fred. We were exhausted just reading it. But we admit to leaving ourselves open to being called a pretty heartless bastard for raising suspicions about a fella whose email address is

Teaching Pigs to Sing Guantanamera

Rambling Fred traveled to Cuba via Mexico in 1999, we learned, a federal no-no, for which a year and a half later he received a fine for nearly $8,000. Fred went to Cuba, reported the Associated Press, to “soak in Cuba’s music and culture.”

But atjust about this same time long-time Bush Family retainer Craig Fuller was leading an "an opening to Cuba.

Mohamed Atta's main man Wally Hilliard was part of it too. Hilliard brought a paper bag filled with Presidential Rolex's. We don't know what Fred brought, other than his sunny disposition.

zThis is probably just another freak coincidence.

We looked to Fred's many self-described  "Empowering Websites" for clues.

At we heard Fred's been busy "Revealing major cover-ups & working together for a better world."

At we discovered good-hearted Fred is all about "Building a Global Community for All."

At we heard of his commitment to "Strengthening the Web of Love that interconnects us all."

We even got to meet Satan, even if he's not the real Sata: .

Fred's websites usually have a motto. At  for example, it states:

"Every person in the world has a heart."

Just on the basis of the 9/11 attack, we feel Fred may be a little off base about this. But perhaps his mistake is just the blind spot of a Rainbow Warrior who can’t be bothered by a lot of "negative energy."

So Fred keeps busy in other ways, by penning confessional articles, for example. Our favorite: "A Big Breakthrough in My Confusion Around Sexuality.”

We mustnow leave Fred and his creepy persona, however, but not without a final question: "What's a Bush factotum who slipped into Cuba and got caught doing publicizing a book about 9/11 by a clueless Professor of Divinity?"

Pumping Irony the Natural Way

Its always gratifying to learn you’ve been right. We’ve been happy to see independent researchers confirming our suspicions about these people.

eeeeBut we wondered if we’d seen or overlooked any other evidence of people and groups conspicuously loitering near the public restrooms of the 9/11 investigation. And the answer was yes…

Which is where Internet Pontificator Mike Ruppert comes in. Called a “rebel without a rebellion” by Fintan Dunne of, we have discovered that Ruppert receives funding from an international group run by people who major newspapers and U.S. attorneys call “financial criminals, crooks and swindlers.”

When questioned about it, Ruppert resorted to threats of lawsuits.

We of course immediately wanted, to know more. After He attempted to bully a researcher friend of ours with threats of lawsuits after she wrote what looks surprising like the God's-Own Truth.

The brouhaha started with a note. “Let me remind all that Ramy El-Batrawi and Adnan Khashoggi go back a long, long way,” a researcher wrote us, “… 1980s at minimum."

"Why would Mike Ruppert fall for the lies of this well-known con artist?”

We thought she was being too kind. Suggesting Ruppert had “fallen” for a con artist’s lies doesn't quite seem to cover it, to us. Of course Ruppert disagreed.

“Ruppert fell for nothing,” he wrote, in creepy Nixonian third person.

“Post a message like this again Lois and you’ll get a call from my lawyer, followed by a letter, then a suit.”

Well now. What happened to "strengthening the web of love?"

We sympathized with our friend. Especially since we find ourselves in the uniquely curious position of being one of the few journalists—worldwide!—to do serious investigative reporting on 9/11 while at the same time being sued for ‘emotional distress’ by someone in business with people funding the 9/11 Truth Movement!

How unlucky is that?

The irony has not been lost on us.

"Peak Oil Found in Dominican Republic"

We consoled ourselves with the fact that the German BND, that country’s version of the FBI, requested our assistance recently in locating for questioning one of Mohamed Atta’s seven close German associates (named in “Welcome to Terrorland.”)

So we're probably doing something right.

After receiving a copy of Ruppert's bullying note we wrote to him, sportingly informing him that our next story—the very one you’re now reading—would probably make him want to threaten to sue us too, so he should tell his attorney to give him a two-for-one discount.

We also appended several questions… “What do you know about a company called CLF International Consulting? Did you travel to Cabo San Lucas to speak to them? If so, how much were you paid? What kind of contract did you have with them, one-time-only or continuing?”

Ruppert responded promptly, admitting a relationship with the group. “I have traveled – not only to Cabo San Lucas,  but to Cancun (2x), and the Dominican Republic – all expenses paid plus a $1,000 speaking fee for a group called Pinnacle Quest International.”

According to published reports and the Attorneys General of half a dozen states, fraudsters operate under a continuously changing array of front companies, including monikers like Global Prosperity Group, the Institute of Global Prosperity, Global Prosperity Marketing Group, the Global Group, the Institute of Global Prosperity.

 Says the Toronto Sun, "The scam is known as Pinnacle Quest International."

“I have great respect for PQI," Ruppert wrote. It has evolved and become something incredibly useful in terms of information and knowledge sharing, marketing, medicine and health, financial survival, and they present some incredibly powerful and useful legal information and lectures.”

We bet "lucrative," too, huh?

Anyone with an Internet browser can learn all they’ll ever want to know about these people, for whom Ruppert professes such respect. Here's a smattering: The normally staid Toronto Sun recently (June 20, 2004) called them “scam artists ripping off people of their hard-earned money. Nothing makes my blood boil more than scam artists ripping off people of their hard-earned money.”

And that’s one of the nicer quotes we found about a group which finds the need to change its name frequently.

“As one Canadian financial journalist who dared to take on the Global Prosperity scum and who took harsh criticism from those getting rich from this international, multi-million-dollar, offshore banking scam– this makes me smile," read the Sun's story.

“Some of the crooks have been found guilty of fraud and are serving sentences in U.S. prisons. Others have been indicted on charges of money laundering, wire fraud, mail fraud and filing false tax returns, and are in jail awaiting trials.”

"Like Scientologists…just not as nice."

"And arrest warrants have been issued by the U.S. justice department for three Global Prosperity principals—David Struckman, Dan Andersen and Lorenzo Lamantia.”

Wow. Sounds like things can get a little personal with these 'folks,' like with Scientologists.  Ruppert alluded to their legalistic prowess in his note.  “BTW, PQI has some incredible attorneys!”

Drat the luck!

The Sun report continued, “You may recall how I wrote about the threesome back in 2000, when victims started calling me to complain of an alleged scam, that involved a multi-level-marketing scheme that sold tapes and seminars promising financial freedom from paying taxes through offshore trusts…”

“When authorities started clamping down, the name would change — from Global Prosperity Group, to the Institute of Global Prosperity, to Global Prosperity Marketing Group, the Global Group and the Institute of Global Prosperity, the paper reported. Now, the scam is known as Pinnacle Quest International.”

Now we were interested! The group’s website was, now . (Or try ) And some evidence of the removed website remains on the Wayback Machine.

Within several days of when we started looking into them, the site had been taken down, which reveals some damn fine intelligence. We had, however, made copies of a few salient pages, just to capture their lively prose:

“Presenting an Extraordinary Workshop That Will Change Your Financial Life Forever…The Secret Psychology of Wealth."

We didn't known Wealth had a psychology, let alone a “Secret” one, but then again maybe that's why we're not rich. But you’ve got to say something to charge 6500 bucks, right? The scam’s founder, Keith Anderson, was a fervently religious anti-tax crusader, we read, extradited from Costa Rica and is now in a U.S. prison, facing a number of criminal charges.

"Like all pyramid schemes, it's a scam designed to make its inventors rich at the expense of everyone else who buys into it," said a Consumers Institute Alert about the group.  In a story called “Get-Rich-Quick Scheme Leads Some Down Road To Ruin” CBS profiled the group (Jan. 25, 2001)

“The founders of the Institute of Global Prosperity say they offer a sophisticated sales and investment program over the Internet designed to make members rich,” reported CBS.  “Global members are invited to attend seminars in places like Cancun, Mexico and the Bahamas where independent entrepreneurs pay IGP to make their pitch. The cost of attendance: $6,250.”

And some of that money made its way into Mike Ruppert’s pocket. Now only that but he endorse the group on his website.

We were—how can we say this—shocked!  Lucy sure has some ''spraining to do.

But we confess we were not surprised at all to find that money from the group had also made its way into the pockets of former Bush Administration factotum Catherine Austin Fitts, who's always run in 'illustrious' company.

Catherine, we like to recall, was workin' for Bush before workin' for Bush was even cool.

Even Kiwi's Hip To Fraudsters

The Consumers' Institute in New Zealand issued a “Warning: Pinnacle Quest International. Like all pyramid schemes, it's a scam designed to make its inventors rich at the expense of everyone else who buys into it," said the alert.

“If people sign up for the whole deal, they are going to find themselves over $40,000 out of pocket.”

Maybe less for them, but more for Ruppert & Fitts.

Life can sure be a zero sum game sometimes, huh?

40K is a fair bit of change.  We will soon see more evidence that this is a network that thinks big. We wondered: other than the opportunity to hob-knob with luminaries like Ruppert and Fitts, what did people get for their money?

Apparently, the chance to go to jail. “So far, more than 50 Global Prosperity carpetbaggers have been convicted,” reported the Sun.

One disillusioned fraudster wrote grimly: “My parents drove me to El Reno Federal Prison at 12:00 on September 5, 2000. We pulled to the security box and told them I was there to self report and the guard yelled “Get out of the car and walk the line”. It scared me half to death and I don’t scare easily. I got out and said goodbye and not to worry. I turned and walked by this huge, double fence with razor wire and went to the iron gate and pushed the button. The guard came out and walked me in with the gate slamming closed behind me…”

Even to non-believers like ourselves, that seems a pretty heavy price to pay to learn the truth about Peak Oil.

At we learned that the Florida & International Corporate & Financial Fraud Investigators had 17 pages of bad things to say (“The Firm specializes in international investment scams and securities issues…) about Ruppert’s treasured friends at whatever they were calling it this month…

“Empowering individuals. enhancing lives. establishing wealth… What would it be worth to you?"

The slogans sound uncannily like sales pitches we’ll see used next Monday in the colorfully fraudulent endeavors helmed by Adnan Khashoggi & his Saudi toady Ramy El Batrawi, using as their Corporate Vehicle to Fraud Heaven a company incorporated by the man suing us currently.

Small world?

Don't bet on it.

Daniel Hopsicker

Daniel Hopsicker is an investigative journalist and the author of two books on transnational crime, Welcome to Terrorland and Barry & the Boys.